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Biographies are in detail accounts of someones life. Usually beginning at birth and covering all of the significant events in their life that shaped their personality and impact on life. Brainia has a large selection of biographies from Lincoln all the way to Steve Jobs.

  1. Manager Development

    BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 3C (MANAGER DEVELOPMENT/BUM 321) ASSIGNMENT 1 Question 1 a) The roles of management are the four basic management functions (planning, organising, leading and controlling) and six additional management functions (decision making, communication, coordination,

  2. Dissapointments in Mama & Walter Lee (A Raisin in the Sun)

    “Life often builds people up only to let them down. By referring to two characters, show how Hansberry brings out the truth of this statement in the Raisin in the Sun. Which character do you feel deals with disappointment more effectively.” In the play “A Raisin in the Sun”, there are

  3. Educational Technology and Other Learning Resources

    Amanullah Educational Technology and Other Learning Resources One of the biggest concerns that have been aroused in academic sittings is the presentation of appropriate educational resources. Perhaps so, this paper will discuss my understanding of educational resources I have learned

  4. Jhgf

    Religion exam review Unit 1 Definitions: -beatitude-blessing and promise of happiness -merciful-a merciful person knows how to forgive others -mourn-a mourn person is sad b/c they miss someone or something from the past -meek-gentle, kind, patient, humble person -inherit-to take

  5. Life Story

    The most embarrassing thing that has happen to me was in the 2nd grade when our class had to do a play in front of the whole school. Our class voted for Little Red Riding Hood as our class play. I got chosen to be the grandmother. We Practiced the play in class for like 3 weeks before the

  6. Fourier Series

    The Discrete Fourier Transform (Bretherton notes): 1 Definition Let yn , n = 1, . . . , N be a sequence of N possibly complex values. The discrete Fourier transform (DFT) of this sequence is the sequence Ym , m = 1, . . . , N , where N Ym = n=1 yn e−2πi(m−1)(n−1)/N (1) The

  7. All Art Is Quite Useless

    All art is quite useless If people were labeled with just one word to represent them, to sum up their many chapters of life, one word to define them completely, then the label you'd least come across would be that of artist. Seldom does one come to this earth with the natural ability, the

  8. Fear Subsiding

    One event that I’m not so proud to admit occurred when I was in high school. It was the very beginning to a new way of living. Things were much different for me like classes, teachers, but especially the people around me. It was a bit more serious in the sense that people’s words affected

  9. Cause and Effects of Working in High School

    Sally is a junior in high school; she works 38 hours, she’s engaged in sports, and is slipping from honor roll. Sally has no personal life due to the fact that she works a job while in high school. It’s a miracle she even gets her homework done sometimes. There are many teenagers in America

  10. marketing outline

    BG GROUP Case study outline Charlie Rees-Smith, Emily Ferguson and Melinda Schmadl Introduction: Define Talent management and introduce company of choice – Define globalisation? Paragraph 1: Cover company background ... size, market, relevant stakeholders etc Fts100 Company BG is an