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Science covers the study of science and anything science related. This includes all different forms of science such as Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy etc

  1. I hate school

    An enzyme is a 3 dimensional protein that are produced by ribosomes within cells. They are a series of polypeptide chains that are held together by hydrogen and ionic bonds forming a tertiary structure. They are organic catalyst, meaning that they are carbon containing molecules that are

  2. Drafting some terms of an Investment Agreement | PART I

    Case 1. Part I | FEBRUARY 17th a) Asking for a bank loan This alternative presents several positive aspects: the participation in capital of each  member is not affected and the money is obtained rapidly. However, it is difficult to obtain the  lending we are asking for.

  3. Tma01

    Our memory allows us to recall information we have learned or experienced in the past. This essay will explore three different memory techniques, mental images, concepts and schemas and show how they can improve our memory. It will also describe various experiments and research that has been

  4. Savagery vs Civility: Rowlandson's Inner Struggle

    Savagery vs. Civility: Rowlandson’s Inner Struggle When Mary Rowlandson and her family were captured by the Indians during Metacom’s war 1675-1676, their experiences were beyond anything they could have ever imagined. Mary Rowlandson describes this experience in her narrative, The Sovereignty

  5. jdbsjd

    SICKLE CELL TRAIT TESTING WAIVER    About Sickle Cell Trait     Sickle cell trait is an inherited condition of the oxygen‐carrying protein, hemoglobin, in the red blood cells. 

  6. Kenya Wildlife

    KENYAN WILDLIFE In Kenya, one of the most important assets is its spectacular wildflife. There are more than 80 major species of kenya wildlife and over 1,000 different species of birdlife. Many visitors principally come to Kenya to view the superb and extensive panorama of the flora and

  7. 09_HST_task_01_EllaFergusson

    Acid and carbonate When a carbonate reacts with an acid, it gives off carbon dioxide gas. The products of the reaction between a carbonate and an acid are a salt, carbon dioxide and water. Calcium carbonate is a substance that is naturally found in the shells of a sea creature and snails.

  8. Lesson Plan

    LESSON PLAN Lesson Title: march, wheel, halt and step short in quick time | Training Objective: | References: Manual of Land Warfare Part 3 Volume 3 Pam 1. | Stores/Aids: nil | Location: parade ground | Date/Time: week 9, 9th of September 2013 | Safety Precautions (if applicable):

  9. All About Ma

    When I was reading the story “When ordinary people achieve extraordinary things” I thought this story was inspiring because its gets people to do good things without having to be awarded. We could make positive changes by helping to stop bulling, stand up for those in need, don’t cyber bully

  10. Top of the Class: Communication, Miscommunication and Learning

     CHAPTER ONE Top of their Class: Communication, Miscommunication and Learning in Cuttlefishes and Octopuses Laura M. Dickinson* Content 1. Introduction 2. Systematics and