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Barry University Freshman

Barry University Freshman

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“World On Fire” is a song written by Sarah McLachlan with a music video directed by Sophie Muller that is used as a very significant PSA. The video opens with a claim of having a cost of 150,000 even though it doesn’t have a great quality footage. The video continues to reveal it actually cost $15 then clearly tracking( in photographed and
videotaped segments beautified with graphics based on genuine statistics) and how the remainder went to enriching lives or make important differences in people’s lives in developing countries such as Kenya, Ghana, India, Cambodia etc.. through charity donations. “The fortune of one that means less for some”. Isn’t this mere sentence nagging your mind profoundly, and driving you to think what is your role in embellishing lives in our world? As a human being, you should be concerned of the planet you are living in, so this is exactly why this video extremely worth your precious time.

The stellar reason why I believe that the music video is deeply enthralling to watch is because it shows the beauty and strength of the human race, and how it’s important that we stand and make the world an exceptional place. The photographs used throughout the video can make a human being feel guilty for not caring about the people in the other parts of the world because of texts with facts such as $5000 equals the cost of hair and makeup for only one day during a music video can beautify others’ lives by providing 145 girls in Afghanistan with the light of education for one year. A light that’ll dazzle forever because these girls can later make a difference in others’ lives in their country. Have you ever thought about how the extravagant sum of money spending in media can be better used to help saving human beings lives. There’s a powerful self-interest that exists inside every individual in our today’s society. That signifies we mostly think about our own self, our beauty, luxury etc.. instead of thinking about human beings like us...

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