Big Five

Big Five

I have selected extraversion, neuroticism, and Openness to Experience. I selected these traits because my personality does fall within the spectrum of the three. I can relate to extraversion because when I am among my family and friends I can be talkative. I talk a lot and tend to make jokes and keep everybody laughing. However, this behavior is only displayed when I am familiar with the people and my surroundings.

I think I can relate to neuroticism the most out of any of the traits. If I am around unfamiliar people or in an unfamiliar place I tend to be self-conscious and shy. The smallest situations I tend to make major. I am constantly being told by my fiancé that I make the biggest deal out of the smallest things. This is very true but honestly, at the time that I am having a panic episode I feel that I am right.

I can also relate to the Openness to experience trait. I think I can be very intellectually curious. I am curious about things that interest me. I research things online regularly that I am interested in. I like art and I can have a very creative imagination at times. I am also open and interested in new ideas or view that others want to share or express. I can also think of my own very clever ideas and ways to do things.

In today’s job market, team work or groups have become very popular. Most workplaces put together teams, and this allows different personality types the opportunity to brainstorm and come up with ways to improve business. Personality is one thing that distinguishes one person from another. Psychologists argue that personality attributes are inherited from family members, and different cultures. No matter the situation, personality differences are among people at work. In team settings it is important that each member has and keeps respect for one another, or the team will fall apart and the task at hand will not reach full potential. The

Big Five personality assessments show that the impact of group...

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