C200 Task1

C200 Task1

Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis

Assessment Code: C200 Task 1
Student Name: Robert Merrifield
Student ID:
Date: 4/11/2016
Student Mentor Name: Carol Kamen-Kannel

Table of Contents

Organization Overview 3
Organization Description 3
Leadership Practices 4
Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture 5
SWOT Analysis 6
Organizational Strengths 6
Organizational Weaknesses 6
Organizational Opportunities 6
Organizational Threats 6
Leadership Evaluation 8
Leadership Strengths 9
Leadership Weaknesses 10
Recommendations for Leadership Development 11
References 11

Organization Overview – A

The organization I will be discussing is VWR International. The company is a global leader in the distribution of chemicals, lab supplies and nearly everything else that supports the business of bio- research and the manufacturing of prescription drugs for the health segment.
Our mission statement is “we enable science”, which means we provide superior supply chain and distribution networks, which allows these companies to focus on what they do best. Bringing medicine and research to help solve today’s medical dilemmas.
The objective of VWR is to provide process excellence for its customers thru product selection and superior service. The value proposition VWR provides is more than just a provider of goods or a box mover, but a service provider that offers solutions for the customer thru excellent product selection and catalyst services for the customer.
VWR has around 8,500 employees and changed from a venture capital group owned entity to being a publicity traded company in 2014.
Organization Description – A1

The organization in particular, I will be discussing within VWR is the Western Regional Distribution network. There is one D.C (Distribution Center) located in the central valley of California that handles all of California and parts of Nevada and Arizona. There is another D.C located in Denver Colorado that...

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