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Career Aspirations

Career Aspirations

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What are your career aspirations?how will participation in summer institute for general management help you achieve them?

*long term career goal is to start a management firm which provide business solutions to companies in India.
*my vision of my future is to start a construction firm by 32,to establish companies foothold in market by 40, to make it one of the best firm by 50 and by 60 teach people of my experience as an entrepreneur and a leader.
*in order to achieve my goal i need practical experience,management skills and detailed knowledge of it.
*from acting as a captain of school cricket team to organising events at symposiums in my college has always increased my desire to lead and organise .
*my inclination towards leadership and long time interest in management and technology motivated me to strive for establishment of management firm.
*so my short term goal is to gain employment in a management firm gain managerial experience with my eyes on the end goal.
*achieve experience added with adaptability,creativity, and innovation.
*my undergraduate degree from electronics and communication engineering had taught me to develop strong knowledge on a subject combined with theoretical and practical knowledge and to solve problems at macro-levels. And helped me to manage and understand technology.
*but it haven't provided me with the skills to achieve my long term goals
*to reach my carrier goals i believe that i need to supplement my current educational experience with management fundamentals.
*i firmly believe that general management program from a institute like stanford will best help me to develop the foundation to my lack of business skills and business processes which served as a roadblock to achieve my short term and long term goals.
i will benefit from the practical experience of the program.
They will help me to develop my skills in leadership and teamwork by studying and working with people of diverse background and groups....

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