Career Possibilities

Career Possibilities

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If I were to pursue a career in Industrial /Organizational psychology I would first try and find some sort of internship that I could do based on the time that I have available. I would also start to research the job market to see what is out there in the field. In our text we were given a few websites that we can use to find about the work that is out there for the career field. The text also lists two websites that list available positions, although I have a year or so until graduation it would be a good idea to look into my options. Psychologists that specialize in I/O psychology have many job opportunities including dealing with worker productivity, employee training and assessment, and human resources (Noon & Youssef, 2012). You could also land a career working for a firm that smaller corporations could hire for research, seminars, etc. The increased use of consultants over the last decade has made I/O consulting a growth area for the profession (Noon & Youssef, 2012).
It will more than likely continue to grow, making it a wise career path. If I were to pursue a career in I/O psychology, which is something I may possible consider after reading the required text this week, I would probably go with working for a large corporation. I think that I would enjoy it more if I was working with the same people for the most part. I would like to get to know my client and not constantly be dealing with and working with new people.

Noon, A., & Youssef, C. (2012). Industrial/Organizational Psychology. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, inc.

Kerry L Woods

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