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The next article that I discovered is titled, “Is Chocolate Healthy For You” written by Michael Collins. This article is another one that supports the fact that chocolate is health for your, but also how chocolate has a down side to it. In this article Michael Collins focuses on dark chocolate and how it may be healthy for you rather than looking at chocolates abroad. He describes how dark chocolate can help reduce heart disease and also helps clear your blood vessels of plaque. Collins lets us know that the everyday chocolate that the majority of people eat (milk chocolate) is not healthy for you at all in any way. So, why is dark chocolate health for you? One reason is that 70% of dark chocolates cocoa is from a plant making it natural. Well that cocoa contains these things called falconoids which is in many other healthy antioxidant foods. Falconoids keep blood clots from forming and they also reduce fatty deposits on artery walls.

Now as I said Collins had both sides of the story, the healthy and unhealthy side. One unhealthy fact is that dark chocolate contains a lot of fat. That is one reason you can’t abuse it, but it is good in small portions in each day if its necessary to take depending on your health status. According to Collins’ article 2.6 grams of dark chocolate contain 23 grams of fat making this once so healthy snack, fatty. In this article, Michael Collins also shows with his information that chocolate can be healthy for you by reducing your cholesterol and helping out your heart. Though if eaten in large amounts your will be hurting your cholesterol and heart like any candy chocolate because of its large amounts of saturated fats.

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