Contract Analysis

Contract Analysis

Dandrea Ray
September 18, 2016
Contract Analysis
BUSI 506

Business Decision: Doing Business with Marshall

My decision would be to end all business relationships with Marshall, because of the lack of communication in regards to my son signing a contract without my consent. Marshall displayed himself as an untrustworthy, selfish individual who was only looking out for his best interest. I believe that Marshall knew the demand for his product would be high, and wanted to ensure he makes a good profit and still have a low out of pocket cost on the goods. Issues regarding payment support’s my decision to end business with Marshall, him being late with the payment for a significant amount of days and allowing this to happen was the Christian faith in me. I could have charged him a late fee every day, but since we had a friendship I voided that fee. Marshall lacks the ability to run a business under a fair condition, he knew that allowing my son, a minor to sign the contract was against the law. My decision would be different if Marshall told me about the contract and the reason behind the contract. I would focus on helping Marshall build his Christian faith upon ending our business relationship.

When conducting business, the same respect and quality of products and services should be both giving and receiving. Marshall decision to be late with his payments show that he is taking advantage of the flexibility offer from me. I believe Marshall took advantage of my son who had no business experience to sign the contract, because he knew once I saw the contract and its intentions, I would not sign it. My spiritual relationship with Marshall will continue, because I believe that were put on earth to help others and uplift them. I will, however send other business information to Marshall so that his products can remain in demand, but it’s a possibility he will not receive the same price and continue to make his...

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