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Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders

Developing leadership abilities in subordinate’s multiplies a leader’s influence, invests in the future, and improves retention. Leaders reap immediate benefits from developing subordinate leaders by increasing their overall influence in an organization. A leader who does not develop subordinate leaders relies solely on his leadership abilities to run an organization. As organizations grow, a leader’s influence or ability to lead effectively begins to fall apart. To compensate, a leader influences his subordinates to lead. Decisions come from the top down and flow through the subordinates to be implemented. This places great responsibility on the shoulders of the leader for he must not only run the organization, providing direction and vision, but he must also be familiar enough with the details of the his subordinates to make effective leadership decisions for them. This is a very difficult and inefficient leadership method, for few leaders have the ability or time to know enough about every level in an organization to make appropriate decisions.

Managers are lower level leaders that are delegated tasks from upper echelon leaders. They are given the authority to delegate to their subordinates and in turn mentor them to become leaders themselves. In this leadership cycle an organization becomes either successful or fails depending on if there is a break in the leadership chain. If you have followers that are empowered and given direction it will only make a leaders job easier because there is less supervision needed. The more a leader does now to train a follower the less he will have to do later. The more empowerment and direction that is given the more productivity and efficiency you will have.

Fortunes are not built in a day. You attain wealth through perseverance, dedication and patience. The same concept goes along with developing leaders. In order to develop good leaders you need to be dedicated to your job, have the patience in training and...

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