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Different Countries, Different Cultures

Different Countries, Different Cultures

As a child growing up and into my adulthood, I have had the privilege of living in different places. I have lived in two different countries, which are Colombia and the United States. I moved from Colombia when I was nine, and I have lived in the United States since. Therefore in the past twenty-two years of my life I have had the pleasure of living in two different cultural backgrounds, and learn the differences in between.

In the United Stated it is a tradition to celebrate the day of Thanksgiving. Every family gathers together for a very special day in America’s heritage and culture. This day is full of thanks and is used to give thanks for all that they have been blessed with. On thanksgiving families will usually eat the traditional thanksgiving dinner. This usually includes Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It is a special dinner were each family gets the chance to reunite all together and have this dinner with there loved ones. In Colombia unfortunately there is no such thing as Thanksgiving Day, it is only an American tradition which is nice for the family to enjoy a dinner all together.

In Colombia, there is a tradition that on Christmas every block decorates there home and there block. The houses in each block are all decorated in a different pattern. The block street is painted with different Christmas figures by the kids that live in that same block. Then the twenty fourth of December the town chooses witch block was the best and gives out a gift for each house on the block. After that we all start celebrating Christmas. People gather outside and start dancing, eating and drinking then at twelve midnight they start opening gifts. They all keep celebrating until the next day the next day. In the United States there really isn’t a Christmas spirit as we have in Colombia. The spirit they have in the Unites states is to decorate there houses, and buy gifts for others and then the twenty fifth of December they wake up and...

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