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Disadvantage of Facebook

Disadvantage of Facebook

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Disadvantages Of Facebook
* The interface of Facebook is less enjoyable and could be boring at times, as compared to other social networking sites.
* Dependence on technological communication tool like Facebook can adversely affect the social communication skills of the youths.
* Social networking tools can easily become an addiction. It could hamper a student's educational obligations or an employees output at his workplace, which explains as to why most educational institutes and organizations have banned the use of Facebook in their premises.
* There is always the fear of cyber stalking in Facebook, and chances are that your personal details might land up in wrong hands.
* Facebook is spoiling the value of relationships, mostly long distance relationships. This is because the relationship is built and maintained through a website and lacks the emotional and physical involvement of an unadulterated relationship.
* It is mostly seen that people are overjoyed when they outnumber their acquaintances when it comes to friend list. Though the friend list in the networking site keeps going up, how many of the members are your real friends is a question best left unanswered. Remember, friendship is more than just knowing a person over the internet.

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networking websites on the Internet. Each day countless numbers of people flock to Facebook.com and join up with visions of reconnecting with people and having the ability to maintain contact with people they know.
There are many advantages to becoming a Facebook member and once you've successfully integrated yourself as a savvy user you'll see just how Facebook is a great tool to use for many purposes.
That being said, you should be aware there are some significant drawbacks to Facebook as well. After you get started, chances are you'll begin to see the disadvantages. The good news is once you recognize the drawbacks, you can avoid these...

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