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High School and College

High School and College

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High School and College

Going to high school is different than attending college. High School is mandatory and usually free. Where as college is voluntary and expensive. Students do not have to pay before attending high school, but they have to pay a tuition to attend college. Choosing to attend college is much harder than high school.

In High School, students classes are usually pre-arranged for them by a counselor or by an advisor. Students are required to attend every day in high school. In college, you choose how many days you can attend. Class times may vary throughout the day or evening. High School classes generally have a 35 to 1 ratio in a class. College classes can range from 50 to 100 depending on the availability. Each day, Students proceed from one class to another in high school, spending at least six hours a day at school. Where as in some college students spend fifty to ninety minutes per class, depending on their schedule. Courses in high school are usually structured to reward a good-faith effort. In college “ Results count.” Even though, good-faith effort is important in regards to professor’s willingness to help you achieve good results.

In high school students do not have to pay for classes or books in order to receive an education. On the first day of school, teachers pass out text books that are required for that course. On the other hand, students who wish to attend college are required to purchase all material that is required for that particular course. College courses can be very expensive for some students. Students who cannot afford to pay for college can receive help through finical aid, scholarships and other government funding. In high school, field trips and school lunches can be expensive for some students.

Choosing to attend college is harder than high school. In college students have to study more than in high school. Students in high school may study 2 to 3 hours a week for a test and other cram it all in a...

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