How to Write a a* Essay

How to Write a a* Essay

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How to write an English essay

1 .Plan carefully ,
2. using your planning sheet start your essay
3 .make sure you use P.E.A
4. .Keep checking through your essay to correct mistakes
5. have a thesaurus next to you so you can use better words
6. when finished re-read your work
7 .when satisfied put you essay in a safe place until due to hand in

make sure you use many techniques to gain a higher grade you can find a list on Google , another thing is not to rush your essay always leave enough time before the essay is to be completed because then you have longer to work on it and you can improve what you have written . If you was to rush it you would make silly mistakes and loose out on simple marks
Another thing before you start make sure you fully understand the task if not talk to your teacher who set the assignment and get him/her to give you extra help ,you can also go to the booster classes your school may offer as then there will be a smaller amount in the class and there will be more time spent on yourself giving you the chance to get a higher grade . Just remember that this is your essay and how ever much work you and effort you put in is up to you but the amount of hard work and effort you put in will show up in your grades so its best to complete your essay to the best of your ability because then you will feel good inside knowing that you worked to the best of your ability .

Hope this information helped ,good luck

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