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Importance of Character Building and Moral Values

Importance of Character Building and Moral Values

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Importance of character building and moral values

Eleven Principles of Effective
Character Education
Tom Lickona
Eric Schaps
Catherine Lewis
1. Character education promotes core ethical values as
the basis of good character.
2. "Character" must be comprehensively defined to
include thinking, feeling, and behavior.
3. Effective character education requires an
intentional, proactive, and comprehensive approach
that promotes the core values in all phases of school
4. The school must be a caring community.
5. To develop character, students need opportunities
for moral action.
6. Effective character education includes a meaningful
and challenging academic curriculum that respects all
learners and helps them succeed.
7. Character education should strive to develop
students' intrinsic motivation.
8. The school staff must become a learning and moral
community in which all share responsibility for
character education and attempt to adhere to the same
core values that guide the education of students.
9. Character education requires moral leadership from
both staff and students.
10. The school must recruit parents and community
members as full partners in the character-building
11. Evaluation of character education should assess
the character of the school, the school staff's
functioning as character educators, and the extent to
which students manifest good character.
Source: http://www.cortland.edu/c4n5rs/PRIN_III.asp
From Values to Principles
We translate values into principles so they can guide
and motivate ethical conduct. Ethical principles are
the rules of conduct that derive from ethical values.
For example, honesty is a value that governs behavior
in the form of principles such as: tell the truth, don’’t
deceive, be candid, don’’t cheat. In this way, values
Ethics and Action
Ethics is about putting principles into action.

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