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Kudler Fine Foods: Strategies and Tactics in Marketing

Kudler Fine Foods: Strategies and Tactics in Marketing

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| | University Of Phoenix |
| |Business Systems IIBSA502 |
| |

|[ Marketing issues for Kudler] |
|In this paper, I will discuss Kudler Fine Foods and the issues of marketing research as it relates to its strategies and tactics marketing |
|issues for Kudler Fine Foods. . |
Marketing is important to all companies and industries and is essential to Kudler Fine Foods. Marketing is a multiple faceted issue for Kudler in it reflects the value delivered to customers and managing customer relations in a way that is beneficial to the company and its stakeholders. A key component of any marketing plan is research and an issue Kudler will need to focus on to reach an effective marketing strategy. Proper marketing research will allow Kudle to identify, specify and determine the best method to reach the appropriate demographic of persons who need their service. Determining how to collect this ever so relevant data can be an even more complex issue for Kudle than is appropriate use once it’s proven to be relevant. There are two components is collecting data for any market research, concept and method. Concepts are simply the ideas consumers have about any service or product you offer or are considering to offer. To gather this data Kudler may conceder limited time or limited distribution for a product or service which is of course the method. Method is the way one go about obtaining and uses for the said data. Kudlers Idea of reaching in to the service of catering must first be addressed in research to evaluate the market for the service and ways to improve consumer satisfaction. I would surmise that Kudlers key...

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