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Leadership Is Action, Not Position

Leadership Is Action, Not Position

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‘Leadership is action, not position’ is a memorable quote from Donald H. McGannon, a man who is remembered for his exceptional leadership attributes. The quote captures two (2) very important processes: leadership and action. I will be looking at these processes separately.

A Leader
I have always wondered who is a leader. Well a leader is an individual who guides others toward a mutual goal, showing the way by example, and molding an environment in which his/her team members feel actively involved in the entire process. A leader is not necessarily the boss of the team but, instead, the person that is dedicated to carrying out the mission of the task at hand. Based on my research I have noted that a strong leader may possess the qualities I am about to mention. He/she must be a good listener; your teammates may have a great wealth knowledge that may aid in the improving of work quality or streamlining tasks or they may have ideas that will elevate your idea. By keeping your mind open to ideas of others, you can come up with new ways to accomplish your goals. It’s your job to ensure that everyone in the group is being heard. Listen to their ideas and accept their constructive criticisms as they will ultimate enrich your work environment.
An efficient leader should be focused; continually remind yourself and the group of your task’s goals and mission. If you and your team members stay on track, the team will stay motivated and be more industrious. As leader of the group, it is important that you schedule time to meet with your team to establish/re-establish and check-in about the goals you hope to achieve. A leader must always be organized; a leader can set the tone for the team. A leader who is organized helps motivate team members to be organized as well. Available; as a leader, you have a lot of responsibility and you are probably going to be very busy must of the time. However, you still need to find time to talk with your team. A good way to do...

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