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Monkeys Paw Descriptive Essay

Monkeys Paw Descriptive Essay

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A loud knock resounded through the house. “It’s Herbert!” she screamed. “It’s Herbert” She ran to the door… All of a sudden the door came bursting open from the opposite side toppling over Mrs. White on its way down. “I’m going to kill you,” roared and screamed a disgusting creature that vaguely resembled Herbert, came sluggishly through the door. He went for his father first. Mr. White could still hear him being crushed through the machinery. He looked as if he had been attacked by bears, and half feasted on by their cubs. Herbert then leaped forward at him, Mr. White fell to the floor and while grasping for anything in sight, he grabbed on to the half of Herbert’s arm. Mr. White saw that his eyes had been oozing with orange maggot poop, and eggs came out of his eyeballs. Mrs. White then jumped on top of Herbert, after freeing herself from underneath the door. She tried to hug him and say, “It’s okay my baby Herbert, mommy’s here,” when she felt his rough head, where his hair was still slightly growing, and underneath that was his scaly skin which seemed like an animal tried to peel off. The sound of files swarming his body filled the air. Herbert then pulled out a pocketknife, turned around and stabbed his mother. Mr. White grabbed the knife from him and stabbed Herbert in the face. Mr. White then quickly got the first aid kit to heal Mrs. White’s arm, and with success, the two walked off arm in arm.

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