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Paper on Analyzing a Web Page

Paper on Analyzing a Web Page

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Paper on Analyzing a Web Page

Analyzing a Web Page
Many people use the Internet to search for information that he or she needs. The most important thing when searching on the Internet for information is to know when the information is reliable and when it is unreliable. It is important to learn to analyze a web page to determine whether it is trustworthy. The web page that I chose to analyze will feature information on the relevance for individuals or human service agencies.
The web page that I have decided to use for this paper was the United States Health and Human Services page. This page deals with many individuals with different needs. These state funded programs are there to help many people and some individuals may not know what type of assistance is available to them. Some individuals are not always able to afford health care on their own and the government wants to make sure that these individuals are taken care of.
The reason for developing this web page is to protect the health of individuals and help provide them with necessary human services to individuals who cannot provide these things for themselves. This page would be valuable and relevant to clients because it is a government site, which means all the information on this page is creditable and random people cannot change the information on this page.
This web page gives helpful links to individuals who receive or individuals who need information on receiving benefits. It gives links for individuals to assist individuals in finding jobs, information on news, grants and funding information, and helpful links for families that may need assistance. These links help people apply for jobs or allow them to apply for grants or funding. It will even allow them to check and see if they are eligible for benefits.
This web page includes Health and Human Services priority websites, which could be helpful to some individuals. These sites include information on bullying and how it can be...

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