RWT1 - Business Research Paper

RWT1 - Business Research Paper

Business Research Report
It’s How You Market It

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Research Findings 5
Creating a Well Designed Website 5
Marketing the Website 6
Maintaining the Website for Long Term Success 8
Recommendations 10
Conclusions 12
References 14

Executive Summary

Businesses today need to achieve faster and more relevant touch points in the market if they want to be competitive and stay in business.

I work for an insurance company whose business model is based on face to face communication and interaction with our customers but we want to establish a greater presence on the Internet to reach a wider customer base. We want to develop an online marketing campaign to help us expand into the digital marketplace. The primary focus of our campaign will be to engage the consumer via various types of social media and draw them to our website to get an immediate insurance quote on their auto or home. Three important factors of success will be; creating a well designed website, marketing the website and maintaining the website for long-term success.

When researching a well designed website I found it was mainly about the content you are providing and how it’s organized. You want to be sure to add value to the customer experience by providing some type of utility tool that engages the customer and gives them all of the benefits of an in-store experience but without the assistance of an actual human being. The benefits of forming a committee from all different departments to structure the design of the site makes sure we’re encompassing every area of the company. By piloting it with a small test market we can get feedback and make any necessary changes before launching the new site.
While researching how to market the new website I learned about organic and paid searches to increase search activity results. Combining...

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