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The Risks of Having a Child at a Young Age Can Be Dangerous.

The Risks of Having a Child at a Young Age Can Be Dangerous.

When you get pregnant at an early age, you might be taking certain risks with the baby. Some teenage girls ignore the fact that they're pregnant, and sometimes continue to do the same stuff they did before they were pregnant. Such as drinking alcohol, that can cause serious damage to the fetus. Also, doing drugs can, and sometimes will cause birth defects. Such as: deformations, brain damage, and will make it hard to learn etc.
Also, giving birth is no joke either. There are risks in that too. Some girls say that the pain is too hard to handle. It is, because having a baby puts a strain on your body. Some girls go into shock. Or even a coma. If you don't take the right prenatal vitamins; you could lose teeth, and your bones will get brittle, because your baby takes most of your calcium. There are two ways to give birth; natural, and unnatural. There's also a surgical way; meaning a Caesarean. (C - Section), if you have a miscarriage for the rest of your life.
Then there's the daily care that you give the baby. You might get tired after awhile, because you stay up with the baby at night. Then, you don't wake up to wash it, or feed it. Then there is the rest of the daily care that consists of: changing diapers, dressing the baby, making sure it gets to the sitter, (if have one) doing the baby's hair and trying to get the baby to stay quiet. .
Then there's money. Some girls have a hard time to find money, because the baby's father has left them. Their parents have kicked them out. Then again some girls have an easier time to find money. They have parent, and sometimes grandparents that can help. The father also stays with her and works to get money for the baby's needs.


Although teenage pregnancy and birth rates are at a record low in the United States, there are still a significant number of teen families whose unique needs are not being addressed. Without access to adequate services, teen mothers may not receive prenatal care, placing the...

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