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The Services of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

The Services of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

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According to ancient mythology, the phoenix is a mystical bird considered to be immortal; for every time it dies, it bursts in flames and rises anew from amongst the ashes. Similarly, the glory of the Muslims as a nation throughout history has suffered the same fate as that of the phoenix. The rebirth of the phoenix from the ashes requires a spark and that spark in case of the Muslims in the aftermath of the ashes of the war of 1857 proved to be Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Even an iota of doubt should not be entertained regarding the selfless services of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan as that would be an injustice of gigantic proportions to the grandeur of the labours on the part of the great man, who had virtually dedicated his whole life in the service of the revival of the Muslims of the subcontinent in the political, social and intellectual spheres of the Indian society.
I am, totally, in agreement with the view that indeed, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, was the pioneer of the Two Nation Theory and I would like to elucidate the efforts of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in the following lines:

Intellectual and Educational Services:
It would not only be an injustice but also a Herculean task to sum up the educational services of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in a few words or lines.
In 1859, when he established a school at Muradabad and in 1863, when he established another school at Ghazipur, by teaching Persian and English, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had provided a great service to the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. A scientific society established in 1864 for the translation of modern works of English into Persian and Urdu brought the Muslims into close contact with the literature other than their own. In 1866, the Aligarh Institute Gazette was published in English and Urdu simultaneously to highlight the importance of English and convince the rulers of the loyalty of the Muslims towards them.
His visit to England in1869 left an indelible imprint upon the mind of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He...

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