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You need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles away. Campare the different kinds of transportation you could use. Tell which method you could choose. Give specific reasons for your choice.

In order to traveling from my home to a place 40 miles away, I have three options: my electricity motorbkie, the public transportation and my parent’s motorbike. All of them are quite good but I prefer to use the public transit over the entire.

I usually use my electricity motorbike for traveling. It is simple and good for the environment. I just charge the battery for 10 hours before using and then I can drive to anywhere. Also, because there is no exhasted, it is really friendly to the Earth, which contributes to prevent using petrol and exhausting harmful gas to the air. However, this method should be charged after 60 kilometers running, which is time consuming and inconvinient.

The public transit is the most common way for people in my city to travel with a large distance. It is inexpensive, easy and fast method. I just call the transportation office for the schedule and then walk from my house to the public station for 10 minutes. If I come by time, I don’t have to wait. By this way, I can save a lot of time, money and I have more free time due to the needless to take care of my motorbike.

My parent’s motorbike is also a good method to travel because I can go to the place that I want very fast without order like the public transport. However, it is the most expensive and unsafe way. For me, because I’m under 18 so I don’t have the driving license, which means that I am not accepted to drive by my own. If something happens with the police, it would be a big deal for me. In addition, during the trip, I have to pay for the petrol.

From above methods, I would rather use the public transit because of its convinience and it is the cheapest way.

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