Understanding Belongingg

Understanding Belongingg

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Understanding is the key to a sense of belonging

Belonging is a complex idea and to interpret a sense of belonging we need to understand it. This concept of ‘understanding being the key to a sense of belonging’ is essential to those in search of an identity. “I gave myself to him” by Emily Dickinson is a fantastic text, which explores this key concept of understanding belonging within the themes of belonging to others and what it really costs to belong. This relates to my chosen text, the film American History X by Tony Kaye. The Dickinson poem “I had been hungry all the years” ventures more into the depths of giving up your sense of belonging and therefore your understanding for an emotion such as love. This is also evident in my second chosen text, the song “Gamble everything for love” by Ben Lee.

We look at belonging in terms of a perception of being a part of something. Dickinson’s poem ‘I gave myself to him’ enforces this concept in regards to love being a contractual, financial agreement and belonging to another person. This brings ambiguity to the situation and we must understand the emotions evident. The reference to ‘contract’ infers she is legally bound and her description of ‘myself a poorer prove’ leaves her apprehensive about her ability to rise to these expectations. The extended metaphor leads to depreciation and love that is not experienced or understood remains unattainable. The line ‘risk is mutual’ enables profit for both recipients. Engaging in this mutual agreement to dedicate your life to someone else is evident in the film American History X in relation to being socially bound and introduces the new theme of a lack of understanding leaves you feeling like you do not belong. The cost of belonging conveys the idea of conformity. In this film the excellent dialogue and strong imagery expresses the importance of being a part of a group. Surrounded by other people’s opinions, Danny feels the need to rise to the expectations of his brother...

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