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Why Students Should Learn Anthropology Analysis

Why Students Should Learn Anthropology Analysis

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"Why Should Students Learn Evolution?" by Brian and Sandra Alters is a short article about exactly what the title suggests, evolution being taught in classrooms. As it says in the very opening paragraphs "evolution is the basic context of all brological sciences". Evolution is not only revelant and important in the sciences but also has an important basis in the understanding of psychology, philosophy and the arts. From ecology to palentology evolution strings together and builds the "framework" for everyone to better understand therefor study all sciences. Evolution holds special relevance in area of medicine development and the full understanding of the problems that those medicines are treating and how they change and grow. Most the science and education societies agree that evolution is a key to scientific study and should be a focus in the classroom.

Without learning evolution students miss out on the main theory that allows any and all the biological sciences to make sense. I know im far from majoring in any field of science and throughout high school didnt take and classes i diddn't need to graduate but i am amazed at how little i actually knew about evolution and how natural selection worked. From just reading this article, lectures aside, everything involving any science, like the article said, especially anti-biotics and medicines, makes alot more sense. So as someone who missed out on a proper explanation of evolution in public schooling i can confidently say it need to not only be taught but recieve a much higher focus.

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