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60 Free Essays on A Woman To Her Lover

  1. A Woman to Her Lover

    Do you come to me to bend me to your will - Do you want me to be your servant/slabe as conqueror to the vanquished- as a leader to the deafeated to make of me a bondslave- to make me a slave- for his pleasure to bear you children, wearing out my life- to provide you with children. - increase of s

  2. Simone de Beauvoir: the Woman in Love

    Beauvoir discusses love in relation to sexual difference. She also discusses the difference between authentic and inauthentic love. What differences between women and men's experiences of love does she discuss? How does she think the problems of love can be rectified? Simone de Beauvoir's text "T

  3. Weeping Woman

    Pablo Picasso’s, Weeping Woman (1937), is a most expressive and eccentric image of a woman in distress. The geometry and shapes in the painting are imaginative and outrageous, with bright colors and shapes of boats and flowers that are, to some extent humorous, except for the profound suffering of

  4. Porphyria's Lover

    Robert Browning‘s “Porphyria‘s lover‘ describes the murder of a woman by her lover. The dark and morbid imagery is gothic in nature and often disturbing with a sensationalised view of the erotic aspects of the crime and the woman‘s dead body. Employing a first person narrative it examines

  5. Porphyrias lover interpretations

    Porphyria’s Lover Context Robert Browning (1812-1889) was a Victorian poet, who is particularly famous for his dramatic monologues in verse form. Browning was born in London, to a family who relished literature, and he grew up surrounded by books. He wrote his first book of poems before...

  6. Woman Hollering Creek 11

    Essay/Woman Hollering Creek Feminist Perspective Woman Hollering Creek is a short story by Sandra Cisneros. Sandra Cisneros wrote a story she could relate with because of her Mexican heritage. Being Mexican, her culture was a major factor in this story. The story centers on Cleofilas and the fairy

  7. Why Is Diotima a Woman?

    Diotima, Socrates' great teacher from the Symposium, a work by Plato was one of the most influential women thinkers of all time, whether she was a real person or a literary fictional character. She related to Socrates the theory of love that he described to the partygoers at Agathon's banquet, a cel

  8. A Remarkable Woman of the Early West

    Margaret Ann Martin was born in Greenfield, Nelson County, Virginia on January 20th, 1834. Her parents were Hudson Martin and Nancy Thorpe. Hudson Marton was born in Virginia in 1765. At the close of the Revolutionary War, Giddeon Martin, his after moved to Kentucky. Giddeon Martin had fought

  9. Lady Chatterley's Lover

    Lady Chatterley's Lover, written by DH. Lawrence was first published in 1928. The novel follows around the protagonist of the story, Lady Constance Chatterley. The story is about how this woman, who is trapped in a loveless and almost sterile marriage, finds emotional and physical love with the ga

  10. How to Make a Woman Orgasm

    How to make a woman orgasm... and scream for more... every time! In a Four Part Series (as apparently published originally in Playgal ?!?) --- Part One --- Introduction Sex is a wonderful thing - I haven't met a person yet who would dispute this. Everybody loves sex, whether they like talk

  11. A Rose for Emily: a Young Woman

    William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" tells a story of a young woman who is violated by her father's strict mentality. After being the only man in her life Emily's father dies and she finds it hard to let go. Like her father Emily possesses a stubborn outlook towards life, and she refused to

  12. A Critical Examination of 'My Lover in White'

    After reading "My Lover in White," for the first time, I thought of a poem written by Shakespeare that seemed to be in some ways similar in content. The mention of the fair maidens outside the gate and the poet's observation that his love is not with the rest reminds me of Shakespeare's Sonnet CXXX

  13. The Pathetic Lover: Ballad of the Sad Cafe

    The Pathetic "Lover" The Ballad of the Sad Café, by Carson McCullers (1951) suggests that there are two types of people in the world: the "lover" and the "beloved". The "lover" is a pathetic character so enamored by the "beloved" that it changes his/her attitude or personality completely. The fee

  14. Woman Hollering Creek 12

    Woman Hollering Creek In her short story “Woman Hollering Creek,” Sandra Cisneros shows in her writing some of the same experiences she wrote about in her narrative. Having a Mexican father and a Mexican-American mother gave Cisneros a chance to see life from two different cultures. As she

  15. Tottel's "The Lover Showeth… " Enlightens Wyatt's "They Flee from Me"

    Sir Thomas Wyatt's They flee from me tells a short story of man seduced by a woman that felt so good in the beginning, yet became so deceivingly dissatisfying in the end. This poem conveys complaints by a man abandoned by his mistress. The printed version by Richard Tottel ("The lover showeth how…"

  16. Woman in Society

    In a film, the way a certain character or a certain type of character is portrayed depends on the director, writer, or even the actor playing that character. However there are times when characters are portrayed a certain way because that is how society would general portray them. If you released a

  17. Woman During Progressive Era

    Analysis 3 During the Progressive Era, it was a vast increase of population in cities, immigration, and industrial labor. Although the era created a movement of change in the economy and the market, there were many social problems that affected many women. With that, woman played a major role in t

  18. Woman Hollering Creek

    “Woman Hollering Creek” The short story “Woman Hollering Creek” is written by Sandra Cisneros who is a Chicago native born to a Mexican father and Mexican American mother. Cisneros uses extreme detail and vivid storylines that jump from scene to scene to keep the reader enticed with

  19. Not Just Another Woman

    Not Just Another Woman In Doris Lessing’s “A Woman on a Roof,” three men are overpowered by a woman sunbathing on a nearby rooftop. The woman on the roof used nonverbal communication to become the superior figure in the story. Being ignored in a time when men believed they had control over w

  20. Woman with a Cat

    The first thing that I heard about Jordan was that he was in love with me. He lived on my street, and the rumor was that he was that kid—the type that owned a gun, and did not seem scared to use it during a psychotic break from the world. His pale skin and dark eyes were enough to scare you off.

  21. Porphryias Lover

    Crazy In Love A general meaning of the term psychopath is when a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, amoral behavior without empathy or remorse. (Webster New Collegiate Dictionary)The term can also be used to ill

  22. The Demon Lover

    “The Demon Lover” Elizabeth Bowen Kathleen Drover had come back to her London home alone which could symbolize the way the English felt at this time. They were alone to face the German war machine before the other Allied forces entered the war. There is also a feeling that something is wa

  23. Pocahontas and the Mythical Indian Woman

    POCAHONTAS AND THE MYTHICAL INDIAN WOMAN: REFORMING THE IMAGE THROUGH NATIVE AMERICAN FICTION Pocahontas. Americans know her as the beautiful, Indian woman who fell in love with the white settler John Smith and then threw her body upon the poor white captive to protect him from being brutally

  24. Browning, Robert: My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover

    Mike Sobieraj English 203 Roger Gilbert The Lover and the Duke The creation of a plausible character within literature is one of the most difficult challenges to a writer, and development to a level at which the reader identifies with them can take a long time. However, through the mast

  25. A Story of Olenka, "The Darling" a Dependent Woman

    A story of Olenka, "The Darling" A Dependent Woman The story "The Darling" by Anton Chekhov, illustrates a woman that is lonely, insecure, and lacking wholeness of oneself without a man in her life. This woman, Olenka, nicknamed "Darling" is compassionate, gentle and sentimental. Olenka is po

  26. The Other Lover

    The Other Lover In the Shakespearean sonnet, "The Sonnet-Ballad" by Gwendolyn Brooks, the speaker uses such techniques as: repetition, metaphors and personification to show how her relationship is doomed because of war. The poem shows how war can change a man who was once confident and unaffected b

  27. The Good Woman of Setzuan

    The Good Woman of Setzuan, by Bertolt Brecht, was an amazing play that showed the difficult encounters a person has to face while struggling to be good in a corrupted society. It portrays the desire to be kind and pure, yet the need to be evil to get ahead in life. With a great lesson embedded in th

  28. The Example of a Woman Sexual Renunciation and Augustine's Conversion to Christianity in 386

    The Example of a Woman Sexual Renunciation and Augustine's Conversion to Christianity in 386 Endnotes are marked by numerals in brackets and appear at the bottom o

  29. Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess

    <center><b>Compare the two poems ‘Porphyria's Lover' and ‘My Last Duchess' by Robert Browning. What do they reveal about attitudes to women and relationships in the nineteenth century?</b></center> <br> <br>Robert Browning was one of the greatest poets of the nineteenth century. In 1842, he publis

  30. Woman

    The fight of women for taking part in the society began to appear in the middle of the 19th century. It will be a hard fight in order to defend their rights, ideals and dreams. In other words, I think that it was a way that could be called "the right to integration" I think that the path of wome