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60 Free Essays on Giraffe

  1. The Giraffe

    In the beginning, when the Earth was still forming, animals depended on a single tree to survive. This tree was called the great tree of life. All animals fed of off this tree, and all plants grew off this tree. For at the top of the great tree of life, grew the sweetest fruit of all. Only such anim

  2. Giraffe

    Why did I choose to write my essay about the giraffe? I chose to write my essay about the giraffe because this mammal has been my favorite animal since the third grade. My science teacher had us do a project about an animal. I did mine on the giraffe and working on that project I became more fascina

  3. The Giraffe

    Class: Mammalian (Mammals) Order: Artiodactyla Family: Giraffidae Genus: Giraffa Species: camelopardalis Main subspecies: • reticulata (reticulated) • camelopardalis (Nubian) • rothschildsi (Uganda or Baringo) • tippelskirchi (Masai) • angolensis (Angolan) • giraffa (southern

  4. The Giraffe

    Ever wonder about the different animals around the world? Ever wonder about their behaviors and features? This all has to do with zoology. Zoology is defined as the branch of biology devoted to the animals. Zoology can be viewed as a series of efforts to analyze and classify animals. Zoology basical

  5. How the Giraffe Got Its Long Neck

    How the giraffe got it’s long neck Once upon a time, there lived a giraffe called Mirabelle. Mirabelle was the only giraffe in the world, and what was very strange about her was that she had a really short neck. Her neck was so short that Tony (The elephant ) had to bring down her food from t

  6. The Burning Giraffe - Salvador Dali

    2 “The Burning Giraffe” is a surrealistic painting by the artist Salvador Dali, done circa 1936. Using a variety of blues, blacks and browns, the piece depicts a bleak, sad, and cold scene. Scenery such as this was very popular amongst modernist painters. The painting, through color choice,

  7. giraffe

     Mauro Senesi constructs “The Giraffe” to symbolize and represent a new idea that is being introduced into a closed environment. “It must have seen over the houses the clotted red of the roofs and the horizon, who knows how far” (p. 233). When the giraffe extends its neck to see the...

  8. On Being the Right Size

    On Being the Right Size In his article, “On Being the Right Size”, J.B.S. Heldane explains his theory on everything having a perfect size. He states that animals will not be able to follow their normal living habits if they were enlarged or reduced more than three times, in the case of large

  9. Yellow Giraffe Toys Website

    YELLOW GIRAFFE TOYS The yellow giraffe toys website is a novel concept which should find its place in today’s world where children have become more aware of the brand and kind of toys they want and in most cases do not compromise on these factors. I have checked your site and it comes across as

  10. Ways on How Literature Affects the Community

    Literature reflects community in numerous ways. Authors write about what they know. Thus, they write about their experiences or the experiences of those around them. Readers, in turn, measure the experiences of characters and literary works as a whole against their own experiences (DiYanni, 2007)

  11. How the giraffe got its long neck

    How the Giraffe got its Long Neck Many moons ago, there was a beautiful land where all was calm and pleasant. Where the gods, perched boringly on their clouds above, looked down upon the perfect animals, conferred with each other, and decided that all was good. However, one ignorant...

  12. How the Giraffe got his long neck

     How the giraffe got his long neck. A long time ago before giraffes had long necks they were mid –sized animals with hooved feet and strongly built bodies. People are always curious to know how giraffes got such a long neck and I know of a tale that will tell what happened. One...

  13. Giraffe

    GIRAFFES What I’m going to talk about is the giraffes habitat, behavior, what a giraffes looks like. A giraffes habitat is in East Africa and Zambia in south Africa. Until the middle of the 20th centrey giraffes were also commonly found in West Africa, South of Sah

  14. One Time

    Tuesday, March 4, 2008 Today I woke up ate a bowl of fruit loops. Put my pants on, then my shirt. Then I 2 stepped my way to school. I got to school and me and my home dogs were in a heated dance off. I pulled out my super cool head spin move and won the dace off for my crew. After that I met up

  15. Cecl 6

    UNIT 6: ANIMALS AND PLANTS ACTIVITIES I ANIMALS …………………………………………………………………….. 174 1 Parts of animals — dictionary work & information exchange ………………………… 174 2 Names of animals — identifying descriptions ………

  16. Giraffe

    The giraffe is one of only two living species of the family Giraffidae, the other being the okapi. The family was once much more extensive, with over 10 fossil genera described. Giraffids first arose 8 million years ago (mya) in south-central Europe during the Miocene epoch. The superfamily Giraffoi

  17. Animals Interesting Facts

    Animals Interesting Facts Just one cow gives off enough harmful methane gas in a single day to fill around 400 liter bottles. Cows can have regional accents A domestic cat can frighten a black bear to climb a tree. Bonobos are the only non human primates that engage in oral sex, tongue kissing

  18. Red Mangrove

    Fiction for young adults have been criticised as dark and pessimistic, as Kate Legge says in The Australian Magazine, “Father bashes mother, mother abandons children… Violence, drugs, suicides. The novels of some top writers of young people’s fiction have never been bleaker or more explicit.â€

  19. The Whispering Land

    Make a brief report on the descriptions found in the first part of the novel, Whispering Land, by Gerald Durell Whispering Land is a book that can be characterized by its intelligent, sensitive and nadiesabe descriptions. They are essential to help the reader create the perfect atmosphere and pi

  20. Lion Vs. Giraffe

    Giraffes are the world’s tallest mammals, due to their towering legs, and long necks. A giraffes legs alone are taller than any humans, about 6-feet and can run as fast as 56 kilometres an hour. This herbivorous animal roams the open grasslands in small groups, called herds. In...

  21. The England Geography

    I. Location and physical relief. Of the four countries which make up the United Kingdom, England is the largest. It occupies an area of 131,8 thousand sq.km. This part of Great Britain is divided into 39 non-metropolitan and 7 metropolitan ( that is, including a big city) countries.

  22. Overview of Multi-Drug Resistant Bacterial Strains

    Chapter I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study The emergence of multi-drug resistant bacterial strains throughout the country limits the effectiveness of currently used drugs and significantly limits treatment, leading to prolonged infections. Thus, the search for newer sources of antibiot

  23. Beliefs: Spirituality and Death

    Introduction The Dobe Ju Hoansi of the Kalahari Desert is a hunting and gathering kind of people. The Kalahari Desert, southern Africa, is an extreme environment, and in this extreme environment the Dobe Ju Hoansi has developed ways to survive, even flourish, that are invisible to the outside

  24. the giraffe

    Short Stories The Giraffe by Mauro Senesi Nov.28 2012 Summary: A Merchant came to a small town and brought a giraffe to attract people.He dies while he's there. The Giraffe is left to the town to take care of,The people Wanted to kill right away,but a group of young boys step up and...

  25. Infant Observation

    Anecdotal Record: When I first arrived at the house the church converted into a child care facility, I noticed the rooms were small, but comfortable. There was music playing, a classical song that I later found out was from the Baby Mozart CD. There were cribs in one room for the seven infants, and

  26. Cause Marketing

    [pic] Strategic Management (1264) Definition Cause marketing or cause-related marketing is an umbrella term that covers a rich range of marketing activity. Cause Marketing refers to a type of marketing involving the cooperative efforts of a "for profit" business and a non-profit organization

  27. Anatomy of a Giraffe

    Anatomy of a Giraffe BIO/101 06/19/2012 Audrey Stevenson Ref. Mammal Anatomy 2010 Marshall Cavendish Corporation The Giraffe is perhaps one of the most iconic species of Africa and to the mysteries and intrigue that lie within the confines of evolution. The purpose of this paper is...

  28. Giraffe Essay

    Today, not many people know much about giraffes; these animals live a very interesting life since the day that they’re born. Giraffes are the tallest animals on Earth. They eat about 100 pounds of leaves and fruits from trees everyday. These animals have a calm and easy going life. That is why if

  29. Evolution Standards Overview

    Evolution Standards Overview I The process of natural selection begins with a specific individual of a species. That individual has a unique advantage that helps it run faster to avoid predators, this allowing it to survive easier. Then, when that individual mates, it passes on the fast gene to

  30. Giraffe Evolution

    Alondra Mota 4/12/12 Per.5 Once scientists began thinking about animals in terms of evolution, the giraffe became a seemingly straightforward example. It is as if the giraffe's long neck was begging to be explained by evolutionary theorists. The idea that the giraffe got its long neck due to food