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60 Free Essays on Influential Person In Your Life

  1. The Most Influential Person in My Life

    For each of us there is one person who has been made difference in our lives. A family member, a friend or a teacher can make the difference. Sometimes these changes become part of our lives and are not easy to forget. The person who has been influential in my life is my high school teacher. Ms.

  2. Most Influential Person

    When asked who was the most influential person in my life without any hesitation I knew it was my father. My father has impacted my life greatly and has helped me become the person I am today. He has helped me in many ways; he pushes me to be the best, he is always there for me, and he possesses goo

  3. Influential Person

    Everyone in life has a person or a group of people that has influenced him or her the most. As for me, that one special person is my father. My father comes from a strong, religious family of twelve with two brothers and a twin brother who died before reaching three months old. Both of his parents p

  4. Influential Person

    Leland The most influential person in my life thus far has been a boy named Leland. It is amazing that one tiny little boy could have such an impact on so many lives in such a short time. It is because of Leland that I realized how incomplete my life is, returned to school, and want to spend my

  5. Influential Person

    A lot have been said about the vital role that mothers play in child development. It is widely accepted from all corners of the earth and all walks of life that a mother, if she plays her role well, her siblings will always grow in accordance to her teachings. Borrowing from the words of Henry Ward

  6. The Moment

    The moment. One second it's there then the next it's gone only to be replaced by another one. Something that many of us take for granted. Something that is often overlooked as we rush on to the next, and the one after that. The moment. Perhaps one of the most precious things we will ever have and ye

  7. Loss of Romance

    The Loss of Romance in Marriages Common Causes And Possible Solutions Jeff Green ENG – 122 Betty Cokeley June 23, 2008   The Loss of Romance in Marriages Common Causes And Possible Solutions The loss of the romance in a marriage is a common problem among married couples. In this re

  8. Dizzy Gillespie, His Life.

    On October 21,1917,John Birks Gillespie was born in Cheraw,South Carolina.He was the youngest of 14 childern.His father was a poor farmer and a skilled amateur musician.He played bass in his own band and owned all the instruments because most of the other players were so poor that they would sell th

  9. Signifcant Person

    Seuroj Narain College essay#1: Significant Person How does one sort out whom are the most significant people in one’s life without discounting the others? Everyone has something special that they contribute, even those who hurt us. Man

  10. Motivator and Influential Person

    Running head: MY FATHER: A MOTIVATOR AND THE MOST INFLUENTIAL “My Father, A motivator and the most influential person in my life” Justice C. Futtrell Argosy University PC 6106 Course MY FATHER: A MOTIVATOR AND THE MOST INFLUENTIAL My Father: The Motivator and the most influent

  11. Influential Person

    Sussudio Hollis Hollis 1 English 093 Ms. Davis 07-13-2010 Most Influential Person My mother has reached many obstacled in her lifetime. Since I was a little girl, her love for me has made me a better person. She has showed me the importance of an education, having fai

  12. My Work Place

    Working in the hospital has never been easy for me. I do not understand what is so special about it that attracts me. When I was younger, I hated even thinking about working in the hospital. Some of the patients smelled funny, and most of the time everyone looked nervous. After working on the n

  13. A Good Father: Influential Person

    he most influential person in my life is probably not even aware of the things he has taught me or of how much he has affected my existence. This person has always been in my life, from the day I first opened my eyes to the present moment. This person is a teacher, a guide, and a source of streng

  14. Three People Who Have Influenced Me the Most in Life

    Three People Who Have Influenced Me the Most In Life Do you have anyone you cherish and love? Can you think of someone who you could not live without? Have you stopped and thought about who inspires you? Do you know someone who has influenced you? For me, there have been three influential people

  15. The Most Influential Person in the 20th Century

    Given what we know from history or personal experience, one must acknowledge that an influential person has to be someone with an extraordinary vision, someone that has made an impact on the world. Influence can be defined in a myriad of ways. I define "influence" in terms of direct change in the co

  16. Describing the Person's Personality Traits and His/Her Influence in Your Life

    An influential figure is basically a role model for a person to follow. Most people I know cite their parents or well known political leaders or successful business persons as influencing their perception of life. As for me, the most influential person in my life is a historical figure and he died m

  17. Life of Pi

    Life of Pi Introduction Life of Pi is novel written by Yann Martel, born in Spain in 1963 of Canadian parents. Martel grew up in Costa Rica, France, Mexico, and Canada. The setting takes place in Pi’s childhood home of Pondicherry, India; the Pacific Ocean, Tomatlan, Mexico; and for a sho

  18. Influential Person

    Most Influential Person Vincent Arttus The most influential person in my life would have to be a tie between my Mom and my Dad, but I have already written about my Mom. My father has impacted my life greatly and has helped me become the person I am today. He has helped me in many ways; he pushe

  19. Messing About in Boats

    Messing About in Boats was written by Will Millar. The book is about certain happenings in his life. Will goes through the book telling stories of the sea and how on many different occasions he had a guardian angel watching over him. Will tells stories of love, heartache, influential people in hi

  20. Life

    A Life Well Lived Oscar Reyes is a 51 year old man. He was born October 5, 1961 in El Paso Texas. This man is a father, a son, a brother, an uncle, and a grandfather. Most importantly he is my dad. I have always had some questions about our family and in fact his life. He is the most influential p

  21. Hindu Pilgrimage

    The following essay addresses that of the Hindu pilgrimage as to why pilgrimage is an important aspect of Hindu religion? Firstly, the essay focusses on points which support pilgrimage as a fundamental and key aspect of the Hindu community. Secondly, a perspective denying pilgrimages have

  22. Life of Jesse

    Life of Jesse By: Jesse Berry Sept. 21, 2011 On November 3, 1994 at Scott and White hospital in Temple Texas I was born. My parents gave me the name Jesse Donald Berry. I was named Jesse after my great-grandfather on my dad’s side of the family and Donald after my grandfather

  23. Hardships

    Hardships I interviewed Doctor Jassat and after doing the interview I realised that anybody can make difference. Whether you a male or female, Indian, black, coloured or white you can make difference. Everyone that was involved in making South Africa a better place, did make a difference even

  24. Most Influence in Your Life

    “If you can dream it, you can do it”. My brother is the most influential person in my life. During 2009 when I first came to USA, he took care of me. He is a very wonderful person because whatever I need he always gives me. He never says no to me. He always tries his best to help other peo

  25. The Biggest Influence on My Life

    If someone were to ask me who the most influential person in my life was, I'd most likely tell him or her that it's my brother, Chris. My brother is one of the most important people in my life. I may not always act like it, but I look up to him and respect him. It's hard to think of everything he's

  26. Influential Person

    Scott Ashbridge The Most Influential Person in My Life The most influential person in my life has been my grandpa, my abuelo. He just turned 88 years old and no one believes it. He looks and acts so much younger than his years. My grandpa was born in Ecuador in 1922. He has seen many cha

  27. The Play Years

    The Play Years The play years, between the ages of two to six years is one of the most magic phases of a child’s (and their parent’s) lives. Children are very entertaining at this age and they are a great deal of fun to observe and interact with. These children have also reached one of the m

  28. Womens Influence on Hawthornes Writings

    A symbol is defined as something concrete that represents or suggests another thing that cannot in itself be pictured. Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author of The Scarlet Letter, uses the letter "A" to symbolize adultery. Names like Pearl, uses of color, and even a rosebush are used as symbols throughou

  29. About My Own Life

    Everybody's life has many changes. I am a seventeen-year-old Vietnamese girl. At this moment, I'm thinking about the past and draw a new resolution for my future. The time that I lived in my country, and the short time I have lived here in the United States of America, have shaped me into an usef

  30. Most Influentional People in My Life

    The most influential person in my life is not a millionaire, nor are they a movie star, in reality they are not anyone famous or featured in some popular television show. The most influential person in my life is both my mother and father. In the highs and lows of my family life, I have observed th