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60 Free Essays on My Favorite Meal

  1. My Favorite Meal

    I have so many meals that i can put together and call it a fantasy in paradise meal. I sound really enthusiastic about this because i love food soo much. My favorite meal would be a starting dish of buffalo wings marinated with buffalo sauce and cooked to perfection. It was taste even beter being di

  2. Meal

    Taco Soup My favorite meal is my mother-in-laws, Cathy’s taco soup. I don’t know what makes hers so much different from everybody else’s. But every time we make the long, boring drive to go visit her I always get a huge pot of taco soup. I can eat it the whole time we are there, I eat it

  3. Descriptive Favorite Food Essay

    Whitney Walker Professor Brogdon Eng.101 sec.505 January 24, 20011 Favorite Food My favorite food is chicken fettuccini pasta. I prefer this dish because of the great taste. It consists of a magnificent sauce, tender chicken, and mixed vegetables. This blend of ingredients contributes

  4. Meal Pl

    anThis month I'm going to change the format of my column, as there has been a tremendous amount of reader feedback with one common question: How do I pack on mass? Find out here in this sample weight gain meal plan... By: Christopher Mohr Jan 18, 2005 Email More Part 1 | Part 2 T

  5. A Favorite Place from My Childhood That I Remember Fondly

    One favorite place from my childhood that I remember fondly is my grandparents' house. On one hand, its marvelous location is inforgettable to me. On the other hand, I have a lovely remembrance of all the funactivities my family and I did there. In adition, other memories include the delicious meals

  6. Online Meal Planner Is Always at Your Service

    An online meal planner is a boon to many who are having a tough time in balancing between their official works and their kitchen time. After a full day’s work, do you think that opening your refrigerator or examining your kitchen shelf for your dinner will grant you peace in anyways? No way and th

  7. Odyssey Favorite Character

    Odysseus the Great Tactician My favorite character in the Odyssey so far is Odysseus because of his display of his crafty and cunning personality and his useful ability to accurately access situations. Odysseus is able to show his cunning abilities when arriving in Skheria and meeting with the pr

  8. Favorite Place

    Everyone has a special place, a place where you have memories, where you can find peace and harmony. A place where you know you are just happy being there. For some it's a quiet place, for others it's a noisy place. But all of these places have one thing in common; they are places where you think fi

  9. My Favorite Meals

    My favorite childhood meal Stir fried rice is my favorite childhood meal. I can easily draw a picture in my mind my mom would serve me the stir fried rice in a very special plate which has traditional plum blossom on. Everything we eat in my family is organic. It's really amazing that organ

  10. Bee

    AN HOANG 10-31-2008 Per 2

  11. My Favorite Sport - Baseball

    My favorite sport is definitely Baseball. Baseball is a sport in which two teams meet for a period of 9 innings score points by hitting a leather ball with a large bat and then successfully making it around 3 bases and finishing by running over the initial starting point. Baseball is allot mor

  12. Favorite Restuarant

    My Favorite Restaurant Every year for my birthday we go out as a family to my favorite restaurant, Benihana! For those of you that are ready to have a good time with family or friends this place is definitely the place to go, but it is best to book a reservation ahead of time it isn’t a secret to

  13. My Favorite Childhood Memory

    As time goes by, there was this event which happened during my childhood keeps grinding in my brain. The one thing which I favor the most was to watch cartoon all day long. My childhood was so much influenced by Disney cartoons. The little girl would always have the thoughts of breaking the TV glass

  14. Life in My Household

    I can still remember the laughter and crazy moment me and my family shared in the living room of our house. It was an average sized living room furnaced with a couch, a love seat and a lazy boy. The coffee tables of the living room were decorated with all me and my siblings accomplishments. There we

  15. My Favorite Food

    Ever since I was a little boy, pizza has always had a special place in my heart. From pizza day in the school cafeteria to pizza parties at sleep away camp, there was nothing more exciting than when that cardboard box was opened to reveal a round pie with eight delicious slices waiting to be devoure

  16. Can Opener

    Overview: In this assignment we are to write a mechanism description. This article is going to describe the mechanism and object description of a can opener. This is a simple everyday device used in all house holds. The assumed reader for this article is the general reader (Markel). The language in

  17. My Favorite Sport

    My favorite sport is foot ball. The atmosphere of the game brings people in the mass together. Football is a game with fast pace, with big gladiator like men who enjoy playing the game. With the game playied in many type of weather it makes it even more fun to watch. The atmosphere of going to t

  18. Eggs, One of My Favorite Foods

    EGGS, “One of My Favorite Foods” Eggs are one of my favorite breakfast items as well as added ingredient in many foods I prepare either savory or baked. They can be served during any meal. There are many and amazing ways an egg can be prepared for breakfast. For example; in the shell, scramb

  19. Mcdonald’s, My Favorite Restaurant

    McDonald’s, My Favorite Restaurant McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant chain and “has over 32,000 locations in more than 100 countries around the globe” (McDonald’s website). It is one of most popular fast food restaurants in the world, and preferred by a lot of people. The restaurants

  20. My Favorite Cartoon

    My Favorite Cartoon ¡V The Simpsons Watching a hilarious cartoon on television may seem like the most relaxed thing in the world. However, ¡§The Simpsons¡¨ is not only a stupid funny cartoon to keep us laughing for joy but also a clever TV program mixed up with irreverence and slightly

  21. Creative Writing: Unhappy Meal

    Creative Writing: Unhappy Meal Aaron lit a Basic brand cigarette as Amir pulled his beat up 1976 snot green Chevy Nova into the crowded parking lot of the McDonalds on Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts. He always seemed to do this to himself; lighting cigarettes when he'd just have to snipe them

  22. Meal Plan

    Diet Meal Plan [pic] (Weight Differences May Vary)* Diet Meal Plan [pic] (Weight Differences May Vary) * Our medical expertise: You deserve the care and concern of a medical professional. We offer a treatment program backed by professio

  23. My Three Favorite Things

    My three favorite things are Cooking, Cleaning, and Shopping because they revolve in my everyday life and my job without them i will not be able to function well. Cooking is one of my favorite things . I love cooking new dishes ; I also like having new techniques an ideas in the kitchen . I

  24. My Favorite Restaurant

    MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT ` His name is mark, he was a tall, bald man who served me at my restaurant in downtown Addis Ababa, he has a belly to remember and a laughter to be heard a mile away, but this was not the reason people preferred him, the reason was that this waiter not only had the best perso

  25. My Dream Meal

    High on a mountaintop overlooking the shoreline of Cruz Bay in St. John of the U.S.V.I., there sits a small restaurant called "Chateau Bordeaux." A mid-sized deck protrudes out the back of the restaurant. Nine tables are randomly placed on this patio, each with its own single white candle in the cen

  26. Favorite Book (a Child Called It)

    One of my favorite book that I read in my reading class was A Child Called It, by David Plezer. The book was about himself and how his mother used to treat him as a child. She didn’t like to feed him. She also would play “games” with him. Him mother would also abuse him mentally, physical

  27. My Favorite Food

    ENC1101 My Favorite Food Food is an important part of my culture. My mother is from the Dominican Republic where food is a big part of everyday life. Dominicans are made up of an amazing blend of Spanish, African, and Taíno ancestors. The different cultural elements are noticeable in our foods

  28. Favorite Quote

    Nobody Said That It Would Be Easy The things people say can touch you in different ways. If there is someone that is close to you who says something meaningful you remember it and continue to use it in life. However you are given plenty of advice during your life time, yet there is always that

  29. The Most Important Meal of the Day

    Dana Smith Thursday, February 19, 2009 English Comp Prof. Mary Galvin The Most Important Thing of Your Day Shad & Banana, Red Herring & Crackers, Mackerel & Banana; Some of the names of the foods mentioned may not sound familiar to you. For Jamaicans, these are popular meals tha

  30. My Favorite Holiday

    For several reasons Ml; favorite lkdowk would definitely be Christmas. Part of Ml; family no longer lives in the area, but we all make it home for the lkdowk ldkwlso. Everyone gathers at Ml; parent's home, and we have this delicious, home cooked meal with all of the fixings. The decorations, insi