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60 Free Essays on My Favorite Sports

  1. My Two Favorite Sports

    My Two Favorite Sports By Myles Moris I have always played basketball and football. Ever since I was a young one my favorite sports to watch and play has been basketball and football. I like them both because they both take different but similar skills to excel at. If I had to choose between the t

  2. My Favorite Sports

    Throughout this vast country we as Americans are entertained by many different things, including movies, music, and sports. Although, there are many ways for me to be entertained, I prefer the enjoyment of sports. As a youngster I enjoyed playing backyard games. We rounded up neighborhood kids and p

  3. Steroids in Sports

    Steroids in Sports In my opinion, the initial reason a person starts to play any sport is to either to have fun or mainly to emulate their favorite sports figures. So many kids want to swing a bat like Barry Bonds, or rush the football like Jamal Lewis, or play soccer like Pelle'. When I was you

  4. Gender Differences and Respect in Work and Sports

    After reading the first chapter of Manifesta by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, I began to realize that women were never really treated with the respect they deserved in the past, and can even be traced to issues in the world today. A couple of issues that I find pretty compelling are the id

  5. Violence in Sports

    With the increase in society taking a stance against violence by many people, sports has become an area where some feel that the violent acts such as the hitting and fighting that occurs should be eliminated. You can not change something that has been around for so long because it would chan

  6. Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

    Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports Athletes risk their careers, health, and lives to cheat their way to the top. What happened to the true spirit of competition? Sports have now become "all about the Benjamins" as Sean "Diddy" Combs would say. Players not only get paid ridicules amounts of mo

  7. History of English Sports

    History of English Sports Sports are a favorite pastime of everybody. Through out history, sports have been a predominate part of each individual culture. English sports have arguably had the greatest impact of the sports played in the world today. Almost all of the sports we have come to know and

  8. Why Soccer Cant Make It Big in Us

    Professional Soccer In some countries known as “Futbol,” soccer has come to be the world’s most popular international team sport. Whether it’s a referee, a soccer fan, or even an athlete, it is a known fact that every country in the world celebrates and plays the sport of soccer. Socce

  9. America Is Filled with Sports

    America is filled with sports. For example, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, and tennis, just to name a few. All sports and sports teams have one thing in common: They all have fans. For years, I have always been fascinated by the different kinds of sports fans that exist in our society

  10. When Sports Were Just Games

    When Sports were just Games by: Rick Cilenti I grew up in front of the T.V. watching bone-crunching hits and massive home runs in old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. I saw the last game the Browns played there and I started bawling like a blubbering idiot when they left the field. Back then sports

  11. Professional Sports and the Us Economy

    The Impact of Professional Sports on the U.S. Economy Do professional sports have a “major league” impact on the US economy? Most professional sports such as the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League have teams

  12. Why Do People Watch Sports

    Sporting events in America are such a huge business, but why? The answer to that question is that there are millions of people willing to spend time and money to watch these events in person and on television. But this raises another question: why are people so interested in other people playing s

  13. Parental Control over Sports

    The Effect of Parental Involvement on Sports In the plenty years my older brother Phillip played football and lacrosse, I don’t think ever in any of those years he really had fun with it. My father’s pressure on his focus on sports, took away the love and admiration that even drew

  14. Influence of Sports on Society

    Sports are an event that has been around in some form or another for many years. Through time, they have gradually evolved into their current state, and will undoubtedly continue to be around for years to come. This is because they always have, and always will be a positive influence on society and

  15. Sports and the Business World

    Sports Management October 07, 2004 Sports and the Business World In the wide world of sports, teams will try and find a way to better market themselves in the nation to make more revenue. There are many ways to market your team but in the newer generation teams have been taking a different

  16. Steroids in Sports Today

    The United State is a country that thrives on competition. We idolize our sports stars and practically make major athletic events holidays. Children grow up with their favorite athletes plastered to the wall of their bedrooms and dream that one day they will be the next Barry Bonds, Shaqullie O'Neal

  17. Sports Bar

    Sports Bar Franchise Initial Business Plan Company Description— Sports Bar Franchise would be a place where sports fans can watch their favorite sporting games on lot of big screen TVs, a place to play a game of Madden or another video game, a place to play pool or darts or online games. The com

  18. Sports Injuries

    Sports Injuries are a big Problem in School Sports. When your playing a sport, the absolute last thing you are thinking about is getting injured. Your mind is on scoring, or getting. High school sports injuries are a huge problem. This is because prevention or even protection is not being watch

  19. Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

    Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Assignment Question 2 Based on the idea of a broad-based international market and popularity of the product I would choose to represent Addidas, and for Addidas there could be no better event to sponsor that the soccer world cup. Although it is generally accept

  20. Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports

    Imagine this; in 1904 trainers give exhausted American runner Thomas Hicks a mixture of brandy and strychnine to keep him going during an Olympic road race. He wins, but subsequently collapses just past the finish line. In 1952, at the winter Olympics, several skaters become ill from amphetamines. I

  21. Kartal

    HEALTY LIFE Health is the most important trouble for the people in life..There are lots of facilities for people health in the world,and probably sport is the best of them.Throughout the history,people had made many different sports.Popularities of those sports are different in every count

  22. Favorite Quote

    Nobody Said That It Would Be Easy The things people say can touch you in different ways. If there is someone that is close to you who says something meaningful you remember it and continue to use it in life. However you are given plenty of advice during your life time, yet there is always that

  23. Advertising in Sports

    ADVERTISING IN SPORTS The main purpose of advertising is to sell a product or service to the consumer market. Advertising uses many different types of appeal and a number of media to achieve a variety of goals. Advertising is the most effective means to get the word out about products, service

  24. Chip Hilton

    chip hilton is a very talented athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. he is a junior at valley high school, and football had jus started. the first couple days of practice were very hard and one day at practice his teammates kept giving him the ball and making him run the same play and e

  25. Sports in the 1950's

    Sports in the 1950's Whether it's Mark McGwire breaking the home run record, Terell Davis breaking the rushing record, or superstars retiring, Americans have always had a fascination with sports. Sports have provided entertainment even before radio or television. Sports provided many things for t

  26. Violence in Sports

    Unfortunately, violence has become a part of everyday life in our world. It can be witnessed in many forms and of different proportions in numerous situations. Never, under any circumstances is violence good. When one thinks of violence, thoughts may arise of war, people committing violent acts a

  27. Racism in Sports

    RACISM IN SPORTS GOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL, is something you are most likely to hear every time Thierry Henry takes a shot. Thierry Henry plays professional soccer for Arsenal Football Club in England and he is also part of the French national team. Thierry is of African descent and is considered th

  28. Crazed Sports Fans

    Crazed Sports Fans Football has been around for a very long time. It evolved from rugby in the 12th century. Lets take a minute to think about this, what else has been around since the 12th century? That's right fans, fans of the game. I believe that there are three different types of fans, t

  29. Physics in Sports

    Christopher Gooden Dr. Jan Yarrison-Rice Physics 101 5 April 2005 Physics in Sports When many people think of sports, the topic of physics doesn't always come to mind. They usually don't think about connecting athletics with academics. In reality math, science, and especially physics, tie into

  30. Sony Hdna

    Whether it’s Sony® professional high-definition cameras used in television and movies or the Sony products you use at home, they all share the same genetic code. We call it HDNA. Our passion and knowledge for all things high-definition extend through every HD product we make. HDNA is what allows