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  1. My Favorite Teacher

    The  Best  Teacher  I’ve  Ever  Had     Teachers  are  a  big  part  of  a  student’s  life  growing  up.  And  no  matter  who  you   talk  to,  they  will  have  their  favorites  and  their  least ...

  2. Gghhj

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My Favorite Person something good to say about everyone. Micah is a blessing to me and will always be on the most favorite people. With all his wittiness and good looks, he is truly... Premium My Favorite Teacher all ways or I may also...

  3. Favorite Teacher

    Favorite Teacher Hi! My name is Ameha Tsegai. My favorite teacher is Mrs.Magnusen. She is my favorite teacher because she has done a lot for me. She always makes teaching fun and easy. The students in her class learn faster because the way she teaches. I learn fast too because I am also in her class...

  4. Importance of Family

    Carla Burrus 11/16/2010 Writing II Essay My Favorite Teacher Throughout life, I have had many teachers. My favorite teacher and the one who has impacted my life the most, was not a math or English teacher but, my grandfather. Even though my grandfather, J.W., is no longer alive, he...

  5. footnote to youth

    (unknown) It is actually this teacher that I have to thank for my love . In his lessons, history does not mean copying out of textbooks and writing pages and pages of notes. History is alive; history is something tangible, that you can see, hear and feel, and we can live it through dressing up and acting...

  6. Mathematics Is Beautiful

    Beautiful by Claire Anne G. Punsalan Mathematics— Every time that I will hear this “subject”, my expression would always be: Oh, It is really hard and complicated thing! I can still remember that every Math class, my heart beats so fast. I am so nervous, I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I cannot really...

  7. Sherise Taylor

    my document [pic] se She rise Taylor Document My name is she rise Taylor. I am 14 years old. I am in 9c. I attend the Claude McKay high school. My hobby are reading, dancing and watching television. I like to become a police or a lawyer. My date of birth is July the 16, 1998...

  8. Lesson plan 1

    questions, using modal verbs for rules, setting the classroom rules. Mastering the usage "What's your name", "My name is...", " Where are you from?", "What pet do you have?", "What is your favorite food/drink/color?", "How many brothers and sisters do you have?" Warm up - 5 minutes 1. Greetings & names...

  9. Should the Amount of Home Work Be Reduced

    home work is critical for us students and if there is no home work we are not going to have a healthy society, there will be no doctors, engineers or teachers and because of that no one will be able to make any money or sell anything and soon enough the whole society will turn barbaric due to depression...

  10. My Favorite Class

    different favorite of classes, and some students don’t have favorite of classes. I can answer that English class is my favorite class, which I am taking. I like this class because it helps learn more about grammars, how to write a well essay, and the teacher is nice. I have a lot of challenges in my English...

  11. Why Are so Many People over the Age of Twenty-One Entering College?

    Brittney Mitchell Ms. Metoyer English III Period 6 February 15, 2013 My Favorite Teacher 2012-2013 Who is the best teacher of all times? On October 10, 2012 in my 6th period class it was a windy day and dark outside. I thought when I walk in this classroom I thought that it would be challenge...

  12. Mongolia

    111: Expository writing 9/9/08 Super Teacher Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, NO is Mrs. Hodge exceeding what is required to help her students. Mrs. Hodge is a teacher at R.S.C High school, also she is a senior advisor. There are some teachers, who hardly ever make an impact on, or...

  13. again

    keep up with the best of them. So, this year, we asked members of the Education World Tech Team to share their favorites. This is what they said. Your Favorite Gadgets Do you have a favorite gadget -- -- a free online tool that makes teaching or living -- easier, better, or just more fun? Share it...

  14. Suck Up to Teacher

    My Two Favorites Things In my life there are two things that I’m really faun of. One is Football and the other one is Mrs. Hutchinson. I don’t really want to know what I’ll do without them. Most of all I’m going to miss them like crazy when my senior year is over. The first sport I had ever played...

  15. Early Childhood Education



  16. Timed Essay

    23 March 2011 My Favorite Teacher of All Time A teacher once told me that “The Sky Is the Limit”. Teachers work pretty hard for a small amount of money. Teachers are more than just a teacher. They are responsible for you when the student’s mother is not around. My favorite teacher was a mentor, very...

  17. why teach?

    Grand Canyon University Why Teach? Why do I want to be a teacher? That is a question that a lot of people have asked me over the past month when they find out I am back in school to receive my masters in secondary education and my answer usually tends to be a short one. I would not go as complex...

  18. D

    Alex Greenwood 9/9/08 Composition 101 High School English English was not my favorite class in High School but I did come out of the classes with much better reading and writing skills. The types of writing I did in High School were some essays on certain topics or on...

  19. 2013 South Park Middle School Campaign Speech: by Kobe Darjean

    principals, teachers, and students. Do you want a responsible person dealing with student council funds? You may all know me, but if you do not, my name is _________ and I am running for student council treasurer as a reliable, trustworthy, determined and responsible person, and I believe that with my meticulous...

  20. I Would Like to Thank Staff, My Teachers and the Parents That Could Join Us Today

    *I would like to thank staff, my teachers and the parents that could join us today.* To begin with, I would like to start off by saying what I liked best about all of my classes that I took in 6th grade. In reading class, I really enjoyed reading the book, “The Cay”. Also, I liked taking AR tests,...

  21. Student Class Interest

    disliked and why. The first question on my survey was “Do you enjoy school?” I found that 58% of my sample said yes they enjoy school. While the other 48% of the sample said no they did not enjoy school. I thought this particular question was a great start to my survey since it was easy and straight forward...

  22. Essay

    Am I? Do you know who I am? Well guess no longer. My name is Katie. I’m 15 years old. I attend Glade Central as a sophomore. I have two brothers and two sisters. I am the baby out of all five. My father, mom, brother and I stay together. My family affect me by they were the ones who raised me when...

  23. A Day to Remember

    The most memorable day in my life would describe my best birthday ever, my sixteenth birthday. I passed my PMR with flying colors. My sister made me my favorite cake. I had so many birthday gifts. It was ridiculous. One of my gifts was a surprise from my parents, and it was my dream smart phone. It was...

  24. My Autobiography

    Devin Waterson 9-26-11 My Autobiography My parents’ names are Marcia and Jason. I have 3 sets of grandparents. I have my Mawmaw and Pawpaw, Gramma and Granddaddy, and Grandpa and Vickie. My Mawmaw and Pawpaw are my momma’s parents. Gramma, Granddaddy, Grandpa, and Vickie are my dad’s parents and step-parents...

  25. College Success

    utensil. Pay attention in class. You shouldn’t be socializing with others while the teacher is lecturing, you’ll miss out on key information. Always come into class with a positive attitude. When I first saw this class on my schedule, I thought that it was going to be a waste of time. Once I started the...

  26. starting middle school essay

    spent the day with my best friend, Mindy, swimming in her backyard. Afterwards, I came home and packed my school supplies in my backpack and ate dinner. I had a hard time sleeping that night because so many things were racing through my head. I worried if I would have any classes with my friends and if...

  27. why teach

    to teach, and each teacher has very different reasons. But I have 4 that I feel are my best. First, I was inspired. Secondly, I would love being able to help students through their tough ages. Third, I would have summers off! Lastly, I thoroughly enjoy the subject I want to teach. My 9th grade, or freshman...

  28. why can't use cell phone in classroom

    About Me When I get angry , I can controlled my self and I take care with my self to stay health and safety for me . I’m not scare and shy because I have bad grades, so I need more study to get a good grades comeback to make teacher is happy. I have short and brown hair. I have brown eyes...

  29. Ielts

    sure   What is your name? My name is Purvi   How do you spell your name? P U R V I   What is the meaning of your name? Well, it is Sanskrit name and the meaning of my name is “From the east” means The Sun or “One who always comes first”.   What is your first name? My first name is Purvi   ...

  30. My Favourite Teachers

    Favorite teachers Hi! My name is Nur Nadiah Nabilah bt. Jainuddin. My favorite teacher is Mrs. her. He was my favorite teacher because he has done a lot for me. He always makes the lessons fun and easy. Students in the class learn faster and understand because the way he teaches. I learned quickly because...