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60 Free Essays on My Hometown

  1. Shopping - Losing the Hometown Feeling

    Shopping - Losing the Hometown Feeling In the city of Columbia, there is one mall and a downtown shopping area called "The District". In The District, shoppers can find many one-of-a-kind shops like Leo's. Leo's is a second hand clothing store where a person can find vintage clothes to purchase

  2. Hometown

    Running Head: American Hometown American Hometown: Waggaman, Louisiana In partial fulfillment of the requirements for HIST 2873: Recent American History Professor April 10, 2010 American Hometown: Westwego, Louisiana I was raised in a small town on the West Bank of New Orleans, Louisi

  3. Hometown

    My Hometown Anyang, the name of my hometown, is a medium and small-sized city in Henan province of central and north of china. I am very glad to recommend my hometown to you. Natives in Anyang are very kindly and friendly, if you come here, you will have this impression to depth. People here a

  4. If You Could Change One Important Thing About Your Hometown, What Would You Change? Use Reasons and Specific Examples to Support Your Answer

    If I could change one thing about my hometown, I think it would be the fact that there’s no sense of community here. People don’t feel connected, they don’t look out for each other, and they don’t get to know their neighbors. People come and go a lot here. They change jobs frequently and

  5. Beautiful Hometown

    Hometown You must visit my hometown, Padang. Padang is located in West Sumatera, Indonesia. There are so many object to visit here. Many tourist from different country has come to Padang. Not a little from them are also married with the indigenous people here and stay. The weather in Padang is h

  6. Discuss What Jaggers Is in Great Expectations

    At the End of the Chapter Jaggers says; ‘You know what I am don't you?' As a reader, how would you answer the question? He was a burley man of exceedingly dark complexion, with an exceedingly large head and a corresponding hand.' So Mr Jaggers is first introduced to the readers by Pip, who me

  7. Hometown Business

    | Hometown Business | | | [Type the author name] | [Pick the date] | An overview of Pottsville, PA describing the history, important cultural features and unique aspects of this Northeastern American city. It includes the language, dress, courtesy and customs, and attitudes toward

  8. Hometown Essay

    no name Academic Writing I professor no name 15 September 2009 A Town Named Boring Our hometown is where our roots lie; that is where our ancestors were born. Our roots lie in a modest town called Bernardsville, Somerset County, New Jersey. Nestled in the heart of New Jersey, “Somerset Count

  9. In My Hometown

    Ej sktIn my hometown, there is great Olympic park. My neighbor and I can exercise there very conveniently. In addition to that there is a great Korean historical site. It's called Baekje gobun which is an Ancient Tomb. I come from Korea. I live in Jamsil, Seoul. I grew up here. I have been livi

  10. The Immigrants Debate

    It is known US is a country that mixed with many nationalities from all over the world. Since Columbus found this wonder land centuries ago, a period of immigrants began. At the beginning, most of them were European who lived in the lower level in their hometown. They came to this new place for free

  11. The Difference of Culture in My Hometown

    The Different Culture in my Hometown Charlene Cochran Caroline Cameron 8/9/2010 Eth/125 When moving to a big city I had a culture shock While undefined immigrants and blacks being treated badly even when assimilated. There is no room for limited adaptability for all. We must move forward

  12. Why Should You Retire in My Hometown

    Diversity Awareness Billy J. Dycus, Jr. Debra Moore SW 322 September 29, 1999 Differences in our society are many, including age, religion, physical and mental abilities, gender, sexual orientation, income, family or social status, and physical appearance. Anyplace where differences are found leaves

  13. My Hometown

    Hello sir ! Could you check this "essay" or something i call like that for me please? .. I wanted to join a exam but i can't find out a person who can check this and i don't do it well. I don't know it is true or false when joining a game with some helps from others, but i think if i join a ex

  14. Life Experience in Your Hometown

    Professor Barbara Yohnka English Composition 101 Section HUML Assignment: When I was eleven, I don’t think I could have imagined what would happen to me in the next five years of my life. My family’s past was easy going but, I never thought I would experi

  15. Society in Pride and Prejudice

    Using ‘Pride and Prejudice' discuss how society viewed the ideas of love and marriage. Jane Austen was born in 1775 in the village of Stevenson in Hampshire. She was the seventh of eight children and the daughter of Revered George Austen and his wife Cassandra. From a very young age Ja

  16. Althea Gibson

    Althea Gibson Wayne Patterson One of our small pleasures growing up in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada was dredging up a couple of old beat up tennis rackets that us kids could bang around with. My friend Kenny and I used like to go to the old, poorly maintained courts--- for one reason, no

  17. My Hometown Sucks

    When I think of my hometown I think people being shot, robbed, and raped. One of the biggest problems in our town was a man being given the death penalty for raping and mutilating a woman. When you cross the line between Albany and Leesburg, it is like stepping from a gang movie into Sweet Home Ala

  18. Hometown

    My Hometown Everyone has their hometown, which means they was born in there, maybe also grew up there, even though now they are not living in there anymore. It’s hard for me to tell where my hometown is because i lived in many different places when i was a child. My definition of hometown is w

  19. Monopoloy

    Monopoly Exclusively controlled by one group of the means of producing or selling a commodity or service.According to Webster, to have a monopoly is to have exclusive ownership, possession, or control. A monopoly is defined as a market in which there is one and only one firm supplying a good or

  20. My Hometown

    My Hometown Chongqing born and Chongqing bred, I’ve always regarded this beautiful city as my sweet home. Though it’s not so famous as Beijing or Shanghai, Chongqing is still worth your attention. Do you ever want to feel the glamour of it? After reading this essay, you’ll be rewarded with

  21. Personal Experience

    Personal Experience It has been almost three years now , since I left my hometown in Germany and moved to the united states of America to visit a four year school. I remember not a lot from back then, but the things I do remember I remember with a lot of emotion and joy. I even still have memor

  22. Camouflage with the Rebels

    Bang, bang! Gunshots were fired into the open sky, or so I thought. I wondered if that shot was meant for anyone in particular or was it just because Ramadhan was fast approaching. Nevertheless, I continued on eating at the rooftop of my Lola's house. Here in Marawi, you learn to live life with s

  23. Introduce My Hometown: Xinjiang, China

    Introduce My Hometown:Xinjiang,China Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region located in northwest China,people often called there Xinjiang and there located in the center of the Erasion continent .So,there is very important station that the strategic position is very significant. Xinjiang as an minor

  24. Effect of 'Balik Kampung'

    'Balik kampung' can be defined as going back to one's hometown to celebrate a festival or an occasion. It is a unique experience for some of us in Malaysia. This phrase conjures an image of tranquility, green postures and laughter. However, balik kampung can bring adverse effects to the holiday make

  25. Recently, I Traveled to My Hometown

    Recently, I traveled to my hometown to attend my mother’s 80th birthday party. While I was there, I took my children to the house I grew up in — one I hadn’t entered for 25 years. I was unsure whether this was a good idea, since a friend had warned that it can be depressing if your childhood h

  26. My Hometown

    My hometown is somewhat historical, diverse, and very small. Far away from the big city lights and glamour, it’s considered to be the middle of nowhere. The endless beauty and sheer elegance has long been neglected, and screams for attention. The place I come from is like a sad garden in need of t

  27. My Hometown "Watansoppeng"

    Name : Nur Azizah Amri MY HOMETOWN Watansoppeng is my lovely hometown. I was born in there. Watansoppeng is lies about 200 meters on surface of the sea in South Sulawesi. Watansoppeng is one of the regency in South Sulawesi Province. There is only one wayif you want to get there from makassar

  28. The Analysis of the Symbols of Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie

    The Analysis of the Symbols of Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie Abstract: Theodore Dreiser is one of the most influential American novelists during the first half of the 20th century. His first and one of the best novels is Sister Carrie. And this paper gives a brief analysis of an illustrat

  29. Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn

    In 1884, Mark Twain wrote one of the most controversial and remembered novels in the world of literature, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain was the pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He was born in Florida, Missouri, Nov. 30, 1835. Twain was one of six children. This contributed

  30. Information Systems: Hometown Deli Case Study

    Case Study: The Hometown Deli- Stage 1 I am proud to now be the sole decision maker and owner of my family’s deli, The Hometown Deli, which has been in my family since 1952. I feel honored and I am so happy that I have been given the chance to better the business and bring it into the 21st cen