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60 Free Essays on Newcorp Encounter 3

  1. Newcorp's encounter

    Pat acknowledged that upon employment, he signed an understanding that the company observed employment at will with respect to employment and discharge, but believed that the above provision limited Newcorp’s freedom to fire him at will. Finally, Pat observes that Newcorp senior management was “

  2. Legal encounter

    Legal Encounter 1: This case has to do with “implied contracts”. While Newcorp observes employment at will with respect to employment and discharge, I feel that Pat was wrongfully terminated. It clearly states in the Newcorp’s Personnel Manual that if the job performance of an employee is u

  3. Newcorp legal scenarios

    NewCorp Legal Scenarios LAW/531 07/19/2010 Denise Brown Legal Encounter 1 In this case the issue has to deal with wrongful termination even though Pat was hired as an at-will-employment. As an at-will-employment, this means that under American law either party can break their employment rel

  4. Newcorp legal risk

    Legal Encounter 1 From a purely legal interpretation, I do not see that Newcorp violated any laws in this situation other than not adhering to their published corrective action policy that was part of the employee handbook that Pat signed. When examining the facts, Pat will be terminated

  5. Legal encounter - law 531

    Legal Encounter 1 According to the Human Resources files, the people chosen for the reduction in force are listed below. The legality for each person has also been listed, along with the legal principles that support the decision. 1. Brian Carter is certified in VC++ and created the 3-D on-line

  6. Newcorp legal scenarios

    Andy Lempke University of Phoenix NewCorp Legal Scenarios Legal Encounter 1 What liability and rights do NewCorp and Pat have in this situation? What legal principles—such as statutory or case law—support those liabilities and rights? The State of Vermont allows two exceptions to t

  7. Newcorp legal scenarios

    New Learning Team NewCorp Legal Scenarios Learning Team NewCorp Legal Scenarios Introduction Legal encounters in a business are something that all supervisors would like to steer away from. By being able to deal with legalities without a lawyer is usually the best when settled between both

  8. Legal Risk

    Legal Encounter 1 Pat Grey is a manager of real property for Newcorp. Pat moved 300 miles away from his original home and had to sell and buy a house to accept his new job. Furthermore, Pat had to relocate his family as well forcing his wife to leave her job and find a new job in the new state. A

  9. Newcorp legal scenarios

    NewCorp Legal Scenarios LAW/531 November 5, 2012 NewCorp Legal Scenarios The following are my opinions based on the legal encounters submitted to me by NewCorp. My opinions or recommendation due not constitute legal advice but are based on my knowledge of business law

  10. Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment: Pat Grey and Newcorp Case

    Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment In the legal encounter one (University of Phoenix Legal encounter), Pat Grey was hired by NewCorp as manager of real property for NewCorp in Vermont. She was to be responsible for activities related to maintaining leased office space. In that role, Pat

  11. Newcorp

    Legal Encounter One Newcorp is liable to notify Pat the employee of unsatisfactory work performance and to place him on the company’s corrective action plan. Further, if the employee’s work performance did not improve within a specified timeframe, termination of employment is the

  12. Newcorp scenarios legal brief

    Running head: NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief NAME LAW/531 TEACHER NAME July 25, 2011 Write a brief answer to the questions asked at the end of each encounter. Your boss expects a substantive answer, not simply a recommendation to refer matters to an a

  13. Newcorp legal scenarios

    Legal Encounter 1 In this situation, Vermont is an At Will state but Pat may have grounds for a lawsuit. Pat thought that he was targeted for remarks and his unpopular stance made at a public meeting. Although it was not stated that Pat is a New Corp employee, his ideas were contrary to that of o

  14. Legal Encounter: Rights and Liabilities

    Running head: LEGAL RISK AND OPPORTUNITY IN EMPLOYMENT Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment Nordog (Nora) Myagmar University of Phoenix Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment The following paper is to serve as an assessment and answers to the questions asked in regards to three

  15. Legal Encounters

    Legal Encounter 1: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act covers every aspect of the employment process. At Will Employment. Despite the legal doctrine, employers may not fire employees in anyway that discriminates, violates public policy or conflicts with written or implied promises they make rega

  16. Legal Risks Employment

    Legal risks and opportunities in Employment Legal Encounter 1 After working with NewCorp for about three months, Pat was given a notice that he will be discharged in 30 days with severance pay without any indication of problem on the job. NewCorp is held liable for conducting a wrongful termi

  17. A Beautiful Encounter

    Antionette Reese “A Beautiful Encounter” It was a nice day outside, not too cold and nowhere near too hot. There was no breeze blowing and in the sky, you could see the sun trying to break through the bulky clouds. I was throwing my son a birthday party for his 3rdbirthday. I got my son out of

  18. Newcorp scenarios

    NewCorp Legal Scenarios Monica Charlton LAW/531 September 24, 2012 Charles Burr NewCorp Scenarios Legal Scenario 1 In Scenario 1, Pat was been let go from NewCorp after 30 days of employment. He sold/bought houses and moved his family 300 miles for his new position. He

  19. Newcorp

    Abstract Many companies today face a variety of legal risk, issues and opportunities, that sometimes require them to make some hard decisions affecting their profit, reputation, and good legal standing. The NewCorp business simulation involves three different common employment situations includin

  20. Assessment of newcorp legal scenarios

    Assessment of NewCorp Legal Scenarios Kelly Tucker University of Phoenix LAW/531 - Business Law Instructor - Erikka Hise November 14, 2010 Assessment of NewCorp Legal Scenarios All businesses will encounter different types of legal situations during their lifetime. It is important to try to

  21. Legal encounter

    3. Assignment: Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment The following three Legal Encounters involve NewCorp, your employer. You are required to provide a brief answer to the questions asked at the end of each encounter. Your boss expects a substantive answer, not simply a recommendation to refer

  22. Newcorp legal scenarios

    NewCorp Legal Scenarios LAW/531 May 29, 2012 NewCorp Legal Scenarios Legal Encounter 1 The issue between Pat and NewCorp concerns wrongful discharge and termination. The employment relationship between the

  23. Legal Issues

    Legal Encounter1: Newcorp a company in Vermont that deals with real estate employed Mr. Pat Grey as the manager of real property. His major duty was to maintain issues that pertain to letting of space/room. In the course of carryout, his duties he will be supervising 51 other employees and other su

  24. Newcorp legal scenarios

    NewCorp Legal Scenarios Business Law - LAW/531 April 28, 2011 Joseph Wade Abstract NewCorp is faced with three different situations involving risks arising from employment relationships. Each situation is unique and requires an

  25. Muddy Encounter

    Muddy Encounter How many of you know in advance what you are going to do on a holiday? What about a holiday when it’s cold outside? Halloween of 2008 was a unique experience for me because all the different things that happened that night. It all started when I got off work at Best Buy and hea

  26. Newcorp legal encounters

    Legal Framework The issues that can arise in a business are many and ever since the advent of the industrial age, many laws and acts have been passed to protect and define the employee-employer relationship. Key amongst these are the Tittle VII acts, the FLSA, The ADA, Workers Compensation, Age Dis

  27. Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment

    Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment Business Law LAW/531 October 1, 2008 Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment The reason for this paper is to discuss three legal encounters involving NewCorp, a fictitious company in Vermont. The author of this paper is required to provide with a brief

  28. Newcorp scenarios legal brief

    NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief LAW/531 Business Law July 2, 2012 Professor NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief In the interest of the company and for the benefit of the employees who are involved in the following legal encounters and those who are not we are making the recommendations of how bes

  29. Law 531 newcorp legal encounters

    NewCorp Legal Encounters John Smith LAW 531 January 16, 2012 Jane Doe NewCorp Legal Encounters Introduction The following are three legal encounters involving NewCorp employees. NewCorp management has three potential legal issues with employees. Management does not want to incur in legal c

  30. Legal Encounter

    Legal Encounter 1: Situation: Newcorp hired Pat Grey as a manager in the Vermont facilities. Pat was relocated from another city, moving his family, selling and buying a home and his wife have to quit her job and find another in the new location. After three month Pat was terminated by his boss t