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60 Free Essays on Patriotism

  1. American Patriotism

    AMERICAN PATRIOTISM By: dat E-mail: xasianboyx@aol.com AMERICAN PATRIOTISM Patriotism in America is the love for or devotion to America. Patriotism represents people who love this country and support the country's authority and interests. American patriotism does not only mean an unquestioni

  2. What Is Patriotism

    What is Patriotism Patriotism according to Merriam Webster is defined as "devotion or love for one's country." I believe this definition does not capture the true essence of the meaning of patriotism. This definition would be outstanding, if there were no other conditions factored in this compl

  3. What Patriotism Means to Me

    Patriotism. The very sound of the word brings to my heart feelings of loyalty and pride. I feel loyalty for my country and my country's ideals, and I feel pride for those before me who fought and sacrificed much for the freedom of my beloved country. I love and honor my country. I feel a sense of

  4. Patriotism

    Patriotism Patriotism is defined as a love for or a devotion to one's country. With the events that happened in America on September 11th, patriotism has been in everyone's mind and heart. Young men and women have been enlisting in the armed forces to support America. Americans are flying flag

  5. Patriotism

    What Patriotism Means to Me In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States we are seeing many forms of Patriotism. I was surprised to find when I researched this word that it had a negative feeling associated with it. I believe that patriotism is actively showi

  6. Extended Definition - Patriotism

    The United States is presently at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, where American troops are fighting and dying. At home, cars and homes display solid yellow or red, white, and blue ribbons that call for Americans to "Support Our Troops." It is patriotic for Americans to support their daughters and sons

  7. What Is Patriotism?

    What is patriotism? Merriam-Webster defines patriotism as love for or devotion to one's country. "I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually," James Baldwin. "The notion that a radical is one who hates h

  8. A Deeper Look at Patriotism, Conscience and the Mexican War

    A Deeper Look at Patriotism, Conscience and the Mexican War The Mexican war (1846-1848) was very divisive. Though many people saw the western frontier as the key to prosperity, it was also viewed as a threat against national security not to push the United States border to the Pacific Ocean. Som

  9. What Patriotism Means to Me

    What Patriotism Means To Me Patriotism, the very sound of the word compels in my heart feelings of loyalty and pride like winter brings snow. I feel loyalty for my country and my country's ideals and I feel pride for those before me who fought and sacrificed for the freedom of my country. I

  10. Patriotism in Spiderman Movies

    The portrayal of the feelings of the general public is constantly used in film to stir the audience. If the filmmaker can rouse their feelings, people will be more engrossed in the movie than they would be otherwise. What is arguably the strongest emotion in many people is the feeling of patriotis

  11. Jesus Teachings Contradict Roman Empire

    Jesus was born in 4 B.C. in Bethlehem, in Roman territory, where the Roman emperor had complete control. The Roman emperor controlled the census, religion, public welfare, and politics; and Jesus abided by the Roman Law. Jesus appealed for a spiritual purity. Within his teachings Jesus believed i

  12. Patriotism Throughout the Centuries

    Throughout history, patriotism is an attitude that greatly impacts the success of a nation. Patriotism is sparked amongst the most successful countries because its citizens demonstrate complete support and devotion to its principles and beliefs. The love and devotion which patriotism achieves for

  13. Filipino Patriotism

    Patriotism DOES one become patriotic because he or she supports his or her country's president or government? Or conversely, is one guilty of being unpatriotic because he or she does not support the current head of state and administration? This talk about patriotism is among the myriad of

  14. Patriotism Is Import

    To be honest I always though America was meant for people who wanted to have freedom and justice. I always love my country. I started interviewing friends and family. While I was doing it and hearing every one opinion I started to have second thoughts about what patriotism meant to me. Mark Twain on

  15. Patriotism

    American patriotism is not only an unquestionable loyalty to the decisions that the United States government have made; but also a look into the face of its history. True patriotism in America is having a love for or devotion to the Unites States. It represents someone who loves this country and sup

  16. What Does Patriotism Mean to Me

    The very definition of patriotism cannot simply be defined by a dictionary. In fact, no two people you meet will have the same explanation of what it means to them. From America’s Founding Fathers to courageous everyday heroes serving in our military at home and overseas, patriotism fills their he

  17. Patriotism and the American Flag

    There is much controversy surrounding the idea of patriotism and the iconography of the American flag in today's society. Some believe patriotism is simply the act of supporting the decisions of the leaders of the country. Others say, to be patriotic, people should be outspoken and voice their oppos

  18. What Does True Patriotism Mean to You

    The definition of Patriotism is the love of and devotion to one's own country. I started this essay with my view on patriotism decided. While writing this essay, my mind and heart has been enriched with understanding of what Patriotism means. This enrichment came from interviewing people that hav

  19. Patriotism: the Definition

    The word patriotism holds a definition that can be loosely interpreted. In the essay, “All Consuming Patriotism,” by Ian Frazier he questions what is currently considered patriotism. He expresses his idea of patriotism as shopping and putting money into the economy. To support his idea he claims

  20. Patriotism

    Patriotism in Cheering I think that cheering our national soccer team in the Southafrican World Cup it is patriotism, because we loved our country and we felt proud of being a Chilean person, and we showed that loved through many ways, one very clear is dying in battle for our country, like the p

  21. Youth on Filipino Patriotism

    8 Youth on Patriotism; "How Far Would You Go For Your Country?" The past has been a breeding ground of the patriotic, the noble, and the brave. Many a hero was born and numerous cries for nationalism, honor for one's country and justice have been heard echoing through the walls of Philippine hi

  22. Is Patriotism Important Today

    Does Patriotism Still Matter? By Hal Lemon I think patriotism still matters because if we didn’t have patriotism we wouldn’t have the freedoms that we have now. Part of patriotism is realizing that we are not just given our freedom and democracy without a price. We may have to fight to

  23. Where Has Patriotism Gone?

    Where has Patriotism Gone? As the years go by, American is losing sight of what the patriotic holidays truly mean. There were not created by the government to have special sales for the retail stores and to generate competition amongst them. The national holidays have another meaning: to celeb

  24. Patriotism

    What is Patriotism? Patriotism, as it is the love of and devotion to one's country, rouses conflicts and produces pride like love itself does. Look at the War of 1812; part of the reason which initiated it was that Britain still has troops in the United States, that it still treats the US like one

  25. Nationality and Patriotism

    Nationalism what does it mean? What effects has it or does it have on sport, in particular New Zealand and Australian sport. Has it affected our national sporting identities? Nationalism can be split into two distinct, but at the same, similar categories, “old” and “new”. As citizens of

  26. Patriotism

    Patriotism is defined as the devoted love, support, and defense of one's country. To me, patriotism means representing your country proudly and caring for the well being of your people while also respecting other nationalities. Patriotism means something different to everyone, it may mean serving

  27. Patriotism Stuff

    Patriotism - Attributed to positive and supportive attitudes to a nation or nation-state. Threats: - Emergence of the global citizen, with loyalties to no single nation, a result of globalisation, culture diffusion and eventually culture hybridisation or assimilation - Political apathetic ne

  28. Robert Jensen's Patriotism

    Many people believe that they are patriotic people. But, what truly makes one patriotic? In "Saying Goodbye to Patriotism" Robert Jensen critiques the effects of patriotism on today's modern society, the United States, and globalization after the attacks on 9/11. Jensen defines patriotism in his tal

  29. War & Patriotism

    Do you think patriotism means supporting the government in times of war? Patriotism is love, devotion, support and defense of one's country. Unpatriotic is showing lack of love, devotion, support and defense for one’s country. Citizens who support a particular war as well as those who oppose it ar

  30. A Critique of Dante's Patriotism

    Dante: A Patriot Through Inferno Patriotism is respect and devotion toward a state which brings about unity and justice. It is believed to be a positive quality. In the time of Dante, it would have been considered to be a principal quality of a person. Patriotism was held to the highest regard.