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60 Free Essays on Saddest Moment

  1. The Most Lamentable Moment of My Life

    Lamentable Moment of my Life By: Renz G. Hernandez “Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” ~LouisE.Boone The saddest m

  2. Memorable Moment

    Descriptive Essay Intro: My experience entering University Kuala Lumpur when I arrived on campus Body: 1. Feeling of emotions 2. The place of building 3. Meet friends Conclusion: Hard moment to say goodbye to family One of the most memorable moments is the first time that

  3. Saddest Experience by Kid

    Name: Kid Title: Saddest Experience 2010-11-14 13:40 "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Intriguing it truly is how Shakespeare could bring out one's emotions through such doleful words. Nevertheless, it is true. Life is but an unfathomable tale of sor

  4. Saddest Day

    Shane stivers English 093 The saddest day of my life The saddest day of my life was probably the day my grandpa passed away. Not only was he my grandfather, but he was my best friend, and with whom I shared the happiest moments of my life. Everything was great and I lived in a peacef

  5. The Saddest Character Wesley in Montana 1948

    Yuqian He The Saddest Character Wesley in Montana 1948 In Montana 1948, Larry Watson mainly narrates a secret and catastrophic story happened in Hayden’s family which have high prestige in Bentrock Montana, 1948. In this novel, Watson stands on a twelve-year-old boy-David Ha

  6. The Saddest Day

    13 September 2006 The Saddest Day A part of our human existence is to suffer the loss of those close and dear to us. When I was 28 years old I had a friend who, at 54 was considerably older than I was. His name was Bill Price, but we all knew and addressed him as "Uncle Bill". Uncle Bill was a kin

  7. The Moment

    The moment. One second it's there then the next it's gone only to be replaced by another one. Something that many of us take for granted. Something that is often overlooked as we rush on to the next, and the one after that. The moment. Perhaps one of the most precious things we will ever have and ye

  8. The Saddest Noise, the Sweetest Noise

    To belong or not to belong, that is the question. Or is it? The poetry of Emily Dickinson and the play ‘The hairy ape’ by Eugene O’Neill explore how individuals can be alienated by external forces. The poem ‘The Saddest noise, the sweetest noise’ reflects upon the temporal nature of bel

  9. My Favorite Sport Moment

    My Favorite Sport Moment There are many events in the Romeo and Juliet play that could have been avoided, like the death of Romeo and Juliet or the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. This play might have had a happy ending if it wasn't for Romeo's emotional and impatient behavior just

  10. Sometimes a Shining Moment: Good Teachers/ Bad Teachers

    Sometimes a Shining Moment: Good Teachers/ Bad Teachers In the book Sometimes a Shining Moment: Eliot Wiginton had a student that talked about a teacher who takes time to recognize students as an individual and not just part of a group. The student went on to say "I had one particular teacher tha

  11. Live Each Moment for What It's Worth

    Erma Bombeck writes in “Live Each Moment for What It’s Worth,” about what she believes is an extraordinary philosophy that was introduced to her by a friend. This viewpoint is a “Seize the moment” outlook on life. Although the harshness of our unforgiving reality hits us on a daily basis,

  12. Embarassing Moment

    INT. IN THE PLANE. AT THE SEAT – DAY In the plane; A little boy Eric, his dad and mom are sitting on the seats. A little boy Eric gets so excited in his first flight in his life ever. Everything around him is new to him. He was born and raised in Yugoslavia and has never been to foreign countr

  13. My Greatest Moment

    I remember one of the greatest moments of my high school career. I have played lacrosse since seventh grade and every year I've gotten a little better, or at least I hope I have. My first year I understood most of the rules, could catch, throw, and pick up ground balls. My second year I understoo

  14. Embarrassing Moment

    The day of the oral report is the most embarrassing moment happened. I slowly raise my hand after the teacher asks if anyone else needs to do the oral. As I scoot the chair back to stand up, my ears begin to turn red hot and I start to sweat on my hands and forehead. As I look up from the podium, I

  15. Traditions in "A Moment Before the Gun Went Off" and "The Lottery"

    Traditions in "A Moment BEfore the Gun Went Off" and "The Lottery" In the stories "A Moment before The Gun Went Off" and "The Lottery," there is the situation in which a group of people cling to traditions very blindly. In both stories the traditions are so dug into the people's way of life that

  16. The Moment

    The Moment This moment is perfect. When adrenaline is rushing through my veins and the sound of thunder from the twenty other bikes, all anticipating the drop of the gate, fill my cleared mind. It is at this moment when I began to realize that all the hours of practice won't make a difference. As

  17. Seize the Moment

    Laws Of Life If anyone asked you what is the last thing you would like to do before you died; what would you say. Some odd years from now when I am asked that question, I hope to say nothing. “I did it all“. So many people go through a lifetime saying, “if only I had said how I fell” or “

  18. Moment

    They say that life comes down to a few great moments. Often the key points of our lives pass by with stealth, leaving us to chase at shadows. We are left to question and evaluate the ebb and flow, the surges and phases of our existence. The times we felt lost. Times of love, sorrow, rebirth and in

  19. Defining Moment

    Traveling to a different part of the world has a much greater affect on an individual than merely looking at a historical landmark or generic destination and trying to consume all that you have expected. During my trip to London, I experienced a multitude of new emotions, including ones that made me

  20. A Night in Concert

    A Night In Concert It was a very special day for me. On Sunday April 11, of 2004, the day had come and I was ready for a great night in concert with my favorite Latin rock band, Jaguares at the House of Blues of Anaheim. I had never been t

  21. A Memorable Moment

    On April 17th, 2004, my eldest sister went into labor around 5:30 A.M. I honestly wasn't in the mood to go to the hospital so early in the morning, but my mother told me I should. My mom told me that it was a time when my sister really needed us. All I thought about was that she wouldn't even know

  22. Our Moment in History

    Our moment in history My moment in history would have to be my first rave I ever went to. It was in an old abandoned warehouse and my friends and I had never been to a rave. We thought it would be a good idea to get there early so we wouldn't stand in line to long. But as it turned out there

  23. The Moment of Quantum Awakening

    At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly, rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the earth's gravitational field will be affected in some way. There will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical precedent, though it doe

  24. Should a Moment of Silence Be Legal in Public Schools?

    In 1962 the Supreme Court decided that public schools did not have the power to authorize school prayer. This decision made public school in the U.S. more atheistic than many European nations. For example, crosses still hang on the classroom walls in Poland, and the Ten Commandments are displayed in

  25. Violence as the Highest Common Denominator in a Moment of Grace

    In 1945, 20 year-old Flannery O'Connor arrived at the University of Iowa and wanted to take part in a very reputable writers' workshop. However, it was not her speech that granted her access but her manner of writing that could be seen by Paul Engle – a poet and a director of a writing program - as

  26. Living in the Moment

    Living in the Moment "Forrest Gump" is a heart warming movie that tells a story of a mentally challenged man's journeys and accomplishments during a very important era in American History. The shy, good hearted character of Forrest Gump was played marvelously by Tom Hanks. Hank's presence on th

  27. Child Abuse: Saddest and Most Tragic Problem Today

    Child Abuse: Saddest and Most Tragic Problem Today Child abuse is one of the saddest and most tragic problems in America today. Each year an estimated one to two million American children are being beaten, neglected, or sexually abused by their parents or guardians. Infants only a few d

  28. Life Altering Moment

    Ever since I was young, all I can remember is my grandmother being there for me. After school I would run out to the playground where my grandmother was sitting, waiting for me to get out of class. My whole life, my grandmother was there to help me with life lessons such as manners, history, and oth

  29. Armageddon

    Armageddon. Ajay Played by Ben Affleck. "An asteroid the size of the state of Texas is headed for us; in eighteen days it will annihilate the whole earth." At that moment I felt my hair stand on end, like a soldier stands to attention. Only two minutes ago I thought the wo

  30. My Shining Moment

    My Shinning Moment I glanced up at the scoreboard; the clock read 2:15 left in the fourth quarter. My team was down by 3 points; we had eighty-five yards to go, and had no time outs left. I yelled out the cadence and the center snapped the oblong ball into my hands. I took a short three-ste