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60 Free Essays on Sri Lanka

  1. Online Marketing in Sri Lanka

    I. Online Marketing in Sri Lanka 1. Introduction The development of online marketing in Sri Lanka is lagging behind when compared to developed countries. The adoption of online marketing is more than a technical issue. Country specific factors such as differences in culture and business enviro

  2. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean: Sri Lanka

    "AYUBOWAN" May you have the gift of long life! It is with this traditional greeting, that everyone is welcomed to Sri Lanka, the paradise island. For a small island Sri Lanka has many nicknames; Serendip, Ceylon, Tear drop of India, Resplendent Isle, Island of Dhamma, Pearl of the Indian Ocean. This

  3. Armed Conflict Is the Most Serious Consequence of the Conflict in Sri Lanka

    Armed conflict is the most serious consequence of the conflict in Sri Lanka. Do you agree with the statement? Explain your answer. I agree to a large extent that armed conflict is the most serious consequence of the conflict in Sri Lanka. Armed conflict is a serious consequence of the ethnic

  4. Sri Lanka and Belize Investment Report

    Executive Summary Investing in a foreign economy was once seen by light-hearted investors as a frightening endeavor plagued by risk and uncertainty. Regrettably, for fear of not taking a stab in the dark, the aforementioned investors missed out on major investment opportunities in China. The sud

  5. Sri Lanka Tea Market Forecast -2008(1st Quarter)

    Market Forecast The tea market is expected to decline from current levels during November & December for all elevations. However the lowgrowns should average above Rs. 300 for the two months, liquoring leafies & Nuwaraeliya should average around Rs.270 & Rs. 240 respectively, the CTC's should rea

  6. The Ltte Was More a Hindrance Than a Help to the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    Q: The LTTE was more a hindrance than a help to the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The LTTE was a help to the Tamil cause because they had tried to voice their unhappiness regarding their human rights on behalf of all the other Tamils in Sri Lanka. This gave them hope that they would be heard and actions wou

  7. Strategic Marketing for Sri Lanka Airlines

    This strategic marketing plan focuses on marketing strategies of the SriLankan Airline Strategic Business Unit (SBU), in Sri Lanka. The strategies are concerned with the market, product, pricing, distribution and communication/ promotion strategies for the Srilankan Air Taxi. The time period for the

  8. Sri Lanka

    ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Bottom of Form Countries and Their Cultures Countries and Their Cultures » Sa-Th » Culture of Sri Lanka S RI L ANKA C ULTURE N AME Sri Lankan A LTERNATIVE N AMES Ceylonese, Lankan O RIENTATION Identification. The off

  9. Investment Plan for a Garment in Sri Lanka

    Introduction Overview of Garment industry in Sri Lanka Garment industry has an important place in Sri Lanka’s economy. It has become Sri Lanka’s largest export industry since 1986. It is also the country’s largest net foreign exchange earner since 1992. The garment industry in Sri Lanka expa

  10. Peace Efforts in Sri Lanka

    _Efforts _to Create Peace Ever since Sri Lanka became a democratic socialist republic, (1978)the Tamils of the north wanted to be an independent state and acted out through violence The first efforts toward peace were in 1985 at the Thimpu Talks which consisted of Tamil Delegation and

  11. Services Marketing in It Solutions Company in Sri Lanka

    Services Marketing in IT Solutions Company in Sri Lanka (Individual Assignment) By Ms. Anupama A. Weerabahu (2008/MBA/WE/57) Semester II – First Half August, 2009 Course Lecturer: Dr. Fazeela Jameel Ahsan Course: MBA 536 – Marketing Management Postgraduate & Mid-career Development U

  12. Legal Forms of Business in Sri Lanka

    Introduction A business also called a company, enterprise or firm is a legally recognized organization, designed to provide goods and services to consumers. According to the purpose of the business, ownership of the business and nature of economic contribution of the business; the business can

  13. Caylon Tea

    Tea plants prefer a lot of water, good drainage and rich and loamy soil. For this reason the best teas are grown in the mountain slopes. The plants are pruned periodically using hand tools, in order to maintain a picking height of about 1 m (3 ft) and to encourage the growth of new leaves. Low altit

  14. A World Without Islam by Graham E. Fuller

    By Graham E. Fuller --What if Islam had never existed? To some, it’s a comforting thought: No clash of civilizations, no holy wars, no terrorists. Would Christianity have taken over the world? Would the Middle East be a peaceful beacon of democracy? Would 9/11 have happened? In fact, remove Islam

  15. Marketing Research

    Executive Summary Travelers interested in luxury lodgings can check in for the Hyatt touch. Global Hyatt is one of the world's top operators of full-service luxury hotels and resorts with more than 700 locations in some 40 countries. Its core Hyatt Regency brand offers hospitality services targeted

  16. Sri Lanka Food

    Sri Lanka's meal consist of a large serving of rice followed by up to twelve different side dishes such vegetables, egg, meat, or fish stewed together with peppers, spices, and often coconut milk. This rice and curry meal is traditionally eaten in the afternoon, however it may also be served in the

  17. Homeopathy

    Homeopathy: “simila similibus curentur What is homeopathy? It is a branch of science meant to promote healing. It is a method of individualizing small doses of medicines in order to initiate a healing response (Ullman1). This treatment is seen as a dangerous fake medical practice but in reali

  18. Development Constraints in Sri Lanka

    Poor governance can be viewed as a major constraint to the development of a country. Through a brief political history of Sri Lanka this section will demonstrate the linkages present in a number of government issues that have hindered the development of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka gained independence f

  19. Infrastructure: a Sr Lanka Risk

    Infrastructure: A Sri Lankan Risk By Gloria Cervantes Juaquina Twidwell BUS 133B, Marketing in Asia Researching Foreign Risk Professor Jeff Fadiman 7 April 2004 Infrastructure: A Sri Lanka Risk Ten most effective questions: 1. What do you consider as the most significant eco

  20. Post War Sri Lanka - Emerging Tourism Industry

    Macro Theme - Post war Sri Lanka - Emerging tourism industry Meso Theme - Forecasting Change Situation Analysis Sri Lanka was seen as a low budget tourist attraction. Industry colapsed mainly due to the war conditions through out last 3 decades. Tourists started pouring in to the coun

  21. Sri Lanka

    Politics of India and South Asia Sri Lanka is a small island nation off the southeast coast of India. The country is considered a good economic and developed economy but it has major issues with Tamil Eelam of Sri Lanka. Even with the conflict within the nation it has been able to survive having

  22. A Comparison of Gun Laws in the United States and Sri Lanka

    A Public Policy Analysis of Gun Law & Gun Control Dannelle Diaz ECN 401 ANC Introduction Definition of Public policy; “a system of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives”

  23. Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka

    Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka The Tamil Tigers immigrated to Sri Lanka from southern India and made up ten to fifteen percent of the population. The Tigers were the minority when compared to the Sinhalese, who represented seventy-five percent of the population. Right away there was ethnic conflict due

  24. History of Military Logistics of Sri Lanka

    Ancient history of logistics in Sri Lanka Early years of Sri Lanka saw the evolvement logistics through the renowned work of the historical books. The military logistics has taken an essential part in the early history of Sri Lanka. The best examples of military logistics can be given below. Mahaw

  25. Pest Analysis for Thailand and Sri Lanka

    Introduction As the newly appointed Vice President of International Marketing research it is my job to help seek to internationalize our business operations. The Chief Executive has identified Thailand and Sri Lanka as high-potential countries that we can do business with. It is now my job to

  26. Proposed Youth Policy in Sri Lanka

    NATIONAL YOUTH POLICY The final DRAFT prepared by The Committee appointed by the Hon. Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs MEMBERS Prof. Lakshman Jayatilleke (Chair) Prof. Siripala Hettige Prof. M T M Jifffry Mr. O Arumugam Ms. Sriyanie Wijesundara (Convener) CONTENT Abstract Page 1. 2

  27. Mcdonalds in Sri Lanka

    McDonald Sri Lanka is governed by the Head Office in USA who has total control on all activities in Sri Lanka. Everything from menus to promotions is directed from the US Head Office. Parameters they look at before entering a market include : The fast food culture itself was looked into. That is

  28. International Organization for Standards for Sri Lanka

    International Organization For standards Sri Lanka The Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) is a member of the International Standards organization, representing Sri Lanka. The member is the only status that has the right to vote. The SLSI aims to: increase productivity and maximi

  29. User Perception of Annual Reports in Sri Lanka

    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/1746-8809.htm An investigation of perceptions of company annual report users in Sri Lanka Anura De Zoysa and Kathy Rudkin School of Accounting and Finance, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Austra

  30. Sri Lankan Case Study

    The Sri Lankan Tamils fought back against their oppressors, but the Negroes in Mississippi Burning did not fight back. The Tamils in Sri Lanka had started the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to fight against the injustice the Sinhalese were giving them, but the Negroes did not start anything