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60 Free Essays on The Discipline Of A Student

  1. Discipline Problem Among Teenagers in College

    DISCIPLINE PROBLEM AMONG STUDENT IN COLLEGE Every education center has their own rules as well as our college. The rules made to ensure our college system run smoothly. As a student, we must follow the rules but not violate it. We should be a role model to the next batch. Unfortunately, there are

  2. Student Record System

    CHAPTER 1: THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGS 1.1: INTRODUCTION Education had been industrialized for the past centuries. From teaching and learning under a tree to developing the minds and skills of students through effective, efficient and modern way. Educational Instituti

  3. Student Conduct and Violence in Schools

    Generally, the conduct of students in public school is a deterrent to getting a good education. Violent behavior, drugs in school, and misbehaving students are distracting and break the learning environment for others. Violence in school creates an unsafe environment, and shifts the administrat

  4. Kerr Student Handbook

    STUDENT/PARENT HANDBOOK 2009 - 2010 KERR MIDDLE SCHOOL 2300 LINDA LANE DEL CITY, OKLAHOMA 73115 OFFICE PHONE: 671- 8625 24HR. ATTENDANCE LINE: 869-1909 Website: http://kerr.mid-del.net Name _____________________________________________ Grade________________ Address __________________________

  5. Student Grading System

    Comprehensive Information Management for Schools G/T (CIMS® G/T) Student Grading System User’s Guide NCS Publication Number 649 400 205 Second Edition (July 1999) This edition applies to Version 7.00 of the NCS Comprehensive Information Management for Schools G/T (CIMS® G/T) Student G

  6. Student Handbook

    Nogales High School School Rules and Procedures Behavior Expectations Nogales High School is dedicated to learning, to growing, and to developing positive relationships among students and staff. Nogales is a school where students and staff work hard on academics and, at the ap

  7. School Uniforms - Teaching Discipline

    School Uniforms Bomb threats, shootings, fist fights and even name calling: all of these are taking place in our schools today. School boards around the country are searching for the cause in a desperate attempt to end the school violence. Some say forcing the students to wear uniforms will do the

  8. How to Be a Good Student

    How to Be a Good Student College is a competitive environment; in order to success in it a student needs certain skills. Those skills can only be learned. A college professor mentioned that there five basic rules that need to be followed in order to become a good student: study, do all the homew

  9. Student Teaching Paper

    Student Teaching Graduate Paper Spring 2004 As the time approached, my attitude toward student-teaching was one of confidence and in some ways overconfidence. I believed that I was equipped with all of the tools necessary to be a superior teacher. Little did I know what truly goes on behind

  10. Student

    A zero tolerance policy is one which requires a severe penalty to be imposed which is unbending in its imposition, and often does not give allowance for extenuating circumstances. It is, as it states, completely intolerant of the behavior for which it requires consequences, no matter what. In their

  11. Discipline and Standards

    discipline and standards in the military are very important. and there are many deffinitions to both of these words. ie: discipline 1. training to act in accordance with rules; drill: military discipline. 2. activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training:

  12. Student

    I grew up in a small town in Ohio where education was a valuable part of my life. I would describe our school system as a "back to basics" system. The main philosophy of my time was math, reading, and science. There were extracurricular activities, although they were not considered a high priority.

  13. The Importance of Equipping, Encouraging, and Empowering a Student

    To equip, encourage, and empower a young mind is a major thing. Once somebody is given an opportunity and the tools to be successful there is no limit to what they can be. As long as the student doesn’t take their opportunity for granted and let it slip through their hands the growth in their min

  14. Student

    In the poem, To the University of Cambridge, New England, the author Phillis Wheatley, makes crucial arguments about her life as a slave and being free. In her poem she is preaching to the graduating students about their journey through life. She advises them to take every opportunity that lies in f

  15. Discipline

    Discipline is an important component of the growth process of children (Child Discipline). Since the beginning of time, discipline techniques used have varied with each family. However, the general importance of discipline within a household has been commonly accepted. One may ask, "What is discipli

  16. Student

    The debate over public and private schools has been a debate that has been going on for many years. Many parents and students battle over, which option of education is better: public or private. Public schools are available to more students because of the cost of receiving an education is relatively

  17. Student Friendly Campus

    Student Friendly Campus When I decided to return to school I was frightened! It had been several years since I had been in a school environment and I was really concerned about how I would fit in and adapt. I was afraid that I would be the old lady in the room that would not be able to comprehe

  18. Axia Gen 105 Student Survival Guide

    Student Survival Guide Jeffrey Hawkins Axia College Gen 105 Skills for learning in an Information Age Francesco Fazzalari November 16, 2008 Gen 105 Skills for learning in an information age is a class designed specifically to aid students in how to excel at Axia Collegeand online schools in ge

  19. Student Discipline and Sexual Harassment

    Student Discipline and Sexual Harassment                                                                        1                     Student Discipline and Sexual Harassment Michael E. Bunnell Scho

  20. How to Be a Succesful Mathematics Student

    How to be a successful mathematics student ‘’ Practice makes perfect’’ is what my mathematics teacher usually quotes when he talks about being a successful mathematics student. Mathematics has always been a struggle for me ever since I could remember, way back in primary and even secondar

  21. What Is the Most Effective Way to Discipline Student

    School is the battleground for too many participants. For most teachers and students, a main battlefield revolves around discipline. Maintaining good discipline is a necessary condition for establishing a classroom climate that is conducive to learning. There are many ways to provide disc

  22. Discipline Philosophy

    Discipline Philosophy In my opinion, a well-managed classroom is the result of a well thought-out balanced system of discipline. In my classroom there will be a community of caring and compassion where both the students and I are have our needs met. Students will be interested and engaged in the

  23. Discipline in the Classroom: Past and Present

    Discipline in the Classroom: Past and Present Throughout the history of classroom education, many different types of disciplinary systems have been applied by teachers and other authority figures in schools for the sole purpose of controlling student behaviour. These systems include corporal

  24. Aed200 Final Project : Are Uniformas a Good Way to Improve Student Discipline and Motivation

    Many can argue that uniforms are the best way to improve student discipline and motivation. This argument has gone on for years; however no one can agree 100% if they believe or do not believe the statement is true. Let us begin with the Pros of this argument since there are many. It has been seen

  25. History Discipline

    Part 4: Observation Essay Critically analyzing Society and its past has always been interesting to me because at the mere fact that I get to learn pieces of their culture and can understand the world before a little bit better. I often ask myself how was the world created and why is the United Sta

  26. Looking at a Student

    Andrew Silverman English 101 Examining a Student My English class at Oakton is focused on being a student. My class has been given assignments that make us think about what kinds of students we are, how we approach learning, and how to improve. Mushrooms have been handed out to my class with

  27. The Student at Promise

    The At Promise Child 1 Running head: THE AT PROMISE CHILD The At Promise Child: An Alternative Paradigm Timothy S. Stuart tstuart@atpromise.com Seattle Pacific University The At Promise Child 2 The At Promise Child Ninety percent of America's youth belong to one or more official "at-risk" c

  28. Student Survival Guide

    Conducing successful library and internet searches Using search strategies to find academic resources online can be very helpful. The best way to approach this is to start by thinking about what I need to locate. Start by searching in the form of a question and by considering important words that

  29. Philosophy of Student Discipline

    My Philosophy of Student Discipline I believe that each child is unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is my desire as an educator to help students meet their fullest potenti

  30. Discipline

    The Practice of Discipline Certain challenges in life can be described as being inevitable. Nearly everyone must face such typical events throughout the course of their life where surpassing a particular challenge is a sign of growth and experience, and, having been dealt with, such a trial is