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60 Free Essays on Unemployment In Pakistan

  1. Unemployment in Pakistan (Case Study)

    ABSTRACT The cause of unemployment in society was very important topic. We have to conductive proper survey and collect the data through questionnaire and after completion of the data 24.67% unemployment is due to extreme growth in population and 28.67% non coordination between education and job

  2. Findings and Suggestions for Unemployment in Pakistan

    FINDINGS: Following are the findings of the study, 1. Conducted survey shows that 37% of post graduate are un employed in Pakistan. 2. 53.33% people are those who applied 1-3 times and then they get job .So we may conclude that people are ambitious. 3. Result shows that 68% people are those

  3. Unemployment

    CERTIFICATION Certified that the contents and form of reported entitled “CAUSES OF UNEMPLOYEMENT IN SOCIETY” Has been founded satisfactory for the requirement of the degree Dedicated to our Sweet parents Teachers And Friends ACK

  4. Unemployment

    Unemployment is a central problem of Pakistan because when unemployment is high, resources are wasted and people's incomes are depressed; during such periods, economics distress also spills over to affect people's emotions and family lives. The socio economics system of Pakistan and institutions has

  5. Unemployment

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are grateful to Ms.Asma Hyder who was a great help in the project. She was always available to help us with the problem areas. She took out time for us at all times, putting her work aside therefore we thank her for the effort she has put into our project. Her encouragement has a

  6. Unemployment

    Unemployment In industrialized countries in which most people can earn a living only by working for others, being unable to find a job is a serious problem. Because of its human costs in deprivation and a feeling of rejection and personal failure, the extent of unemployment is widely used as

  7. Canada's Unemployment Rate

    Canada's Unemployment Rate For decades prior to the 1981-82 recession, the national unemployment rates of Canada and the United States had been nearly identical. Since then, a persistent "unemployment rate gap" has emerged. Throughout most of the 1980s, Canada's unemployment rate has consistently

  8. Unemployment

    One significant word that seems to be missing from the majority of debate and discussion topics regarding current economic issues theses days is the word “employment”. Unemployment has become a major economic issue in India. With many losing their jobs, and many not given the oppo

  9. Pakistan

    Business Policy BA-414 BP Pakistan is fast losing its competitive edge in the international scenario. Competitiveness across the board is either decreasing or stagnant since years. Discuss what measure government and private sector should take to overcome the problem. Submitted By: Sy

  10. It Industry in Pakistan

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PIM undertook the preparation of this report with the conviction that Information Technology truly holds the potential to act as an enabler of economic revival and growth especially for countries like Pakistan. We are also painfully aware that Pakistan has lagged dangerously be

  11. Unemployment

    All persons of ten years of age and above who worked at least one hour during the reference period [the year] There are three types of unemployment: structural unemployment, frictional unemployment, and cyclical unemployment. In Pakistan, the rate of structural employment is more than others. The

  12. Cement Industry of Pakistan

      EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In Pakistan, there are more than 25 small and large cement manufacturers operating within the country producing ordinary grey Portland, white, slag and sulphate resistant varieties of cements. This industry has an oligopolistic structure because the product is homogenous.

  13. Women in Pakistan

    Women in Pakistan: “Protection” of Dignity and Honor Pakistan is an Islamic nation in Asia, which, despite declarations of secularity in government, is heavily dependent on religious code. Islam supposedly declares the equality of men and women, and asserts the right of women to certain free

  14. Food Crisis in Pakistan

    GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS: Strong upward trends in global food prices over the past two years have led to widespread concern that hunger and poverty will increase sharply across the world. At the same time, rising food prices provide a strong incentive and opportunity for many developing countries to st

  15. Leather Industry in Pakistan


  16. Pakistan’s Economic Growth

    PAKISTAN’S ECONOMIC GROWTH [From 2000 till 2007] Table of Contents 1. Brief Economic history of Pakistan 1 2. Pakistan’s Recent Economic Activities 2 Stock Market 3 Manufacturing and Finance 4 Demographic Factors 4 Employment 4 Rupee: The Currency of Pakistan 4 Dollar

  17. Wait Unemployment

    PIDE Working Papers 2007:20 Preference for Public Sector Jobs and Wait Unemployment: A Micro Data Analysis Asma Hyder Visiting Fellow Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad PAKISTAN INSTITUTE OF DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS ISLAMABAD All rights reserved. No part of this publi

  18. Gender Biases Pakistan

    Bias: A bias is a prejudice in a general or specific sense, usually in the sense for having a preference to one particular point of view or ideological perspective. However, one is generally only said to be biased if one's powers of judgment are influenced by the biases one holds,

  19. Unemployment

    Unemployment and job creation in the EU Describe the extent of unemployment across the EU The unemployed are people who are registered as able, available and willing to work at the going wage rate but who cannot find work despite an active search for work. It can be seen in Extrac

  20. Pakistan

    India-Pakistan Relationship India and Pakistan share geographic location and are linked by political and religious issues. Since the partition of the subcontinent the two neighbors have found it difficult to have friendly relationship and any improvement seen has only been very short lived. There

  21. The Unemployment Rate

    The Unemployment Rate Introduction The unemployment rate became a hot topic in the past few months when it rose to 3.5 per cent, a recent high for almost 10 years. The jobless rate was higher than the 3.2 per cent unemployment rate recorded in the May to July period. The underemployment rate in th

  22. Objectives Resolution: 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan

    Objectives Resolution 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan In office: 14 August 1947 – 16 October 1951 Preceded by Office Created Succeeded by Khawaja Nazimuddin 1st Finance Minister of British India In office: 17 August 1946 – 14 August 1947 Preceded by Office Created Born: 2 Octobe

  23. Pakistan

    Pakistan Steve Olker Core 132 Pakistan is a country that, since its creation, has been rooted in turmoil. The recent years are no exception to this. Since 1988, power has been divided among the president, the prime minister and the military. Tensions between the three, however

  24. Overpopulation in Pakistan

    As we know that the economic development of a country depends on various factors such as natural resources, capital and human resources. Human resources have fundamental importance because without them, the natural resources can not be exploited but overpopulation causes adverse effects on the econo

  25. India Pakistan Wwar

    section 2 - What world event had the greatest impact on your life as a teenager? The India Pakistan war During the India Pakistan war families were extremely terrified as the places which were going to be attacked next were never known .

  26. Povert in Pakistan

    POVERTY AND INCOME DISTRIBUTION The fight against poverty represents the greatest challenge of our times. Considerable progress has nevertheless been made in different parts of the world in reducing poverty. The proportion of people living in extreme poverty on global level fell from 28 percen

  27. Street Children in Pakistan

    DEFINITION OF STREET CHILDREN WHO ARE STREET CHILDREN? Children (under 18 years) who spend most of their time on the streets. There are between 10 to 100 million street children worldwide, depending on the exact definition used. The target group is homeless and vulnerable street children inc

  28. Critical Review of Pakistan Economy

    Critical review of Pakistan economy |Currency |1 Pakistani Rupee (PKR) Rs. = 100 Paisas | |Fiscal year |July 1–June 30 | Statistics |GDP |$170 billion (2008)

  29. Unemployment: Types

    Unemployment Unemployment occurs when a person is available to work and currently seeking work, but the person is without work.[1] The prevalence of unemployment is usually measured using the unemployment rate, which is defined as the percentage of those in the labor force who are unemployed. The

  30. What Are Some Macro Economic Effects of Unemployment?

    First what is unemployment? Unemployment occurs when a person is available to work and currently seeking work, but the person is without work.[1] The prevalence of unemployment is usually measured using the unemployment rate, which is defined as the percentage of those in the labor force who are