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60 Free Essays on Unforgettable

  1. Narrative Essay on an Unforgettable Experience

    Narrative Essay on An Unforgettable Experience During the December festive season almost every shopping and business complex is a hive of activity. The last few days before Christmas are exceptionally busy days. Many last minute shoppers scurry along from shop to shop in a last bid to complete the

  2. Creative Writing: the Unforgettable Man

    Creative Writing: The Unforgettable Man Derek Achterfeldt Eng 101 10/14/96 Remembered Event Revision Being an orderly at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital was a fun job that required a strong heart. The hospital was a great place for me to experience the beauty of life and the unwanted death of

  3. On the Tragic Day of 9/11 a Day That Will Be Unforgettable

    Throughout history there have occurred many tragic events. On Sept. 11, 2001 and Aug. 29, 2005, two unforgettable event have occur, where is will be remember throughout the ages of the United States history. In this essay I¡¯ll be discussing the impact to the life¡¯s and the economic changes in

  4. Unforgettable Scene

    UNFORGETTABLE SCENE It was one of those typical days where everything was normal. Cars and motorcycles passed by and out of sight. The noise from all directions filled the whole area like a buzzing sound. Surprisingly, people did not seem to bother by the noises at all, but rather went about wit

  5. An Unforgettable Incident

    OK, I ask you, is it my fault? Is it my fault the guy leaves his briefcase in the back seat of my cab? It's not my fault. I get a cheap hot dog at a stand down the block –– my usual lunch, and I'm still tasting it when the next guy, a business type, taps on the glass and tells me there's a brief

  6. The Most Unforgettable Experience

    The Most Unforgettable Experience I was born and raised in Beijing. It is the capital of China, and also the center of China. Most of students come to Beijing right after they graduated from universities. They come to find a job or any kinds of opportunities. They think that Beijing is the city whe

  7. An Unforgettable Experience 5

    The Mid-Autumn Festival also known as the Moon Festival is an important holiday in Taiwan. On this day, everyone enjoys the glorious full moon, eats juicy pomelos and tastes various kinds of moon cakes. Nowadays, having BBQ on Moon Festival becomes an indispensable activity to Taiwanese since the TV

  8. Unforgettable Memories

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  9. The Unforgettable Life Lessons

    Unforgettable Life Lessons Human beings are social animal and by this I mean, our life and every action should not exist in selfish disposition. We are always influenced by other people on any account. Moreover, we sometimes ask or receive help from others. In our world, there are so many people


    DESCRİPTİVE ESSAY: A GATEWAY TO UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS One of my favourite hotel is Zeytindalı Hotel which is in the village called Çamlibel where thousands of years old olive trees begin to decrease and pine trees begin to cover all over the place. The hotel is fully restored with S

  11. Unforgettable Day

    An Unforgettable Day I will never forget the day I passed my written driver exam and got my permit. The instructor just informed me that I passed and he was reviewing the junior driver restrictions with me as I was full of smiles. Meanwhile, I looked over at my dad and he was staring at his phon

  12. My Unforgettable Experience

    There are things in our life that might not be easy to forget: a triumphant match, the first kiss from our love, a school reunion, the first time we are wronged by our teacher or parents, a time we have to choose between our consciences and our desires, and so on. For me, those things around me, I

  13. My Most Unforgettable Character

    MY MOST UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTER I looked at the photograph of the two grinning girls wearing party hats and throwing confetti. I recognized the familiar faces of both of them. The slightly taller girl is my best friend, Farhana and the photograph is just a pinch about the past we both had toget

  14. Unforgettable Moments

    An unforgettable experience is an event that has a great impact on a person’s life. It can also be something that can change a life for ever. My unforgettable experience is when I became a Christian.August 5, 1999: that’s when I decided that I wanted to become a Christian. My church always has p

  15. Unforgettable Ride

    Todd Strickland ENG 101-04 Mrs. Hooker 15 June 2009 Unforgettable Ride In the summer of my thirteen birthday things were going just fine and I was enjoying my break from school. My best friend, RyanPowell, and I were always hanging out enjoying the summer. We always found something to do fro

  16. Unforgettable Teacher

    Asma Ahmed Hassan 200600140 Engl 285 Time; 1:00_1:50 P.M An unforgettable teacher Thorough my educational life there were many teachers or lecturers I cannot forget them. In whole my life I will remember them and wish to them they be in a good condition and they will cont

  17. An Unforgettable Place

    An Unforgettable Place After driving for hours on what felt like an endless highway, where the only scenery I was able to see through the windows were trees, I finally passed a sign that said Talladega 30 miles. In early fall, some trees have leaves that are turning vibrant yellows and oranges, so

  18. The Unforgettable Experience on Giving Birth

    Chapter One: The Beginning Legs wide opened, no longer caring about discretion and privacy, I screamed. I screamed and squeezed my mother’s hand as my doctor coached me, convinced me to push a second time. I pushed, allowing the dizziness to invade me, shortness of breath, and impatience t

  19. Sharing My Heritage Growing Up in My Birthplace

    According to John Milton, "The childhood shows the man as morning shows the day." Childhood is one of the beautiful times in your life that you know is unforgettable. I, who was born and raised in Pakistan, can never forget my childhood. Growing up in Pakistan was a great experience since I gr

  20. Narrative Essay "An Unforgettable Day"

    An Unforgettable Day 16 years have passed since my mother, a 37 year old woman, left her five poor children behind. Death brutally took her away from our world in a motorcycle accident which happened in Vietnam. I, her second daughter, was the only person to witness her sudden fatality and wa

  21. The Most Unforgettable Event

    vn The most unforgettable event The event that is most unforgettable in The Pearl is when Juana defies her husband to help save the family. She realises that the pearl has brought them more problems than happiness, and they need to get rid of it. She tells Kino that the pearl is evil and that it w

  22. An Unforgettable Classroom Experience

    An Unforgettable Classroom Experience No one could have prepared me for what was about to happen on that November of 1979. I still remember as if it was just yesterday when my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Forster, collapsed in front of the classroom. Some of the students stood there not knowing

  23. The Unforgettable Christmas

    The unforgettable Christmas The most wonderful time for me as a child was the winter. I will never forget when in late November I was waiting for the first snow. In the morning when I woke up, I looked out of window and saw snow-covered trees and buildings, I could not have been happier. Be

  24. My Most Unforgettable Person

    e is a chubby girl.She isn't a normal child, she is a special child, but she looks like a normal child.The only thing was she can't communicate very well.she have a sweet smile where it makes a lot of adults liked her,including myself. she was just 7 years old on the year 2002. she was my little

  25. Most Unforgettable Childhood Incident

    My Most Unforgettable Childhood Incident “Higher! Higher!” I yelled at my cousin to push me harder on the swing. I felt like a bird soaring into the sky. At that moment, my parents invited us for a bicycle ride, we raced to the house. I was so enthusiastic as I had never sat on the two-wheele

  26. The Unforgettable Night

    My body feels cold. I think I am going crazy while I am driving down the road. I called my cousin, Moe and said, “Listen, you have to come. I need you so badly.” Moe said, “Why? What’s wrong?” I said, “I need something to drink! Not any kind, I need to drink alcohol. I do not care wha

  27. Shakespeare Era

    The institution of marriage in the Renaissance Period was both secular and sacred. Secularly, it served as a union of two parties interested in acquiring property, money or political alliances. Marriage was also sacred in that it bound the love of a man and woman and sought procreation. William

  28. An Unforgettable Incident in My Life

    AN UNFORGETTABLE INCIDENT IN MY LIFE Childhood is a very impressionable period in one’s life. One incident of my childhood is indelibly imprinted in my mind. From the time I was in standard V, my father was very particular that I should not only study my lessons but also participate in ex

  29. An Unforgettable Camping Experience

    An Unforgettable Camping Experience I couldn’t believe the day had finally come. My friends and I had been talking about it for what seemed like months. Every year our class 5B takes a trip to the Sahara Campgrounds. As soon as you see the entrance sign, a sudden tingling feeling bubbles thro

  30. An Unforgettable Adventure

    An Unforgettable Adventure The water was dark and threatening; I took a deep breath and jumped. Thankfully, I’m a good swimmer. However, I wasn’t prepared for the icy intensity of the water. Panic hovered on the fringes of my brain, ready to overwhelm me. I felt numb, heavy; I could barely see