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World History covers all things related to world events and history. World History includes all events that do not relate to the United States. From Mesopotamia all the way to the Greek crisis, chances are you’ll find it here.

  1. Republic Day of India 1

    August 15, 1947 saw the birth of Independent India marking the beginning of the end of Colonial rule globally.  It was on 26th of November, 1949 that the Constituent Assembly adopted, enacted and gave to the nation the Indian Constitution with the following preamble:  We, the people of India,

  2. Hiroshima Bombings

    Evaluate why the Americans dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and whether it was necessary. Why drop the bomb on Hiroshima? Why drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? There have been a lot of arguments for and against dropping the bomb's on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since the day

  3. Errol Walton Barrow

    ERROL WALTON BARROW P.C., Q.C. (1920-1987) [pic] A Brief Biography ERROL WALTON BARROW, the Father of Barbados' Independence, was born on January 21, 1920 in parish of St. Lucy. A founder-member of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Barrow was swept to power as Premier in 1961 and

  4. How to Write a Revolution Speech

    Humanities Speech The Revolution of 1911 Dear brothers and sisters of China, I highly appreciate this pleasant greeting with which you are honoring me today. Like I once said, “The Revolution has not yet succeeded. Comrades, you must carry on!” We don’t have what we want; we must continue

  5. Aphrodite Essay

    Tim Oberhelman Mrs. Patrick English 1310-01 10 October 2011 Stories of Aphrodite Aphrodite was born near Phapos, on sthe island Cyprus. Aphrodite was more than just a “goddess.” She helped with wars during ancient Greek times. She was at first believed to be a goddess, but in later

  6. League of Nations Dealing Disputes in the 1920's

    How successful was the LoN in dealing with disputes during the 1920’s? Explain your answer. The League of Nations was set up by the ToV, yet even during its early years in the 1920’s they faced several disputes. In this essay I will try to assess how successful the LoN actually was in

  7. Disputatons

    Canada is naturally one of the most desirable destinations for new immigrants. In fact, it has been recurrently ranked by the United Nations as one of the best countries in the world to live in. Famous for its significantly high standard of living, beautiful natural environment, and extremely

  8. Mass Media

    Mass Media Rough Draft In the 21st century, where more households posses a television rather than indoor plumbing, people believe television serves an essential role in today’s society. Mass media refers to all media technologies that are intended to reach a large-scale audience by means of

  9. History

    Section 1: Social Conditions / Concerns * Increase in Employment * Population Shifts * Increase in College Attendance * Civil Rights Movement * Arms Race Begins / Technology Breakthroughs * Television / Rock and Roll Section 2: Political Conditions /

  10. Bhopal Case

    ENVE101 Syllabus: INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 2 Credits Fundamentals of Ecology: Organization, functioning and development, Concept of ecosystem, Organization of ecosystem: abiotic and biotic component, Functioning of ecosystem: ecological energetic. Biogeochemical

  11. Bill of Rights. Analisys

    The purpose of the bill of rights is to protect us, the people, from being overrun by the government by ensuring our rights that entitles us to our freedom. Upon saying this I ask you, what if the rights given to us by the government are being violated continuously, and we that American people

  12. Alphonse Mucha: the Arts

    The Arts: Dance by Alphonse Mucha Alphonse Mucha, as an artist, is one of the most influential and iconic. “Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939) is considered one of the foremost art noveau artists of his time – And rightfully so.” (Connie Weng – 1896). Alphonse Mucha External lines combined

  13. Reforms to Working Conditions in England

    In the 19th century England went under reformations to control and improve the poor working conditions. The main critical issues; unsuitable conditions of the laboring classes and the problem of political stability became a frequently touched upon issue that social critics and politicians of

  14. “Whilst All Major European Powers Bear a Share of Responsibility for the Commencement of Hostilities in 1914, the Largest Must Be Allotted to Austria-Hungary.” Discuss.

    AA312 “Whilst all major European powers bear a share of responsibility for the commencement of hostilities in 1914, the largest must be allotted to Austria-Hungary.” Discuss. The outbreak of hostilities in 1914 resulted from both long and short term factors, the final trigger being the

  15. The Crucifixion

    Crucifixion Most people relate the practice of crucifixion with the death of Jesus Christ. We also understand that crucifixion was something that was a fairly common practice in the times of Jesus Christ and prior to Jesus Christ, but we can hardly imagine the historical reality of the

  16. Women’s Growing Independence in Urban Environments

    Women’s Growing Independence in Urban Environments The growing urban population that the late nineteenth century saw led to women being more involved in their communities. Declining birth rates and increasing divorce rates led to women feeling a sense of independence that they had not

  17. Auschwitz

    Auschwitz The term concentration camp refers to a camp in which people are detained or confined, usually under harsh conditions and without any regard to the legal normality of arrest and imprisonment that are acceptable in a constitutional democracy. In Nazi Germany, between the years of

  18. Crepes - with Grand Marnier

    Print Banana Orange Crepes Recipe | Page 1 of 2 Banana Orange Crepes Gourmet | January 2004 4 fork user rating 100%0 reviews would make it again Advertising (photo by: Romulo Yanes) yield: active time: total time: Serves 1 20 minutes 50 minutes

  19. Medical Missionaries Bringing Christianity and Western Medicine Into China

    In the nineteenth century, both Christianity and Western medicine were brought into China by a group of medical missionaries. China was still a strong empire at that time. With thousands of years of culture, the Chinese did not accept the Western knowledge and religion easily. Nevertheless,

  20. Basic Knowledge About Raymond Roller Mill

    Raymond roller mills are available with grinding ring diameters ranging from 30 inches to 120 inches (760 to 3050 mm). These sizes are capable of producing a wide range of product fineness from a wide variety of material. Most naturally occurring non-metallic minerals and many manufactured

  21. Mary Ellen Wilson

    Mary Ellen Wilson How One Girl's Plight Started the Child-Protection Movement  Mary Ellen’s story marked the beginning of a world-wide crusade to save children. Over the years, in the re-telling of Mary Ellen Wilson’s story, myth has often been confused with fact. Some of the

  22. Vietnam

    In reading the chapter titled Reconstruction and Resistance in the book Ho Chi Minh, there are indications of how Ho Chi Minh wanted to handle the other forces coming into Vietnam. At the beginning of the chapter, he gives a glimpse of how he believes that the French are coming, not with

  23. The Persian Empire

    The Persian Empire The Persian Empire The Persian Empire was established by Cyrus and the Great in the 6th century BC, conquered and changed by Alexander the Great in 330 BC, and finally overthrown by the rise of the Islamic civilization in 537 AD. After Alexander the Great died, his

  24. Dali, Dali, It's so Surreal to Me

    Art History Research Paper Guidelines • Papers need to be five pgs. in length (double-spaced, times new roman font). Please follow a basic research paper outline to include an introduction, body, and conclusion. • Must be written in MLA style • Must include: Title page with student name,

  25. El Che

    Ernesto Lynch, later known as “Che Guevara” was half Irish but he was born in Argentina in 1928. He is one of the most important history figure heads in Cuba because with his help, Castro was able to overthrow the government at that time. Guevara studied medicine at the University of Buenos

  26. Art History

    Work in Progress Having started my project in September I knew I wanted to explore fashion illustration as it an area that interested me for a while. Having looked at several illustration books and artist such as Sophie Tolouse, Esdar Maren and Erin Pettson I was inspired to create a piece

  27. Cultural Poverty

    The two biggest countries of Northern America, United States of America and Canada are countries associated with prosperity rather than need. Both are major donors of aid to poorer countries. Yet there is poverty even in affluent North America – and most of it is in rural areas. In general,

  28. Capitalism

    Capitalism vs Mercantilism Capitalism evolved from mercantilism and while both economic systems are geared towards profit, these systems have differences in the way this is achieved. Capitalism is an economic system that works around the concept of wealth creation in the pursuit of

  29. Rights of and Restrictions on Women in India, China, and Japan

    Throughout history, women have been fighting a constant battle with men, and moreover, society. Rights would be granted to women, but restrictions would always follow. This eternal push and pull of the woman’s place in society lasted for many centuries. Women in Japan, China, and India were

  30. Capitalism V.S Socialism

    Capitalism v.s. Socialism For hundreds of years, it has been debated on whether capitalism, or socialism is the better option. Some seem to view socialism as the better route, because it evens out and distributes the wealth. Another words, it abolishes the other two classes and only