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World History covers all things related to world events and history. World History includes all events that do not relate to the United States. From Mesopotamia all the way to the Greek crisis, chances are you’ll find it here.

  1. The Unicorn

    The Unicorn Living in a modern world, we believe in the things that surround us, things that we see on the news or outside, things we have evidence for. Many people believe that dinosaurs are fiction, just because they have not seen one. Others think that creatures do not exist because

  2. Big Government

    BIG GOVERNMENT BY BRIAN COLLINS GRANTHAM UNIVERSITY ABSTRACT In this paper I will discuss that the idealism behind big government, what it stands for, do we need it and why. Is big government the way that our country should be ran, or is it time to simplify?

  3. New Age Myth and the Role of the Media: a Study of Dr Mahathir Mohamed

    Introduction The world is shaped by myths. Our understanding of ourselves and our culture is based largely upon what we are told by the media. Yet much of the media’s content includes unexamined assumptions and myths, an agenda set by those in control of the media. These myths are stories,

  4. Magallanes

    Magallanes is known for resorts like BUKAL – BUKALAN bukal – bukalan ave a 2 different pool for keddies and for adults and bukal – bukalan have entrance worth 5 – 10 for keddies and 10 – above for adults and bukal – bukalan is also known for its many cottages….. Magallanes is part of Bicol

  5. Propaganda and World War I

    Propaganda and World War I Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda statements may be partly false and partly true and are usually repeated and dispersed

  6. Story of Meresamun

    Story of Meresamun A long time ago, in Ancient Egypt, near the river Nile, lived pair of young rich people. They had everything, but only thing they wanted was child. Then, when they were older and gave up all the idea, the dream came true. Little girl Meresamun was living like a princess.

  7. Roman Britain

    Illegal Immigration and Refugees (Am Civ) Filed under: American Civilization by RedJohn — Leave a comment November 11, 2012 Since the United States became teeming of immigrants coming from different parts of the world, several quota acts were established by the government in order to

  8. Marcus

    ssMarcus L. Dupree was born on May 22, 1964 in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He lived with his mom and his little brother. Marcus Dupree went to Philadelphia High School in Mississippi where he played for the Philadelphia Tornadoes football team from 1978 to 1981. As a freshman in 1978, he stood

  9. Some Other Application of Raymond Mill

    For stone Raymond grinding mill the time it work need to provide high levels of pressure, sofor any part of the machine.Must choose the most suitable, gear must be selected in accordance with the appropriate type, the correct specifications to meet certain strength, Heat balance and other

  10. History

    Loose-leaf tea WHAT IS LOOSE LEAF TEA? Loose leaf tea is steaming hot tea made with leaves. The leaves are loose and not in a teabag. It is known that tea made with loose leaves is much more delicious than tea made with standard teabags. It has a warm, intensive aroma and it is famous

  11. How Far Was Lenin Responsible for the Bolsheviks Growing Hold on Power in the Years 1917

    How far was Lenin responsible for the Bolsheviks growing hold on power in the years 1917How far was Lenin responsible for the Bolsheviks growing hold on power in the years 1917-24? Lenin can easily be considered the most responsible character for the growth in Bolshevik power from 1927.

  12. The Epic of Gilgamesh

    The Epic of Gilgamesh The Epic of Gilgamesh is a moving tale of the friendship between Gilgamesh, the demigod king of Uruk, and the wild man Enkidu. Accepting ones own mortality is the overarching theme of the epic as Gilgamesh and Enkidu find their highest purpose in the pursuit of eternal

  13. Night

    Payton Gore Honors English II Mr. Cottrell 1 November 2012 Ancient Roman Ships In the Ancient World, ships were important to the many of the civilizations. Rome’s ships can be linked to the great economy and to the conquering of many other countries. Ships brought some advantages,

  14. History

    Annotated Bibliography Nathan Saiz His 204 / GSN1404A Andre Tijerina February 10, 2014 The West Virginia Archives and History Library contains a wealth of books and pamphlets on the American Civil War, covering nearly every possible aspect of the

  15. grammy

    Grammies A Grammy Award – or Grammy – is an accolade by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. The annual presentation ceremony features performances by prominent artists, and the presentation of

  16. Adolecents

    Observational Activity: Adolescence now and then For my interview I spoke with my Grandfather, Mr. Michael Patterson age 81 from Toms River, New Jersey, I will be referring to my Grandfather by his preferred nick-name Micky. Micky's religious background is Roman Catholic, and education

  17. Naturalism in Renaissance Art History

    The Naturalism in art is the depiction of realistic objects and figures. Artists achieved this realistic technique through the use of perspective, light and shadow, which gives figures a sense of three dimensional space along with individualist facial expressions. All of these techniques

  18. sd sds

    Xcellon Institute_School of Business Case study analysis of Coping with Financial and Ethical Risks at American International Group (AIG) PGP-GBM (2011-13) Corporate Governance and Business Ethics Submitted By: Manish Kumar Lodha M00103 1|Page Submitted To: Prof. Vivek

  19. post impressionism

    Analyse and discuss the aims and objectives of one nineteenth-century movement in art, with reference to three artworks, each by a different artist. Towards the end of the 19th century, artists were dissatisfied with the triviality of subject matter and the loss of structure in

  20. 9/11 songs

    Where were you (when the world stopped turning) by Alan Jackson This song is about looking back to 9/11 and going through different point of views of everyone how some people were there looking at the towers in shock or running to get away from the falling towers or falling people trying


    Final Paper Preparation This assignment will prepare you for the Final Paper by initiating the research process and helping you map out specific events and developments which you will explore in depth in your paper. Review the instructions for the Final Paper laid out in Week Five of the

  22. Sonora

    Minimum Wage Essay “Over the past 65 years the minimum wage has varied considerably in inflation-adjusted buying power” (Sherk). Because of these effects, many people have criticized the current amount of minimum salary. Therefore, this subject has led to a ton of arguments and debates. This

  23. The Role of Kingship in Ancient Sumerian Society

    The Role of Kingship in Ancient Sumerian Society The Epic of Gilgamesh gives many insights into the day to day workings of Sumerian society. The tale begins with the men of Uruk lamenting that Gilgamesh is not the leader he should be. “Yet the king should be a shepherd to his people…” (pp.

  24. Discovery atlas

    Discovery Atlas: China Revealed China is the oldest civilization known on earth. A nation that holds one third of the worlds population, And a nation thats on the virgat of becoming he worlds next superpower. Discovery Atlas: China Revealed is a documentary of how the worlds most oldest

  25. notes

     Table of Contents PREFACE………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………2 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 3 THE PROCESS OF WRITING AN ESSAY 3 THE FIVE UNCONSCIOUS EXPECTATIONS OF READERS 3 REASONS FOR WRITING AN ESSAY..…………………………………………………………………………………………………………3 DEVELOPING AN

  26. Lenin‘s October 1917 Revolution: limited accomplishments, yet a turning point in 20th century history

    Lenin‘s October 1917 Revolution: limited accomplishments, yet a turning point in 20th century history Abstract In 1917, Lenin led factory workers in St. Petersburg, Russia, in taking over the government, expecting to spark the rapidly spreading revolution to abolish capitalism predicted by

  27. Goliards, Jonguers, and Troubadours oh my

    Goliards, Jongleurs, and Troubadours, Oh My! By: Troy D. 11/20/13 Music History 1 Goliards, Jongleurs, and Troubadours, Oh My! The medieval period was a time of death, tyranny, and utter chaos. The Catholic Church controlled everything and religious law rampaged the

  28. Computer

    Demographic Transition Demographic Transition Demographic transition is basically the developmental stages of the dynamics of a population within a specific area in a country. To put it in other words, it measures the stages from high birth rates and death rates to low birth rates and death

  29. War poetry context

    "a text is the reflection of the context within which it is written" All texts are influenced by the time and place in which they are produced. This is clearly seen in the two famous war poems, Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et decorum est." and Kenneth Slessor's "Beach burial". While Owen’s

  30. Significance of Petra to the ancient world

    The Significance of Petra to the Ancient World Petra has been named the “Rose red city, half as old as time” (Dean Burgen, Petra). It is visited by ­­­­­­­thousands people per year as they are attracted to the intricate carvings and unique aesthetes, but many of the visitors are blissfully