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World History covers all things related to world events and history. World History includes all events that do not relate to the United States. From Mesopotamia all the way to the Greek crisis, chances are you’ll find it here.

  1. Prophatic World

    In his book, Prophetic Worlds Christopher L. Miller describes the encounters of the Indians living on the Columbia plateau with the whites using a unique and different perspective. His story demonstrates how the Indians desire to fulfill their prophecies and the whites to ambition to accomplish

  2. “Singapore’s Separation from the Federation Was Inevitable.” How Far Do You Agree with This Statement? Discuss.

    Question) “Singapore’s separation from the federation was inevitable.” How far do you agree with this statement? Discuss. I agree with this statement to a large extent as during the two years when Singapore was part of Malaysia as there was an irreconcilable political

  3. Medieval

    There were many reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. Each one intertwined with the next. The same things that restored the Roman Empire caused it to failed such as political authority, of christianity, and the military. Many even blame the introduction of Christianity for the decline.

  4. Things Fall Apart Summary

    Okonkwo was born the son of Unoka. His father, a lazy and incapable man, was more interested in playing his flute and drinking, rather than taking care of his family. Because of his idleness, money was scare and the family starved. Okonkwo, not having the start in life which many men had,

  5. The Ideals of Adam Smith

    Adam Smith is universally regarded as the founding father of modern economics, laying the groundwork of global capitalism growing from the roots of feudal states, and subsequently, Mercantilism. The principle political concepts and ideals used by the majority of the contemporary world have

  6. Early Christian

    Green Architecture Architecture in North America is gradually becoming ‘green’. Progress reflects differences in America and Canada which originate out of societal priorities, economies and political preoccupations. One aspect which connects the work of architects seeking to advance ideas of

  7. Declaration of Arbroath

    Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a

  8. The Symbolic Content of India's Culture

    The Symbolic Content of India’s Culture ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology Omisha Banks November 27, 2008 Professor Michelle Rogers Abstract Because culture is based on arbitrary symbols, a large but unknown amount of people’s cultural learning is unconscious and occurs as a normal part of

  9. Australian Constitution

    The Australian Constitution came into force in 1901 with the federation of the separate state colonies into the Commonwealth of Australia. With its introduction, the Constitution was heralded as ‘the most magnificent Constitution into which the chosen representatives of a free and enlightened

  10. Reforming the Image of the Royal Monarchy

    For the Britain’s at the end of the twentieth century, reforming the image of the royal monarchy became ever more important. Princess Diana brought popularity and awareness to the Royal Establishment. Princess Diana helped begin the reformation of the image that was needed in Britain by being a

  11. Italian Life

    As it was, Victor Emmanuel III was recently reigned King in July after King Hubert was recently assassinated. During this time was a tough job as Italy had chronic political instability. The Italians were very religious and used this as a means of getting through the tough times of family

  12. Who Is Barack Obama

    Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii. He is a U.S Senator from Illinois and is currently running for the 2008 presidential election. Obama is one of most talked about Democratic candidates and is currently in the lead with the most votes. Many of Obama’s ideas are

  13. Kuba Kultúrája

    Bódi Katalin: Kuba kultúrája 2007 Bevezetés Kolumbusz Kristófnak jó napja volt 1492 október 27-én. Megpillantott egy hosszú partvonalat. Ekkor már két hete volt, hogy felfedezte az új földet, melyet San Salvadornak nevezett el. Ezután ismét kifutott a tengerre. Meglehetősen

  14. Japanese Americans

    Japanese Americans Japanese Americans are a very large and influential group that currently reside in the United States. Historically they have been among one of the three largest Asian communities, and in recent decades they have become the sixth largest group of minorities in the United

  15. The Construction of a Stone Circle

    Imagine, the wizard Merlin uses his magic, transports huge stones from Ireland to England and constructs Stonehenge. Geoffrey of Monmouth’s story expresses the mystery of the monument and his construction. It is however still not clear how stone circles were built, despite the archaeological

  16. Obama's Victory

    The 2008 Presidential Election was a monumental moment in United States history. For the first time an African American president was elected. Like past important events, Barack Obama’s victory will be the precident for future events, much like how Roosevelt’s New Deal was the precident for

  17. American Reform Party

    American Reform Party In 1996 members of the Reform Party voted to hold a meeting with the intentions of “establishing the Reform Party as a democratic, self governing, free-standing national political party.” The party then sent interested people a meeting call by mail to establish

  18. Why Was Phillip Assassinated?

    Why was Phillip Assassinated? Phillip is credited with uniting the empire of Macedonia, at a time when it’s people suffered from years of political changes and nearly destroyed by a conflict with the Illyrians. Phillip’s rule lasted for almost twenty three years and in that time pieced

  19. Herm of Dionysus

    Herm of Dionysus Your browser may not support display of this image. This is the first art history class I have taken since I was in high school. I know little about art; especially drawing and painting. However, I have developed an interest in the study of art history, how art

  20. Australian Governance and Democracy

    Abstract: - This essay is designed to compare and contrast the Australian governance and democracy with the American Constitution, throughout this essay I have analyzed both systems specifically using the politics/ theory learned in this subject and made future recommendations for both systems.

  21. Effects of Food in Colonial Latin America

    Intro to Colonial Latin America 5/24/08 There are three main types of foodstuff that was imported and greatly used in Colonial Latin America: salt, sugar, and tobacco. Sugar and tobacco are closely intertwined, if something happens to one the other is affected. As you can see the use of

  22. World War 1

    Yaritza Vazquez 11/3/08 Per.6 No body

  23. Blitz: Does Source D Support B and C?

    13 December 2008 Question on The Blitz : Does source D support evidence of sources B and C about damage done during air raids Damage cause by air raids is evident in both sources D and source B though in different ways. Source D is a street scene, where two men seem to be arguing around

  24. Eary Irish Journal Entry

    Today is March 17, 1856. The sun is shining through my bedroom window as I am sitting here on the corner of my bed thinking about my homeland Kerry, Ireland. I miss my family that I had to leave behind in the spring of 1850 when my husband Leo O’Connor and I left Ireland to come here to

  25. War Bonds Us

    Ever since the beginning of the Great War, financial devastation has yet to fail in terms of presenting the Presidency with dilemmas to sort out and issues to handle. Our current president of the United States for example, Woodrow Wilson, had been riddled with warfare dilemmas since his

  26. Italian Unification

    Italian Unification Movements Italian unification Background After Napoleon, the Italian states were controlled by France. Effect: They experienced the unity under the rule of an efficient government. They felt that they disliked being ruled by foreign countries, therefore

  27. Persian Culture

    Culture is the unique way of life, but how would you describe the culture of an empire that allows its citizens to keep their traditions and beliefs. Unlike many kings from different regions, the ones from Persia allowed their newly conquered citizens remarkable freedoms like keeping their

  28. Why Did the Ancient Greeks Go West

    Why did the Greeks go west? • Around 1200 BCE, the ancestors of the Greeks, the Mycenaeans discovered what we now know as Italy and Sicily • They traded with the nomadic people who lived there, until a dark age set upon their civilization • All memories of Italy were

  29. Pakistan

    India-Pakistan Relationship India and Pakistan share geographic location and are linked by political and religious issues. Since the partition of the subcontinent the two neighbors have found it difficult to have friendly relationship and any improvement seen has only been very short lived.

  30. Lithuania Image in the World

    LIETUVOS ĮVAIZDIS Ester Fainaitė Vis dažniau spaudoje ir televizijoje diskutuojama apie tai, jog būtina kurti Lietuvos įvaizdį, gvildenamos su tuo susijusios problemos. Nuomonės šiuo klausimu esti įvairiausios. Tačiau vis labiau tampa akivaizdu, jog šalies įvaizdžio kūrimo atsisakyti