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Philosophy is the study of problems such as reality, existence, reason etc. Here you can also find information on famous Philosophers, literature on philosophy and more.

  1. Theoretical Framework in Philosophy

    Theoretical Framework is interesting in general but as with all topics some things make good sense and then there are others which make common sense. I also realized that the framework for theoretical models of social inequality will never be complete but instead continuous. This is because

  2. Case Study: Jennifer

    Jennifer is a 29-year-old married female. Jennifer and her husband Antonio have been married for a little more than a year. Jennifer has several points of stress in her life; eight months ago Jennifer had a miscarriage, and her in-laws often bring up the topic of having another baby.

  3. Film and Audience

    Cover Page Film and Its Audience Introduction A Short History Film and Its Audience The very life breath of film lies in the fact it is principally a very interactive medium, not in the literal sense of the word, but in the way the philosophies that inform film and society are connected to

  4. Thoroughly Describe the Progress and Lack of Progress Meno, the Slave Boy, and Anytus Make in the Dialog Then Explain What This Illustrates About Socrates View on Education and Knowledge.

    Thoroughly describe the progress and lack of progress Meno, the slave boy, and Anytus make in the dialog then explain what this illustrates about Socrates view on education and knowledge. In the passage, Socrates tried to teach Meno about human virtue. He goes into philosophical way to

  5. Pensare La Politica Sotto Il Segno Della Divisione

    Pensare la politica sotto il segno della divisione: l’itinerario eretico di Jacques Rancière. “Non sono filosofa, non appartengo alla cerchia dei filosofi. Il mio mestiere, se posso esprimermi in senso generale, è la teoria politica... vede, la differenza tra la filosofia

  6. The Analysis of Conflict and Literature

    The Analysis of Conflict and Literature ENG 125: Introduction to Literature Corey King The Analysis of Conflict and Literature Literature is a form of art. It paints an invisible picture of the past, present, and future. Literature helps people to find truth, and an understanding of one’s

  7. Should a Just Distribution Be Based on Need?

    Should a just distribution be based on need? In a world where resources are limited, it could not even be a possibility, let alone a question of justice, that somebody else would or should sponsor our comfortable life-styles. A system of justice based on need might at first glace seem

  8. Human Rights

    The concept of Human Rights offers many possibilities for holding discourse. What are rights in their totality? Are they simply human ideas or do they originate from nature? Where do the rights of man begin and end, and do rights extend beyond the species of Homo sapiens? Who can limit our

  9. Half Drunk

    how do you know there's not more than this? half drunk & more dead inside than the time before this is no way to live are you tired of the repeating thought that this isn't what you want so get up, get up. today is a new day. & the morning light is shining bright. so what's it going

  10. Concept of Law

    I will argue against hart’s belief that not all laws are backed by threats. Instead I will explain how it is that all laws directly or obliquely are motivated by threats and coercion is a necessary condition for laws and orders to be followed. In Hart’s book the concept of law, Hart explains

  11. Hobbes Against Descartes

    In this paper, I will argue in favor of Hobbes and against Descartes. The focus of this debate will be mostly the metaphysics between the two philosophers. René Descartes (1596-1650) is the philosopher in which my debate is against. He is a dualist who believes that complex structures, such as

  12. Nietzche

    Read pg 203 – 213 Thursday November 13th 3 pages Topic – describe/explain Nietzsche’s “value creating” God=universal values (good and evil) God is dead. There is no truth written in stone Historically there are truths but there is no universal truth, all we have is

  13. Love vs. Lust

    Helen Fisher is an anthropologist who is interested inthe study of love versus lust.  Her beliefs are that of that romantic love is not an emotion but a series of emotions.  After conducting experiments and analyzing poetry from all over the world, Fisher begins to realize that it is much more,

  14. The Growing Myth of Tupac Shakur

    The Growing Myth of Tupac Shakur Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on June 16, 1971 in New York City to Black Panther member Afeni Shakur. He frequently lived below the poverty level and moved around much of the country during his childhood. He began writing raps and acting at a very young

  15. Groups & Stereotyping

    In today’s society there are many people who are labeled which generally results in stereotyping. A stereotype is a thought or image about a group of people based on little or no evidence. (Moore & Parker, 2007, p. 122) I will be discussing the following groups of people: politicians,

  16. Uniqueness

    Romanticism, Realism & Naturalism This is an excerpt from the paper... THEMES IN FRENCH INTELLECTUAL AND LITERARY HISTORY: ROMANTICISM, REALISM, AND NATURALISM AS A CONTINUUM OF DISCOVERY Romanticism was a movement away from the values of the Enlightenment. Romanticism embraced the

  17. Marcus Aurelius

    In his Meditations, Marcus Aurelius puts a strong emphasis on the tranquility of the soul by connecting mind and body in a spiritual sense, a somewhat unprecedented interpretation of Stoic ideals during the Antiquity period. Some of Aurelius’ quotations in Meditations display ideas that are

  18. Influence of Socrates' Works

    Socrates, a seeker of virtue, free thought and many question developed the philosophical thinking of the Western world today. However, did Socrates really exist? That is a question asked by many because all of the records of Socrates work were not written by him but of his pupils,

  19. While We Dream

    This is a time for people to be monsters - the horrible, senseless, uncaring monsters that they really are. Natural Disasters, We Laugh. Sickness and Bloodshed, We Laugh. Sadism and Masochism, We laugh. Suicide, homicide, genocide- We Laugh. Racism, Sexism, discrimination, xenophobia, and

  20. The Effective Media of Communicating

    Which of the following media of communicating information is/are most effective: - commix, books - films - radio - TV - theatre ? In this modern world people have access to all media which is available today.The main medias include ,television,radio,book,comics,news

  21. Is There a God

    Does God Exist? God. I could almost predict every single person who hears or reads that work thinks and feels something different. No matter what religion, what race, gender etc. Generally people may have thought like this about the word God; someone who is greater than anything or maybe

  22. K

    hk? said to hk what are you doing, she said i dont know, well why dont you know, i dont know. she walked to the shop and saw a big bad snake, it bite her. she cryed it was very very sad oh so so so so so so so so so sad. what do we do now?i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i dont know he said i i

  23. Dasein Within the They

    Dasein Within the They Sartre explains that “between the nihilation of the in-itself and the projected in-itself the for-itself is nothingness.” He is saying that the “I” is nothing when it is compared to the nihilated “me” and the projected “me”. I believe that being-for-itself is what really

  24. Puma

    This is and puma advert to advertise football boots. The use of colour used is simple and very attractive towards the audience and shows the character is more dominant. The target audience for this advert would be for older men aged 18-25 This is and puma advert to advertise football

  25. Momentum

    Momentum & Impulse 1. Newton’s 2nd Law Reprise The second Newton’s law states that if an unbalanced force acts upon an object, the object changes its velocity (i.e. accelerates). An important characteristic of the objects is their momentum. From the formulation follows: 1) The unit

  26. Always and Forever

    Matewan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Labor and Industrialization This week (Wednesday, September 3 and Friday, September 5) we will be watching the film Matewan (John Sayles, 1987) in class. It is based on a true story of coal miners at

  27. Plato, the Allergory of the Cave

    Feb 14, 2009 Plato, the Allegory of the Cave Reality is based by perception. Perception is determined by objects that surround us, commodities, objects stripped of meaning. These objects determine our perception; a shallow existence. We are living in the cave and Plato’s shadows are

  28. Developmental Theory

    Developmental Data Growth is physical changes and increase in size, it is measured quantitatively. Development is an increase in the complexity of function and skill progression. It is the capacity and skill of a person to adapt to the environment. In this case study, we will be presenting

  29. Badania

    Angesichts der Tatsache, dass so oft im alltäglichen Leben in Konversationen auf die Position in der Geschwisterfolge Bezug genommen wird, wenn bestimmte Eigenschaften von Mitmenschen kommentiert werden, interessierte mich dieses Thema schon seit längerem sehr. Das Pro Scientia Thema

  30. Platos Cave and the Matrix

    Zac Bajan Philosophy 18 February 2009 Question X If I were to compare Plato’s cave and the movie the matrix I would say they are very similar. In both stories human beings are not living in reality, they are living in an artificial world and are blinded from what is really happening