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Philosophy is the study of problems such as reality, existence, reason etc. Here you can also find information on famous Philosophers, literature on philosophy and more.

  1. Memo to the President: Transcendentalism and Environment

    You walk outside onto your front porch, and cough almost immediately. There are no trees around you, and the air feels smoggy. Coughing again, you the run back inside because you can barely breath outside. You turn on the television to the news—the media reports the third natural disaster this

  2. Civil Rebuttal

    ` Please feel more than obliged to correct me if I am incorrect (morally or politically) but are we not all philosophers ourselves? As a baker's vocation is to bake, a philosopher's vocation is to think. Is it not that we all think? I was deeply saddened at your comments in the oppression and

  3. Can It Ever Be Moral to Cause the Death of Another Human Being?

    In the common mind, to cause the death of another human being would be viewed as morally reprehensible, but as we look at the subject from different aspects, it becomes a much more complicated issue and not as clear cut as first perceived. Our view of morality may change depending on the

  4. Free the Music

    Music is a form of communication that predates language. It's been around forever and it wasn't until about the turn of the century that they figured out a way to bottle the water, you know? Before that, music was a river. It was a river and everyone could drink from that river. But then

  5. Care

    Customer service plays a vital role in the hospitality industry to attract and sustain the existing customers. Hence it becomes very significant in hospitality industry to take good care of their customers. Hence there are certain policies and plans which are followed in hospitality industry to

  6. Eugenics..

    Muhammad Yadudu Prof. John Siler Criminology 1101 03/16/2009. The philosopher George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." This adage is appropriate to our current rush into the "gene age," which has striking parallels to the eugenics

  7. Comparative Easten Influences Response

    Comparative Eastern Influences Response All religions have similarities, but it is the differences that make them stand apart from one another. Hinduism and Buddhism both originated via Indian philosophies, though Hinduism is the elder of the two. Both of these religions believe in

  8. Legalizing Medical Marijuana

    Legalizing Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana was legalized in Michigan during the last election on November 4, 2008. The Michigan’s medical marijuana law, Initiated Law 1 of 2008 received an unbelievable 63% of votes. It actually received the majority support in 83 of Michigan’s

  9. War War War

    war War mean the use of armed force, armed with armed groups called the regular armies and paramilitary groups, sometimes of order - the militias - and use all the means of armed force to inflict damage and harm the other party in the war, both in its military or civilian destiny is

  10. Time Capsule from Age of Baroque and the Renaissance

    Time Capsule from Age of Baroque and the Renaissance What I expect to find in a time capsule Jessica Moss August 12, 2009 University of Phoenix Humanities 102 William Rogers - Instructor What I expect to find in a time capsule Hello, my name is Jane Thomas and I am an

  11. Drama of Life

    人生即是演出一場好戲 鄭石岩的家裡貧窮,小學畢業時,隔壁村莊一位好心的親戚跟母親說:“你的小孩,我幫你介紹去某個人家放牛吧,有三餐,一年還有100斤的谷子。”鄭石岩靜靜在一旁聽,沒有激動的反應,只是默默想:“我真的要去放牛了……”當然,有幾分心酸。可是,親戚才一走開,媽媽對他說:“我要讓你唸初中,你應該去唸書。” “我當時不知道媽媽到底有多少錢給我讀書。第一年的學費大概就用完了她的錢。第二年開學時,家裡就沒錢了。我當時跟媽媽說:‘沒關係,我去學當木匠,可以賺一點錢。’”

  12. A Breakdown on Life

    Ryan Busch Mr. Conrad Block 4 October 1st, 2009 A Breakdown on Life Life, the one thing you don’t mess up. The one thing that you can always reflect on and get to wondering if you’ve done right. And any person old enough to know that their end is near could easily tell you the best

  13. Virtue Ethics

    Virtue theory is an approach to ethics which emphasizes the character of the moral agent, rather than rules or consequences, as the key element of ethical thinking. This contrasts with consequentialism, which holds that the consequences of a particular act form the basis for any valid moral

  14. Quiet Wake

    Not too long ago I was at a party with some friends when a girl I knew in passing approached me. Apparently she had dropped acid that night and was feeling more direct than usual. "You don't get it." She said. "Um, alright?" I smiled and looked around. She shook her head violently, "No no

  15. What Is Scientific Truth

    What is scientific truth? It is almost an inherent belief that science is based on observations that can be picked up by the senses and are not mere figments of human imagination and are certainly not tainted by personal prejudices. According to correspondence theory of truth, a statement is

  16. Bonds over Time

    Cinema and Spirituality Critical Approach towards Spiritual Self Portrait Bonds Over Time is a work in progress personal project that I have taken up. Initiated mostly by the Cinema and Spirituality course. For as long as I can remember, I have lived and learnt through bonds and memories,

  17. People Are Morally Free to Do What They Want. Discuss.

    Hard determinism says that all actions have prior cause we are free one very famous example of hard determinism was the case of Loeb and Leopold. Some people say that they were not responsible for what they did but it was actually the factors around them and their upbringing. Libertarianism

  18. I Am That I Am

    I am that I am Lord shiva is the third person of hindu triad .as brahma was creater vishnu operater and a destroyer was necessery and destructiun is regarded as the peculiar work of shiva. shiva mantras- 1. Om Namah Shivaye This is related to chakras, on the spine earth ,water,fire,

  19. Family Wage System and Concepts of Manhood and Womanhood

    The family wage system was always where the man was the breadwinner and the female was the homemaker. In the 1950s, man was supposed to marry and support children and wife. If a man didn’t do this, they would be considered “immature” and “irresponsible” or even “homosexual.” The author begins

  20. What Is Politics & Political Science

    What is political theory? The study of politics is usually seen to encompass two, and some would say three, distinct subdivisions. On the one hand, there is what is called political science and, on the other, political theory and political philosophy – terms that are often used

  21. Idk Man

    [pic] GFC Study Control Group Log: ID#C0210 |Week One |Benefit |Risk |Enticement Measure |Comments | | |(Liked) |(May not have liked)

  22. Overview of Plato's Republic

    Plato’s Republic is a Socratic dialogue written by the philosopher Plato in 360 B.C.E. The main character Socrates and other Athenians discuss the meaning of justice and try to examine whether the just man is happier than the unjust man. In order to do this, they imagine a city ruled by

  23. Reflect Sheet

    Reflection Sheet on Educational Philosophies/Theories Direction: Now that you learned about each of the representatives of the different States in the “Educational Philo Region”, please write at least one idea you liked from each educational philosophy/theory on each

  24. Ideology in the Last Town on Earth

    Ideology is the foundation of democracy. Democracy, in turn, rests on the foundation that the people make the decisions, that the people control their own fate. However it is known that democracy has its flaws, which lies in the fact that the majority gets what it wants. The majority, seeing a

  25. System of Inquiry: the Ethics Code

    Running head: SYSTEM OF INQUIRY PAPER System of Inquiry Paper Cheryl L. Wright University of Phoenix PHL 323 Robert Deemer June 28, 2010 System of Inquiry Paper I chose to use the ethics code for Washington County Regional Medical Center (WCRMC). WCRMC’s Code of Conduct and

  26. Law4

    Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT Manila SECOND DIVISION G.R. No. 173575               February 2, 2011 IMMACULATE CONCEPTION ACADEMY and the late DR. PAULO C. CAMPOS substituted by his heirs, DR. JOSE PAULO E. CAMPOS, ATTY. PAULO E. CAMPOS, JR. and DR. ENRIQUE E. CAMPOS,1

  27. Philosophy of Education for Filipinos

    Historically, in the past, the Philippines was a pioneer in many aspects regarding education in Asia. The oldest universities, colleges, vocational schools and the first modern public education system in Asia were created during the colonial periods. In 1899 one author said when Spain was

  28. Week 1 Discussion 1

    Most people have views that are strongly influenced and informed by philosophy, often without realizing it. Identify a view you have—whether on politics, religion, science, culture, or even the media and entertainment—that might be regarded as being related to philosophy. What kind of reasons

  29. Aristotle on Knowledge

    Sense Knowledge as the Beginning of the Process of Knowing ------------------------------------------------- Aristotle said that nothing comes into the intellect without passing through the senses. In which I think is very agreeable. It implies that everything we learn, we learn from

  30. Analysis of Euthanasia- Levinas

    The conflict of euthanasia and assisted suicide has been an ongoing debate between philosophers. The main issue regarding this matter is, whether it is morally permissible in certain circumstances to allow one to choose if and how they want to end their life. Heidegger supports euthanasia and