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Philosophy is the study of problems such as reality, existence, reason etc. Here you can also find information on famous Philosophers, literature on philosophy and more.

  1. Don’t Drink and Derive: Calculus and Alcohol Don’t Mix

    Don’t Drink and Derive (Calculus and Alcohol Don’t Mix) Although drinking and driving is an important issue, I believe that there is a larger issue that needs to be dealt with. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous because one might crash their car resulting in the

  2. Can the East Influence Humanity

    Can the East Influence Humanity? For as long as time has existed, man has searched for the ultimate meaning of life and our specific purpose within it. Many decades have been spent searching for our true purpose but more importantly, how does one achieve such a purpose? This question however,

  3. Tourism 1

    Tourism" is travel for leisure or recreational purposes. Tourism has gained wide popularity in the last decade. Earlier, people from affluent countries use to indulge in this leisure. The topics today for a tourism essay are numerous. You may write about how earnings from tourism contribute to

  4. Chapter 2 - World Religions

    Challenges of Dialogue • Catholics & Jews have both had a rich and troubled history together. Between the two have left some Jews wary of Catholic intentions about being equal partners in dialogue. Jews have faced discrimination, violence, expulsions, deportations & death at the hands of

  5. Philosophy of Psy

    Freud Sigmund was among the earliest philosophers whose work borrowed from the psychology discipline as it is known today. According to his 1932 lecture on psychoanalysis of Freud distinguished science from philosophy by branding psychoanalysis as the philosophy of life. In an attempt to

  6. The Times They Are a-Changing

    Imagine sitting at a Cleveland Browns game. Every seat is filled and you cannot speak to anyone around you. Everyone speaks a different language or is a different ethnicity than you. You do not know how to react. This is where the country is going. Students of today need to be able to

  7. Horses

    Hunter Harned Robert Morse Writing-1-B515 11- 20-12 The contrast between lily casey and her mother is one of the greatest in the book. This statement will be supported by three different points of reference such as work ethic, the way the carried themselves, outlook on life, their

  8. Deceptive propaganda techniques

    "I soon realized that the correct use of propaganda is a true art which has remained practically unknown to the bourgeois parties. Only the Christian-Social movement, especially in Lueger's time, achieved a certain virtuosity on this instrument, to which it owed many of its successes." — Adolf

  9. The Matrix. Movie essay

    Roy Pearson Professor Ybarra Philosophy 1A 8 February 2013 The Matrix Movie critics and philosophers alike agree that the movie “The Matrix” is based upon certain Platonic themes from Book VII of The Republic. In this story entitled "The Allegory of the Cave," he describes

  10. Malaysia National Philosophy of Education

    “Education in Malaysia is a continuous effort towards enhancing potentials of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner in order to create individuals who are well-equipped intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. This effort aims to produce knowledgeable, ethical and responsible

  11. Ethics: Hume, Hobbes, and Kant

    Morality is a very elusive concept. Why would we want to be moral, when being immoral usually gets us what we want with less effort? The confusion is compounded by the varying degrees of morality displayed by people. It is because of these reasons that the greatest philosophers have always

  12. Bhopal Case Study

    2nd Case Study assignment This assignment is the same as Case Study 1 but it is now a case comparison paper as well as a group paper. In addition you also need to include 3 principles from a code of ethics in your discussion. Steps in Ethical Case Analysis 1. For each of the 3 cases get the

  13. Music and Music Education

    International Journal of Music Education Plato and Aristotle On Music and Music Education: Lessons From Ancient Greece Lelouda Stamou International Journal of Music Education 2002 os-39: 3 DOI: 10.1177/025576140203900102 The online version of this article can be found

  14. Socrates and Apology: Essential Answers

    Breeana Glenn A03 Jackson Week 3 Questions 9/13/13 1. Socrates asked a lot of questions. “What is it?” being among them. Socratic definitions are important because they are objective, they are fundamental for knowledge, and they are fundamental for morality. The difference between

  15. The Specific Use of Ball

    The Ball Mill users all know that they should take good care of ball mill in order to extend its service life. There are many factors that influence ball mill’s service life, we will explain the specific use of ball mill and related factors following: The main factor is that we should keep ball

  16. Seven Pounds. Movie review

    Seven Pounds, is a star studded movie starring Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Michael Early and Woody Harrelson just to name a few. That focuses on a young man's quest to change the life of seven random individuals. The movie starts of with Tim Thomas who steals his brother Ben's identity and

  17. Famous Thinkers Phl458

    Famous Thinkers The two famous thinkers in the week four Electronic Reserve Readings are Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Bill Gates. Each had separate aspirations and both men contributed a significant amount of growth in the Twentieth Century. Bill Gates and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have

  18. Ashford PHI 103 Entire Course Informal Logic

    Ashford PHI 103 Entire Course Informal Logic ( New Course January 2014 ) Copy & Paste the link in your Browser to download the tutorial: PHI 103 Week 1

  19. PHI 208 Week 3 Media Quiz

    PHI 208 Week 3 Media Quiz Copy & Paste the link into your browser to get this tutorial: 1. According to Kant, persons: 2. According to Kant, suicide is: 3. According to the video

  20. Disadvantages of Cigarette Smoking

     Disadvantages of Cigarette Smoking Everywhere, we see people smoking. It has become a daily necessity to smokers so it is very difficult to control. People thought that things are easy to say but difficult to act upon. This perspective is in the minds of most cigarette smokers. They said

  21. Respect Your Chain of Command

    Why is it important to respect your Chain of Command? This is a common question asked by a lot of new soldiers and experienced ones but the answer is simple and for many reasons. There is an old saying among army leaders, “Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of you.” The reasons

  22. symbolism in theater and cinema

     Symbolism in Theater and Cinema Arts 100 What if I never saw the movie Jaws? Would I still feel the same way about sharks and the ocean? These are some of the questions I feel a lot of people can ask themselves after they have

  23. PHL/321 WK 3

    Re-Organization and Layoff: Issue and Problem Identification Paper June 29, 2015 Learning Team A PHL/320 Richard Haines Management positions are tough as it is, but how does a member of the management team handle the tough decisions that they have

  24. Humans values in the 21st century

     In order to rule over the nature, you must obey it. (Francis Beckon) Today we more often appeal to common to all mankind problems such as Man and his place in this world. We

  25. To Know What is Right

     To Know What is Right Ian Thormodson December 7, 2015 Philosophy 400 Dr. Roland Ehlke Objective moral values; we all have them; we all know them; we don’t always all obey them. Objective moral values are a standard of morality that is part of humanity

  26. Plato Apology

    Socrates’ apology was not exactly an apology, well in modern day definition. Socrates was just explaining how he was innocent in casual plain conversation. He went out and tried to disprove the oracle by finding other wiser men by doing that he proved that these men weren’t wise at all. In

  27. HUM 105 TUTORIAL Peer Educator/hum105tutorialdotcom

    HUM 105 (Jerusalem) Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Secular Organizations and Sacred Places Paper (UOP) FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT www. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper on the secular organization that was assigned to your team in Week 1. Explain how one to three of its

  28. Euthyphro

     Ethics Euthyphro Paper Euthyprho Paper Euthyphro and Socrates are having a conversation about morality. Socrates is known to test people’s knowledge about theories and push them to reveal answers as to why they believe in what they do, or the reasoning behind why something is true. During

  29. wgu ethics task 1

     Ethical Character of Morris Pride Wanda L Brewington Western Governors University Ethical Behavior of Morris Pride Ethical leadership is defined as, “the demonstration of normatively appropriate conduct through personal actions and

  30. Confidence Intervals

    Lesson 14 Confidence Intervals of Odds Ratio and Relative Risk Lesson 14 Outline Lesson 14 covers  Confidence Interval of an Odds Ratio Review of Odds Ratio  Sampling distribution of OR on natural log scale  95% Confidence Interval of OR example   Confidence Interval of