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Social Issues covers essays related to society, people and interactions among them. Social Issues have a direct impact on Economics, Society and other important components of a community.

  1. Condoms Essay

    A Preservative Ready-to-go at the Nurse’s Office Someone must be responsible for making sure that students are aware of the world of adulthood that they are about to leap into, especially parents who play the most important role in their children’s sexual education. Parents must be conscious

  2. Human Being

    It's very interesting to think about all of the different ways that we are perceived. We can look like a completely different person from one person to the next. So much of it depends on circumstance, timing, mood, relationship, their perspective, etc.. This question really makes you wonder who

  3. Abortion: a Woman's Choice

    Abortion: A Woman’s Choice Since the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision that did away with all laws regulating abortion, it has become one of our nation’s most controversial issues. Outlawing abortion would have the effect of imposing one person’s moral values upon another. Can I prevent

  4. The Deep End of the Ocean

    The Deep end of the Ocean The lost of a child is the most devastating experience that any family can have. For this paper I want to talk about the movie The Deep End of the Ocean, the history of the nightmare and turmoil of a family after the kidnapping of the youngest son. The Deep End of

  5. Comparative Essay on Death

    Death is an aspect of life that everyone becomes acquainted with sooner or later. From my own experiences I am more familiar with death than I could ever want to be. Poetry is something that is very difficult for me to follow, but when it deals with concept that I am familiar with, then I

  6. Achievements of Us Invasion in Iraq

    It is natural for American Administration to argue that they have donated democracy to Iraqis. They need to argue in that way because they have to convince American taxpayers and to persuade them to pay more. However, the greatest achievement for US Administration has been the removal of

  7. Should Police Persuits Be Banned

    Speech The question of how police should handle high speed pursuits has always risen however this is a pretty intricate topic to talk about due to the fact that both sides of the argument are quite even. I wouldn't want high speed police pursuits to be fully banned but I would

  8. Incident

    What would you do if your little brother was getting scolded by your grandma just because he forgot to finish up a chore in the house then was just punished right after? Well, I would back up my brother and scold her back. In the morning, the sun rose and the sky was clear and white

  9. The Essay

    Background Info      Enzymes are a protein that catalyze, or accelerate, chemical reactions. They work by lowering the amount of energy needed for a reaction, causing the reaction to occur one million times faster. Enzyme activity is affected is affected by other molecules, pH, or temperature.

  10. Ceo

    Bernard J. Ebbers have all claimed ignorance about the financial condition of their fraud-riddled companies. Regardless of the outcomes, chief executives should not expect much sympathy from their peers. Whether or not their claims of ignorance are true, CEOs have the burden to know what the

  11. Advocating Prayer in Public Schools

    Advocating for Prayer in Public Schools One of the controversies that have been going on for decades is weather or not prayer should be allowed back in our public schools. After decades of debates, cases and protests the issue if prayer being allowed back in our schools will never are

  12. Egomorality Essay Anthem and Gattaca

    (Name) (Teacher) (Class) (Date) "I" Before "We" The authors of Anthem and Gattaca describe collectivism and society's loss of individuality and privacy in the future. The characters in these stories must struggle with their own wants and ideas against the chains of humanity. These

  13. Glorification of Violence?

    Glorification of violence? By: Will Sieverdes Issue date: 4/14/06 Section: timeout • Print • Email • DoubleClick Any Word • Page 1 of 1 I find it curious that in American culture, violence is overwhelmingly prevalent in our lives, from entertainment media to the news, but sex and nudity

  14. Job Application

    Respectfully addressed to Citigroup Company, I’m Dang Thi Thuy Trang, and I found myself increasingly excited about these job opportunities of your company. By getting information from the recruitment placed on Tuoi Tre Daily Newspaper, I found that one of the Representative Offices of

  15. Objection to Cellphone Use

    Objections to Cellphone use In certain places Introduction These days it is not uncommon having people going about their jobs with head inclined and one hand curled over the ear. These people also seem to be talking to themselves , they waggle their hands and smile , laugh ,snarl at nobody

  16. “Are Families Dangerous?”

    Families are love not danger! I couldn’t disagree more with the views and assertions that Barbara Ehrenreich make’s in her essay, about the everyday deputes and physical damage that family members inflict on each other. Ehrenreich goes on by saying a few distraught things in the last paragraph

  17. Education: Opportunity or Unobtainable

    Long had the education been a topic of discussion especially in the United States. Every year more and more employment positions are requiring a higher level of education. There is a large debate on whether or not education allows individuals to move from their lower status in society to a

  18. Media Influence on Young Women

    With such an infatuation with the media and celebrities you have to think about what it is doing to our young people, especially women. Hero sized role models or distasteful bad influences? This has become a big issue in today’s society with the ever slimming and enhanced celebrities,

  19. Human Being and Animals

    The Human Beings and the Animals Comparing the differences and the similarities between human beings and animals is very difficult for me, even though the ideas of the experts are not consistent with each other. Generally, the differences between human beings and animals are the tools used and

  20. Vietnamese Women in the Past and Now

    Traditional Vietnam was dominated by Chinese culture for a long time. And women were influenced hardly. In the old times, talked about women, everybody think three dependencies, women must follow their father when they’re young, their husband when they’re married and their son when they’re

  21. A Day Into Depression

    Every day you come across something that displease you or make you feel sad or hurt. At times when you are happy, those things seems unsignificant, yet it's only when all turns ugly that you realise its importance. You feel bad and it only grows bitter. When one is used to being happy, one

  22. Voting Guide

    Republican Party Candidate John McCain: (70) McCain is currently the senior U.S. Senator from Arizona. He is also a decorated war hero and a former prisoner of war. He comes a Military family. Both his father and grandfather were U.S. Navy admirals, and McCain himself graduated from the U.S.

  23. Studying Abroad

    There are many reasons why I think college students should spend some time studying in a foreign country. First, students become more self-reliant. Because they have to live in a foreign place and interact with foreign people, they develop a sense of independence. Since they don’t have the

  24. Juvinile Crime

    Juvenile Crime: An Alarming Development In today’s society, crime, an act that is intentionally done to violate the law, has become more and more frequent. The majority of people believe that no crime should go unpunished. There is a serious controversy in the United States on whether or not

  25. The Tragic Victims

    The Tragic Victims Sally Hanson Soc 120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Professor Delena Chappell-James July 31, 2008 The Tragic Victims Pregnancy is usually a joyous time in the lives of most families. The planning and preparing for the new baby

  26. Just Today

    Since the days of Columbus, immigration has been a problem for the United States of America. If it was not for somebody finding this country and stepping onto this land, this country of America would not be what it is today. Immigration was a good thing back in those times. From day one this

  27. Pet Clothing

    The earth is being invaded by a whole new species of animal- clothed pets. Nowadays, people aren’t the only ones wearing the latest fashions. Whether wearing Halloween costumes, pet pajamas, bathrobes or even top of the line “Pucci” fashions, animals everywhere are being caught in various

  28. Three Strikes Law

    Research Question: What is the “Three Strikes Law” and how do states use it as a sentencing guideline? Repeat offenders are perhaps the most difficult criminal offenders for state and local criminal justice systems to manage. These offenders are considered unresponsive to

  29. Legalize It or Not

    Marijuana is widely used in the United states although it is and illegal substance. It does not have the same effect on the body as other hardcore drugs although it is viewed to be that way. Growing up in America people are taught at a very young age that marijuana is bad and should not be

  30. Education System of India

    My other answer was a bit flip, and doesn't really address your argument. Let me give a more thoughtful response: > > I think that you are confused about candle flames. I would call a > > candle flame a system far from thermodynamic equilibrium. > > And I would disagree with you: Compare