‘Littl Miss Sunshine’

‘Littl Miss Sunshine’

The film text ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, focuses on the concept ‘society only value winners’. It is demonstrated in Little Miss Sunshine that young girls are rewarded for looking their best and Richards ‘Nine Step Plan’ is focused only on winning. Yet the film text positions the viewer to think that there is more to life than winning, being who you are, spending time with your family and having inner-beauty is as if not more important than winning.

Richard, the father, is constantly talking to his family about being a winner. At the beginning of the film text Richard talks to his daughter Olive after she has found out she has qualified for the beauty pageant…“Olive, there is no such thing as good luck, you have to want to win.” Richard is also a self-help guru, who has this Nine Step Plan focused only on winning…“There are only two kinds of people in life, winners and losers, now are we winners?” Ironically Richards Nine Step Plan to success fail, and come to a halt, when he calls his boss and says that he is fired.

Once the Hoover family have reached their destination it is evident that the girls at the beauty pageant are only focused on winning and looking their best. The Hoover family react doubtfully to this because they know that Olive is the odd one out compared to the rest of the girls. Richard and his son Dwayne both agree that Olive should not compete in the beauty pageant. Dwayne shows caring attributes for his little sister Olive…“I don’t want people judging Olive like this.” Yet at the end of the pageant Olive, along with the rest of the Hoover family, are all dancing on the stage looking like idiots, but this is showing they are having fun with the family and do not care what other people think of them, which is an important thing in the modern world.

Winners at the beauty pageant are rewarded for their layers of make-up, physical features and curly hair with stacks of air spray. When the camera...

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