‘Wer the Catholics to Blame for the Gunpowder Plot’

‘Wer the Catholics to Blame for the Gunpowder Plot’

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‘Were the Catholics to blame for the gunpowder plot’

This task is to explain ‘Were the Catholics to blame for the gunpowder plot’. For this I will choose out of three theories which one is true and best. The three theories are: The original story is best this theory is saying that Catholics hired Guy Fawkes to blow up the parliament, that Francis tresham alerted the authorities and that the members were: bates, Robert Winter, Chris Wright, John Wright, Thomas Percy, Guy Fawkes, Robert Cateby and Thomas Winter. The next theory is that Robert Cecil knew about the plot and encourages it to discredit the Catholics. This theory is telling us that a man called Robert Cecil had knew about the gunpowder plot and helped the Catholics to blow the parliament up but was going to arrest them right at the last moment. The last theory is that the whole event was thought up by Robert Cecil to discredit Catholics and make him self look good to the king.

I think the 1st theory is best because it gives us more information about who planned the gunpowder plot, who was hired, and why they wanted to blow up parliament. The 1st theory also tells us why Guy Fawkes was hired. He was hired because he was expert at explosives in the Spanish army so he knew the exactly amount of barrels needed. He was also hired to guard the barrels. It tells us the exact amount of barrels and where they got them from. There was 20 barrels and they smuggled them from tower of London, this is important because it is helpful to know the exact amount of barrels. This theory is also good because it is the longest piece of information and it tells us the full story. This theory is not that good because it doesn’t give us everything we need to know and is quite basic. This theory can be better if it contained more detail and said about Francis Tresham who was the person who was used as a snitch to catch the plotters in action and Robert Cecil who was the person behind the gunpowder plot.


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