11 Oct

11 Oct

. I'd be like what month- What exactly is going on in like May of 1989 so I'd go back and research that just to make sure-

Through your own journalistic records or like through-

I'd go back and I'd be like what exactly was that controversy, what were they asking for, who were they asking, just details like that I would go back and research and then what's really funny because this was the first   because I waited so long between the last book and this book. This was the first like, I feel like the first really internet assisted novel that I- It is really kind of  amazing how you can create something with- For me it would be a combination of; I would look at all pictures I would read the whole articles, I would listen to all music and you can just kind of create a picture, you know, like cheating in a way because I moved to New York in 91 so I didn't have as vivid in my mind an idea of what a night out in the city would have been like in like 1984.

What did you do for that? For those scenes?

Just what I said, I just tried the internet you know like I just- I mean I knew what the clubs were because again I used to write them out- I was a deejay and I was constantly reading about clubs in New York city clubs history so I knew I wanted to set in a (phonetic41:48) but I had to go back and just see what he would have been playing that year and let me think what else- Looking at pictures, the old pictures of the club the street that it was on, was set on the  street looking like the car that they go into, lease or change like, what was the car? He had like a - Just things like that. Reading of the article, New York Times articles about public health and the city like right before AIDS broke with things like- Literally when she goes to work that- When Eva goes to work they like, what was on the agenda of the health department. Was i] \things like Herpes and things like Tuberculosis, things like food hygiene and China town so that was really fun. As a...

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