So… there will be Alpha days (A) and Bravo days (B). Each will be comprised of various exercises. You will select these exercises for each day so that there is not a redundancy in the workouts. After selected this workout will be stricken from the list for the rest of the week. This way you do not have to repeat a difficult one, or a dull one, twice a week. There are also warm-ups, warm-ups are mandatory and all warm-ups will have stretching (which will be done at your discretion). The workouts are as follows…

1. 30 minutes Treadmill walk at highest elevation possible for you

2. 2 mile walk/jog outside

3. 300 calorie burn on treadmill

1. Pushup/sit-up ladder (1-15 and back down)

2. Kettle bell high pull (3 rounds- 1 minute each), then kettle bell press (3rounds- 1 minute each)

3. Kettle bell lateral raises both front and side (6 rounds- 30seconds each)

4. Planks (I know, F!@#ing planks) (3rounds-1 minute each), then leaning rest to plank (3 rounds- 1minute each), finally leaning rest (1 round-max effort [then 20 pushups]).

5. Flutter kicks (5 rounds- 1:30minute each), then legs up crunches (4 rounds- 25 reps each round), finally hip-ups (3 rounds- 20 reps each)

1. Goblet squats (250 reps spread out into no more than 15 rounds)

2. Lunges (4 rounds- 15 reps alternating legs), then side lunges (4 rounds- 15 reps alternating sides)

3. Kettle bell swings (6 rounds- 45 seconds each), then Overhead squats (4 rounds- 10 reps each arm)

4. Air squats (100 reps), then sit-up’s (8 rounds- 45 seconds each), finally knee to elbows [from leaning rest](3 rounds- 30 seconds each)

The workout schedule will be A—B—A—B… etc.

After you complete an A or B workout that workout will be stricken until all other workouts from that section are eliminated. Warm-ups will go in a 1—2—3 pattern always.

You may rest between each set and each exercise, rest should not exceed 2 minutes. Water breaks are to be taken...